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so i guess now would be the right time to review sonic adventure since I have 43 subscribers
so without further ado let's review sonic adventure
out in that that is that the armando
prelude tried have one
it's not really a bit better really did that
capital forty
i'll hangers
so before exact picture pierson history repeat itself
in a really nice if you give all the three system called the sega's saturn
so it was really happy that system so happy and even dash nintendo again say
that they're appropriate endo as a pretended to be a good company and in
his commercial they shot a nintendo sixty four
you workbook
nasser domestic present
pary huge boss to do that
yeah of course we all know what happened after that
so you made a game called sonic xtreme that was never ever
ever released
was supposed to be a first-ever three-sided
but of course it failed because many people that they are when you're working
on the project
so sadly
you can never police are extreme
septic tank there is at twelve ten or so i could see working around your neck
writing about three minutes i will fight it someday
i will
and this led to the standards denies
this lead to a status at a game called cyber pgs later to be renamed the famous
psyche venture
to move to say is the assistant state soon cast which was a new one twenty
eight gate system any more powerful than sega's saturn and this would be sides
first ruth reality
it would be way they didn't sonic xtreme ever would be
though is to do a play sonic xtreme and say
we're going to go look at psych adventure
and yes this is unused boss please from when the game was insecticide induced
how they get this
youtube that's out
heartless conservative review
okay so this has to have this sort of competence story
secondary studies in cash from the stone tablets to retaliate in the kremlin
years ago
it was using gas temporal where to meet a man and a robotic camera that's called
i don't even care anymore
angry tone caregivers and that's a warm welcome and they have a limited stock
and anger venture to call us we have been a kenya releases castenada creaking
menus that she was part of that campaign brings you back in time should masses
have been thinking it's okay for the first two stories
but accessories surveyed ok legally he's even we have sap can you please stop
top we doing
anlage hro supersonic runs perfect gases worry after clunk especially after life
in the way i was finally peace
sits at his graduation parade bold
uh... miss jackson story too
so defense lawyer says she well-fed together it seems a star for movie and
for nineteen ninety nine and actually really well done
anti-terror need to the username sag movies travel person or in the movie
michelle triple
eyes around so it might be so complicated
israeli wilderness is great with interns and the first at two stores a million
excreted for first time ever
inside a venture everybody tries on quality of the stars and defended by
betrayal sex with a coaches in the game their cycle you have something to do
that sonic tells knuckles ini erupted emma
ended the caps trust me look at the big we'll get to him
cycle classes usually what effect on prime news came by but not in story
mr was the section about settling the huge happening on the games
uscontact and i worked real well but you must know that's not gone that i have
six talking also song from the east
intent i could be ron
saskia better services apart from which is ok at some point lead times it's just
not that good
as as a sound levels were trying to start browsing
orchestras after you've
at this level and that's because dr
so anyways i skip losure as a single a link between the three
with investigators address ask if they still find show the writing letter
arrived at some point about the only way
sockets on planes
but overall the gameplay solid and who is in the writing was misled by america
usa so i'll see raise your hand you have a good you're going to be here
good television about me tonight
and also director battles between characters i mean that there's a natural
bass pedals from and maintain versions of chaos the fact that the cast
aren't easy as possible
but before tackling chapter tests came bread when we talk about the skins
customized revenge of fields susan square mr curran sp and interior
absentee critique keys because they help you to get so well into the entire
absent privacy is there's full that's a look at it s gameplay jess's game
ratings history seem to be decided to remain levels antarctica certainly
wherever he says now that their saving grace analyst
they'll have a problem that
it would've been better just ozawa last oster too sleazy gameplay
anywhere will really better than having been camping last level
testing that's his story is the worst part
the civilians
your seat diplomacy
knuckles cantly to set up a head start shits
how can she didn't fest and hate nichols treasure hunting levels in both these
geneticist all of these is a master emal as a broken fell into dad knows how many
and had spent three nine three level the pollen had
is as just frustrating to me and hematology gets sort of help i had read
schemas parks
let me briefly talk about the
the going to love and to help you with any candidates are going to be as much
as you know detectives
i had to say it is if you have a more these products
degree feet given two thumbs up
overall hourly rate knuckles gameplay evening fever character injustice years
gameplay being frustrating to me is very very very heartbreaking to me
overall it is not my cup of tea tilted and i'll make it
anything more to say about the skin when yet one infinite deflating the bulls as
noble c_q_ flakes usual rumble miscarriages moves and then you're all
yes at the scene from santillana festival turned over the next
and places to venerate american-made robots subgraph mcclatchy like gameplay
is entertaining upper skin valued in the ferrari indecency easy breath of fresh
however i did it did more thorough gameplay bad about the way it is now
then comes a new character you ought to give up
whose wedding then dropouts i do hear shootings yet again just leaking these
keep wait while a simple and short
and loved it
but i do as a rare secular tomorrow has it
news stories they share a story in this entire game
and services gameplay lies to you
overall by late yesterday
seem just like it has been played my opinion wishart ensuite
and then concern that scared during the game
big cats
doesn't address jeopardy stupid don t i can just
so it's not about to start next deeply
six h
thereafter out
now what rent time why don't we do she here so i can provide alternate days
debasish industrial or send questions to get sick about fishing nets are usable
in the game
which if they work at they'll miserably and was proud about it
feature fishing
worse on team almost nineteen drinking and get it
darbys is fine because i didn't write this story
uses inexcusable because his blanket tien
have to tell you could appreciate so proudly didn't say that the legendary
reluctantly judges that was except you know if you do not cause that's a little
about this
not to mention that these annoying as fuck amin why was he doing
and all of these disturbing intermediate or
schedule is still b_m_w_ stores are the key is an automatically say whatever
means character from the game
and that bad thing is
yet at the earliest orientation already gets lost on a bus preferred chaos
is a good thing he said he said that they would be better after sonic heroes
because he's the worst character and so i series
actually now terrorist's release
yet she's got to do
and last but not least we have which album
so if you want to play in the main question you could use a child learning
which was a time when patty pulled him on sort of thing we did take care of
your own channels or including the story
we're going to each other and we had two a's i had to check out that even in care
for when you get that begin the main quest enamel comes out which of the fiji
reach out to get the animal hurts and pulled the stats for charity
parts not picked photography
but also by himself roots and stuff at the black market l so you can use to
dreamcast virtual memory might be a new for short did you tell me though at the
time gosh sourcing
northridge programs in each world
station square mr clemens
and yet care
positions we have to go into a shop in a place to golden shelling of the rocky
the take the golden and bring it to each other in bom evelyn show says and alicia
such as the silver charlie the charges into a silver channel
and you have to some roving it
i like this feature
when that was about the great main course doorstep ground level always use
a child bearing
if you're a fan of virtual prisoners at guantanamo to italian you would
definitely like to speak your espy must play for appealing to you
but overall i think the game please find bassoon stories are not present
unite may not be fine
elicit a little bit better division of powers that that's a sex no matter what
happens to them
and extra feature tremendous front really called the deadliest anymore
whether it's
and doing well not for five at the record for several years
levels in this game benefited from millions of
there's evidence
you've got to do good to do
acclaimed delegate to straight disclosing music is our milt saying
seven million people being invited the president has also been hurt
risk is using this fantastic the relevance in great detail refusal rates
in the rain it's an open your heart they badly told it's just so fucking great
benefit associates of restaurants
became president that much because i was a first right remotely thinking when
they were delivering his lines i think this is a menace the rest of it all
route in for nineteen ninety nine i was bad but i'm not behind me but i think
used to be characters snowshoeing permanent sonic if my parents on
protector of all time
alice had seemed to actors like yours as pregnant then was like a gingrich clone
menu has been peace
well obviously is going well within the people who were very their voice is
definitely the characters possessions sonic
overall signed and really great bloomed infertility england any that well it's
still very greedy the stories could be dangerous opening visitors
fucking awesome braces and ruined it really will be some leading character
that there were three lives for so many things to do things with these investors
in bed and some cameras not handout that burned replete
overall well as as far as saga register gradient and this is a crazy gets
okay madyun went crazy resolution that any experience with the remakes isn't
as value to that as well
one of many reasons why don't you guys
signed as i was interesting view obviously didn't like
common share favorite subscribed do all that jazz you don't have to do it but if
you want to that's okay
and also limited to people is in the link out below
to relax
leaves collegiality sparkle like it
so yes probably london what either of about thirty of biology that keeps
i had to get unisons users characters faraz adventure
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