FC Barcelona - A Young Footballer Model

Uploaded by FieldooOfficial on 28.11.2012

The most important characteristic is personality; therefore, human values are very important.
More important than someone being a player is that he is a good person, a good friend.
We’re talking about a team sport. It’s very important that the player acts human, that he has good values,
that he respects his team-mates, that he’s sympathetic.
What you notice at first sight is the player who has the inborn ability, something he didn't acquire by training.
Regardless of age you notice that it isn’t this something he can be taught by coaches.
He already has inside and it is a very important feature and you notice it
when it’s your first time on campus or in training or if you watch the game.
Especially with boys, who are still developing and that is what you like the most.
The personality and character and it’s the great inborn ability that already makes him different.
It is obvious that you need to have the natural technical and tactical skills,
which you learn along the way from the time you are born until you grow up.
But I think it’s essential to have the ability to listen, learn, that you’re never satisfied.
It’s never too late to learn something.
Another important thing is more of a technical nature, is speed.
and more, intellectual abilities which we emphasize in all of our schools.
Our exercise is set up so that the player needs to work on perceptions, analyzing and decisions.
This process helps a person receive faster decisions.
With it we achieve the development of children. We help them understand the game, so they can become smarter
and use their ability with what’s called logic of the game. To understand it.
Football seems an easy sport but it is very complex,
it contains a lot of interaction with team-mates, opponents, space, dealing with the rules ...
All this leads us to the conclusion that the most important thing in training is the process of thinking.
The technical ability is very important, talent and also intelligence.
And then especially shaping the person, what kind of person he becomes, so he manages to reach the highest level.
If the person isn’t modelled, if they aren’t balanced, if they have no strong values,
it will be difficult to reach the objective with abilities, which we’ve previously mentioned.
This is a more global assessment, and although we have listed just a few things, they are very important.
But the evaluation must be global, in a technical, tactical and personal level.
In that case, the player has so many more opportunities for progress and to someday become a professional footballer.
I would like to highlight intelligence,
because in way of our football, it is basic. The essence is decision-making, player's decision making.
We don’t create robots, nothing is mechanical, we do not mechanize movements,
we are trying to make the player think and perform it. That’s why intelligence is so important.
What we are trying to do is find players that are open, that listen, that learn, that want to learn,
that have enthusiasm, that have the motivation to learn even more.
And lastly, I’m talking about characteristics outside the range of technical and tactical aspects ...
so lastly: passion, passion. So they look at football with passion, so they want to have fun while playing it.