Who Owns The Media 2012?

Uploaded by zionget on 02.10.2012

Election time is here once again and the lure that your vote "makes a difference" is nothing
more than a scam. You see, the boyz who run the Propaganda Machine--The Main Stream Media--are
the ones who decide who will live and who will die. Naah, they're not "presstitutes"
like Gerald Celente would have us believe. And no, the Machine is not "corporate owned"
like Alex Jones tells us. They're Jews and I'm going to tell you just who they are. CBS
is owned by Murray Rothstein, he passes himself off as Sumner Redstone. NBC is owned by Brian
Roberts. His CEO is Jeff Zucker. ABC's CEO is Robert Iger he took the reins from Disney's
Michael Eisner. Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch – a proven Zionist – his mother,
Elisabeth Green, is of Jewish extraction. CNN is owned by Time-Warner where Jewish mogul,
Carl Icahn, apparently calls the shots. Its top reporter Dana Bash who trashed Ron Paul
back in the Primaries [Clip: "There's no question I'm sure you talk to Republicans who are worried
as well just like I am that Ron Paul will continue on long into the spring and summer
further even if he runs as Republican or as an independent nobody thinks he will ultimately
be the nominee."] Well, of course she's worried; her real name is Dana Ruth Schwartz. Print
media bears the same Jewish stamp. To name a few: Time Magazine shifts from one Jew to
another. The New York Times is owned by the Sulzberger family and Newsweek is co-owned
by Jane Harman and Hollywood's Barry Diller. All bringing the 'news that's 'fit to print'
as long as it has a strong Jewish imprint. So go ahead and vote – but the Jewish fix
is in. They smeared Pat Buchanan back in the 90's and ignored Ron Paul in 2012, and left
us with two losers to choose from. You see, "democracy" is any country, like Ameika, where
Jews are in control. And they've got the media all wrapped up: lock, stock, and you, over
the barrel.