Saxophone Maintenance and Repair : Do-It-Yourself Saxophone Repairs

Uploaded by expertvillage on 07.09.2008

Now I'm going to show you how to do some simple repairs on your own. We're going to start
off with our neck here. The neck octave mechanism is kind of a tricky thing, but it will make
your instrument not play properly if it's not correct. If it is sticking open just a
little bit, it's very simple just go ahead and put your hand on top of the instrument
here. And I'm right handed, we'll put it on top of the instrument, and just kind of push
down, just a little bit, and that should make your key close. If that doesn't then there
definitely is probably something wrong, or some cork missing, or such and you probably
would want to take it in at that point. Next is the G sharp key, a lot of people have a
problem with their G sharp key. Just one of those keys that likes to stick a lot. Now
if you're in a situation where you can not take it in, I would definitely take a your
dollar bill and your baby powder. And if you're a saxophone player I would just probably keep
these in your case, because it's one of those things a design flaw on a saxophone, which
they have now repaired with some newer models of certain saxophones. But this one, unfortunately
doesn't have one. Shake off the excess, and then we just want to go ahead and lift up
the key with the pad, stick the dollar bill under it, press down on the key, and pull
it out. And you can do that over and over again as needed, to help that key from sticking.
And if that doesn't work you probably need your pad replaced. As well as if you have
any kind of trauma to your key guards, this is another thing. Some times if they get bent
down real far, you won't be able to open you key. So you can be able to take your flat
nose pliers here, and just grab a hold and lift if up ever so slightly. Just try to do
it as gently as you can for the time being until you can get it somebody that can straighten
that out indefinitely for you. And those are some quick fixes that you can do on your saxophone.