How to BBQ prawns with Curtis Stone - Coles

Uploaded by ColesSupermarkets on 10.01.2013

So next time you want to throw another shrimp on the barbie...
Why wouldn't you cook prawns on the barbie?
It's a beautiful thing to do.
You get lots of flavour, lots of caramelisation.
But I've got a couple of tricks for when you do it.
If you want to serve them finger food style -
you know, like if you're having a party and people around,
you want to pass them around -
you want to stick them on a skewer, like that.
But here's a little secret.
If you soak the skewers in water for an hour or so
before you actually skewer the prawns,
what will happen is you'll waterlog the skewer,
which will mean it won't burn when you go and throw it onto the barbie.
So you just pick your prawn up like that.
You just skewer it all the way through, OK?
You can, if you want, go in through the tail here...
..and then you'll be able to keep it absolutely straight.
So depending on how you want to skewer it,
you leave yourself enough space to actually pick up and eat the prawn
but you'll be able to cook it beautifully and evenly.
Right, this is how you cook them.
You grab your prawns. Little bit of oil, not too much.
You don't really need to season prawns with salt
because, of course, they live in the ocean
and that's a pretty salty place.
So don't use too much salt. You might want just a crack of pepper.
But I do all my seasoning once I actually get to the grill.
The other great thing about cooking them while they're so straight
is you can fit a lot more on at once.
Once you have those on the barbie,
grab your freshly ground black pepper.
Just a little bit.
And just another drizzle of oil.
Now, I'm going to leave these ones just simple and plain,
but of course, if you want to,
you could add some garlic or some parsley or some lemon zest.
Any sort of flavour you want to put on to your prawns,
you can do it right now.
So once your prawns have been on for a couple of minutes,
just get half a lemon and just go ahead, squeeze that over,
you'll get that nice lemony flavour.
And'll notice that they really don't take that long.
I just like to pick them up and rest them hanging off the side of the bowl
so people can get at them nice and easily.
And then of course if you wanted to put a little dipping sauce
or something in there, you could.
It's super easy for a party, it's really great to cook
and you end up with these beautiful little prawns
that you can pick straight up and eat. Enjoy!