RE: Anti Isreal Psychological Killing by Muhammad Sheikh 01/04 (2009)

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I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the stoned.
With the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most merciful
Peace, blessings and mercy of Allah be on to you, all of you.
Ladies and Gentleman, I take this honour in welcoming you on behalf of International Islamic
Propagation Centre. My name is Mohammad Taj and I will be hosting this event for you tonight.
I would also like to extend a warm welcome to those of our audience who have joined us
over here for the first time as well as those who have joined us over the internet all across
the world and those who may have reviewed this lecture wherever, whenever. Before I
invite the speaker Brother Mohammad Shaikh to come to the rostrum and deliver his lecture
on tonight’s topic and titled “What Al-Quran - the reading, says about Qatal i.e., killing,
the psychological killing. I would like to take a few moments of your time to give you
format of the lecture. In order for you to follow the lecture effectively, Brother Mohammad
Shaikh has compiled a booklet for you. This is a reference booklet. It has been provided
to all of you along with a pencil and a piece of paper and those of you who have yet not
received their booklet, kindly raise your hands and our coordinators will provide them
to you. If you open this booklet, you will see on the right hand side are the ayaats
in the Arabic text along with their references and the corresponding page has the relevant
English translation. The ayaats you see in this booklet are sequenced chronologically
as Brother Mohammad Shaikh will elaborate tonight. During the lecture it is advised
kindly not to interrupt the speaker by asking any questions of any kind. You will be given
a significant amount of time to have your queries addressed by the speaker in the question
and answer session which will be held at the end of the lecture. The format of the question
and answer session, I will provide to you at a later time. I take this honour in welcoming
Brother Mohammad Shaikh to the rostrum to come and deliver his lecture on tonight’s
topic entitled “What Al-Quran – the reading, says about Qatal – killing, the psychological
Brother Mohammad Shaikh:
Peace and blessings of Allah to all of you. Ladies and gentleman, welcome.
I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the stone.
With the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most merciful
The topic is what the Quran has to say about qatal, the psychological killing. Now before
I directly discuss the ayaats I would like to explain to you who are we as a human being.
You see we as human being contain a physical body and a soul. In Arabic badan and soul
means nafs. We are a combination of body and soul. Now this body requires physical needs
and that is health, food, rest, shelter, sex, physical needs and what the soul requires,
that is our topic. So you must know we are a combination of both body and soul. When
we are talking about the soul or the self that is a separate requirement and the physical
needs or physical body is a separate thing but they are connected when we are alive.
So what the soul contains. The soul contains the emotions and feelings and intellect. This
is what the soul contains. If you know in the English word, the self and soul there
is a difference. Whenever you are thinking or planning something, that is your soul is
doing it in other word. The soul is thinking what to do and what not to do and the intellect
is also involved, emotions and intellect together. Intellect and emotions are two separate things
within the soul and finally when you arrive to a conclusion then you act upon and the
resultant that you do is your self, that is you can say “I” that is anaa. Anaa is
of any person or when you say I am like that, that means your soul has been convinced of
feelings and emotions and intellect are jointly put a resultant by your works. You are convinced
of a feeling, the feeling says this and intellectually you are convinced then you act upon and that
act is a resultant and that is yourself, that is how you become self in English. Same is
described in the Arabic and when we will see the ayaats you can see this. Now if the Quran,
in the Quran there are both types of killings mentioned. Killing, when a person kills someone
physically, I am using the word physically but actually you kill the nafs because the
Quran says “It is always the psyche or the nafs is killed” through the physical aspect
or through psychological aspect. When you kill somebody or somebody kills you, it is
the nafs that is killed. The nafs is psyche or psychological. The physical body it is
just like something which is being drive, it is being drive by the soul, like a car,
you drive the car, it is a body, you are the driver. The soul, the self is the driver of
the body which require physical needs. Actually the Quran all over the Quran is addressing
to your soul, the self, it is not addressing to your badan or the body. The soul, the self
as we carry, which we carry our body, that is actually the Quran is addressing to that.
Now before I read the booklet, I would like to give you. Because the Quran says in surah
zumur. No it is not in the booklet, I am just trying to give you a point here. Because Allah
says in surah so it is always the nafs is dead. It is the nafs is dead, whether you
kill physically actually the nafs dies, the psyche dies or you kill psychologically, then
again the nafs dies. So it is always the nafs that dies and when you are asleep, the nafs
is taken out by Allah, the psyche which is supposed to be in other words in English,
they say conscience, you become unconscious. You don’t know when you are sleepy or when
you are unconscious the psyche is being taken out by Allah and to whomever he wills he sends
it back. Then you get up in the morning and if he holds that you are dead. So death is
very related to your sleep or your unconsciousness or even if you go into coma. Coma is the last
degree then this unconsciousness and sleep they are all interlinked and death is final
that means the nafs is being stopped or God got hold of it. It is completed by Allah so
then you die.
Now coming to some of the do’s and the dont’s that are mentioned in the Quran, I will discuss
and I will tell you why I am discussing these do’s and the dont’s in the initial page
of the booklet. There are many many orders or do’s and dont’s means there are certain
aspects which the psyche has to do. Psychologically we have to understand and we have to implement
those aspects which are mentioned in the Quran. Those things are known as do’s and there
are certain things which we are not supposed to do psychologically. Like for example in
to establish the prayer. First is the psychology in our psychology we understand thing that
we have to establish the salah, the prayer, we understand. Then we order the body to act
upon so body also do the standing position and bowing position and prostrating that means
the psychology have understood, the nafs have understood. So it is obeying the order Allah,
our psyche is obeying the order of Allah and we are standing, bowing and prostrating that
is the physical aspect as well. When you fast it is the requirement of the body. When you
are fasting the requirement is of body, the food. So we are actually striking the body
not to eat. It is a lawful things, food is lawful, the lawful food is allowed to eat,
but in ramadan or in otherwise there are times when you do some mistakes, then Allah says
you have to fast. So in other words on your body you are restricting certain principles.
Your psyche or the nafs is restricting the body to fast and psychological also, but who
is driver psychology, psychologically nafs is asking the soul understood the ayaats and
said you are not going to eat, you are not going to drink before sunrise and sunset.
So this is again an act upon the body. But who is doing it the nafs, the psychology.
Now it is a physical hassle when you go to pilgrimage. All over the world it is a big
hassle when you go to hajj. So your psychology is ordering when you have understood the ayat
and it is convinced and the do’s you will go there and you will have the effect on your
physical and as well as psychological. Now in charity there is nothing to do with physical
though you must be earning physically, do some work physical action is involved and
once you get the profit and from the profit you give charity but giving the charity is
not physical it is just giving it. In striving both the physical and psychology aspects are
involved that is a detailed aspect but I am telling you both the psychology and the physical
aspect is involved in struggling your life. Like for example what you inherit from your
parents then you have to distribute to the categories to your brother and sisters that
you have to follow, that is again psychological. Parents and children relationship are also
psychological and sometimes become physical. Physical action between the parents and children,
but basically it is again the psychological relationship. For the physical need there
is a lawful food mentioned in the Quran what to eat and what not to eat. That is a separate
issue but it is a requirement of physical need. I am now reading the dont’s. Eat wealth
with falsehood, that is a don’t. Do not eat wealth with falsehood. So this is also
a psychological aspect you understand psychologically you do not have to eat by falsehood. Is also
psychological, it has nothing to do physical, if you are backbiting, you are speaking ill
about some body and your suspicion is also related to psychology. bad names giving to
people is also related to psychology. It is related to psychology but the physical body
does it. You plan it, your psychology plan it how to rob and once you have made the plan
properly then the body functions by the order of your psyche, so both are involved. This
can be both physical and psychological, we will discuss. suicide, or psychology to kill,
to kill psychologically also, we will discuss this topic. Now drugs and drinking, drinking
is again related to physical aspect. Psychologically you are forbidden to not to drink the drugs
or intoxicants which makes you deform your mind. Those are the intoxicants you are forbidden
not to take. Then eating of the pork is also physical aspect that is a physical need, physical
bodies requires, but Allah says not to eat the pork. But also related to emotion because
the psychology is also involved. So what I am going to discuss, you see normally people
have this concept of one life that we are alive and we will die. This is a general concept
in the world that we are alive and we will die. But in the Quran there are two lives
and two deaths. So if you open Now if you look in the start, it starts from death, then
life, then death and then life, four. Two lives and two deaths. So two lives and two
deaths you have to understand. One is a physical life as we are all alive, and one is a psychological
life in the Quran is described. So killing is also based on two aspects because one dies
if you kill physically when I say physically the nafs dies but we refer to physical kill
that this man killed somebody actually he kills the nafs of that person and he died.
But the reason was the physical. So physically I will explain I explain the psychological
aspect. First physical aspect would be that before we come into this world from the mother’s
womb we are dead, though heart is functioning in the mother’s womb after 3 or 4 months
I suppose but once we come out from the mother’s womb, you see we come out from water, we are
in the water bag, and once we come out, we are basically dead because the lungs are not
functioning. The child is born dead and the moment you slap the child on the back then
the child takes that first breath and that is how the life begins and till he is dead
the lungs are functioning. So sometimes you must have heard the child was born dead, actually
he is born dead, but he is alive. So you start with physical he is dead and then he becomes
alive physically and then he will die and the other side he will be resurrected or alive
again. So dead, alive, dead and the third is again alive on the other side. But the
question is Allah says how can you reject Allah because the last life we don’t know
normally, we have to believe that after death there is life. So normally people do not have
this clear concept we say we normally think that we will die, we will become dust. We
think like that. So Allah is reminding us the three stages which you already know. Meaning
we come out from nothing before my mother was not pregnant, where was I. I was no where.
So basically we come out from nothing, then death and then alive and then die. The three
things we know. So in order to believing the fourth is easy, Allah reasons with you to
tell you that you know these things the fourth you must believe. That is why people do not
believe in the hereafter because they do not believe that we will give an account on the
day of judgment because they think that this is our life and we will die and we will be
dust. They don’t have the concept that we will be alive again. So in what capacity they
will be alive that is a separate thing but the question is that they know for sure that
they came out of nothing, then they were dead, then they are alive and they will die. They
are seeing it all the time. So to believe the fourth aspect is easy to believe. Now
on the day of judgment the other side these people confirm and that is
in surah. So on that day every human being is confessing we were given two deaths and
two lives. So in this world also Allah is explaining that you are dead, you are alive,
you are dead, you are alive. Two lives two deaths. And similarly on the other side you
will confess that there are two lives and two deaths. One life you all know, the other
life we are going to discuss today.
the question is Allah says we created mankind we know what his soul, self, psyche whisper
with it. So in our soul, in our psyche, some soul is whispering to us. Who are we? The
resultant. When soul whispers to who, to the resultant, your being, your eye. When I say
I am like that there is a soul that is whispering to you in your mind, in your thought process.
So Allah says we are nearer or closer towards him, the resultant from his jugular vein.
So we know the soul. I told you there is a difference between the soul and the self.
Self is a resultant of your soul. When intelligence and motions put together and the resultant
is drawn that is you. So in our mind the soul is giving us, whispering to us, to me, the
soul is whispering me to do what to do and what not to do. And the soul normally in surah
Now this is the wife of Aziz who is saying, I do not acquit or free from my soul, and
surely definitely it orders with evil, badness. Except has mercy for me. So soul is always
something which is giving you orders of badness to do bad. That is not shaitan, shaitaan is
separate. Shaitaan inspires the soul and the soul starts doing things by herself by inspiring
the self to do so. His job is done. Then you yourself blame yourself on the day of judgment
or when the shaitan when you say it was the shur of shaitaan just invites you to do wrong
and he backs up. Then you do it. That is why then you blame. You start blaming. And that
is the next ayah that explains in surah You know malamat, blaming. So first the soul whispers,
the second is whispered bad evil things and once you committed that bad, then the third
is means then you blame. You want to put the blame on yourself or to blame to shaitaan
or blame to someone else. Then you are in the condition of blaming. This is the three
process of the soul and this is no shaitaan and shaitaan has already inspired the soul
and the soul is doing it. Soul is the combination of intelligence and emotions. They both together
do it and once they have done it, it becomes your self. That has become your self. So then
you come in the condition of malamat or [Arabic text] means blaming it either to somebody
else, blaming to yourself or blaming to some thing that is the condition of that soul.
Now I will read those ayaats which Allah says what to kill and what not to kill. How
kill and what not to kill. Surah. You see in this ayah our lecture is to kill. Now if
you read that I am going to read that small portion meaning and they do not kill the nafs, the
psyche or the soul which Allah has made forbidden except by the truth. So now if I, Allah says
do not kill the nafs, the psyche, the soul, except by the truth. Now if, Allah says, if
I kill somebody, if I kill someone by a gun, is it haq? Because Allah allows you, you cannot
kill any soul, your soul or any other soul except by the truth. So what is haq. Of course
So except by the truth you can kill somebody and that killing would be nafs, psychological
killing. So he is telling you what weapon you have to use to kill someone or you kill
yourself. He is not asking you to kill by gun or by knife or by any sort of means except
by the truth. It is forbidden to kill the soul, nafs, they psyche, except the truth.
And what is the truth Quranic ayaats, the essence. Haq is from your lord, do not doubt.
and do not fornicate and who ever does that he will meet sins. So that is a separate topic
of zina and fahisha. Then further I will read again you will see this What was allowed, first Allah says do not kill
any one