To Dinner With Love - Short Film (720P)

Uploaded by WildFilmsTube on 19.10.2012

So guys... What about it?
Well... decent.
I think... I think it wasn't very good.
C'mon! I've seen worse!
Shit! It was just shit!
Well... The dinner started out good.
He let her come inside...
Grabbed her jacket...
And moved the chair too!
Oh yes! Just like a loser!
Maybe... Maybe she thought it!
Stop it!
He was just very kind!
Bravo! Let her think you're sunny!
A very beautiful girl, my dear!
Oh! i was forgetting the pasta!
Don't worry.
It's almost done.
Pasta and mussels? So trivial!
Just to be safety! Better not risk!
Not risk?! Sure...
You remember where he brought those mussels, don't you?
They were good, trust me.
So... Your job? Is everything ok?
Well... Yes... I don't complain about it...
Despite sometimes my boss is a jerk...
Like every boss.
If he goes too far: tell me. I'll solve the matter!
I admit that you could have saved it.
She thought you're stupid. I guess...
If you don't know, in a joint-stock company
The more importante is the company the more expensive are the joints.
So, their value isn't always the same.
Oh, yes... Are you sure? So interesting!
Yes, because... Think for example
A company like Apple whose gain is so much big
in a short time Apple's joints reached unimaginable levels.