Quão a Bíblia me levou para o Islã - A história de um ex-ministro da juventude

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As'salaamu'alaikum'warahmatullahi'wa'barakatu (Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you)
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i'm gonna tell u tonight about my
journey from
where i once was as a former christian youth minister
to how i got to where i am now
there's a lot of bumps in the road you know it seems pretty clear yet your
and now your a muslim
i know but there is a little bit more to it Insha'Allah(God willing) so just bear with me
and hopefully you get something out of it
because the point is at the end
i want you to get the message behind the story because if i was traveling round
the country just to tell my story
then i would be wasting time its on youtube anyone can go get it from anywhere in the world
so insha'Allah (God Willing)
we're going to begin at the beginning
uh... i was born and raised in greenville south carolina
i was born and raised in greenville south carolina
and i was uh...
raised by my grandparents because at a very early age my mother had stepped out
and my father was uh... working two jobs
so it was me and my grandparents
and my grandparents were
uh... the traditional conservative
folk as they say
they were uh...
born they were
very very conservative in their ideals and ideologies
uh... in their ways
you know you know as as you hear about you know people being set in their
ways that was my grandparents like this we did it this way and this is the
way you did it every single day and that was it
we were very religious in the sense that we went to church on sundays we went to
church in the evenings
uh... we went to church wednesday
and in christianity that's considered very religious
um so and it was not hard for us to go to church and it was not difficult for
my grandmother to drag me to church every sunday
which as a kid is what they had to do
because the church was two houses down from our house
uh... there was two houses and then there was the church
so it was not hard for them to drag me every sunday
i hated church as a kid
because of the simple reason that
you know we were brought up
uh... united methodist and methodist is for any of you know it's
very traditional it's not like you think about like screaming and shouting in
church and all that you
you listen to the preacher
you sit stand up and you sing
you sit back down you
listen to the preacher you stand up and sing you sit back down listen to the preacher
that's it that's all that happens
and and and the pews as they call it is made out of wood they're hard
you get tired sitting there you're fumbling around
playing with the money that my grandmother gave me to uh... to put in the offering plate
all these thing that's what i remember
from church as a very small boy
the things that i do remember enjoying about church
was um... sunday school
sunday school is what i got enjoyment from because you went to sunday school
you painted pictures you know like Noah building the ark you painted
all these pictures of Moses splitting the red sea
you learn the stories of
of moses uh... freeing uh...
the children of Israel from Egypt
you learn the story about him splitting the red sea you learn the story about Noah and the
Ark you learn the story about David and Goliath
you know you learn all of these beautiful stories in sunday school
so this was basically as coming up
this is what i knew about chrisitianity
was the stories
that i learned in sunday school because i never listen to the preacher
regular service
so that was the only thing i knew about christianity
so coming up this was how it was it was just the norm and
the conservatism in my house just to give you an example
uh... about the level of conservatism
it let's talk about gender issues let say when i became
twelve thirteen fourteen and i started to actually you know uh... notice
uh... females
and actually didn't think they had diseases and wanted to run away from
them every time i saw them
uh...let say i wanted to
have a girl over something of this nature
it was
serious to my grandmother that i had to make an appointment with her
let her know this girl was coming to my house
uh... had she had we had to sit in the formal living room
which in the south i don't know how it is here but you have the dining room
then you have the formal living room
with all the nice stuff that you don't go in unless there's company over
and my grandma either had to be sitting in the same room with us
or in the kitchen where she could see directly in the room
i mean this is just how it was in my house
uh... this is how my grandmother and grandfather where they were very stern
they were very loving but there were rules and those rules were the way they were
and they did not change
so this was
my upbringing
i would say at about the age of uh... twelve thirteen fourteen
and more along the age thirteen fourteen i started going
to the saturday evening youth services at my church
uh... they were for twelve and up
the youth services were held in the gym
and they were totally different then church
at the youth services you went
we played basketball played volleyball we played dodgeball before you know we played
every kind of sport
and we ate pizza and cake and candy uh... you know all that stuff kids like to do
and at the end
uh... the
the youth minister
who happened to be uh...
my caddy corner neighbor across the street when i was fourteen he was seventeen
uh... he was the youth minister so he would set us down give us a thirty
minute lecture
uh... christianity about something about god you know he would give us a
thirty minute sermon and then and that's how
the youth services were
going to these youth services i met some other people who went to other youth
they invited me to young men for christ and other things
that were going on in south carolina
and so i started to go to these different retreats and camping
trips with them
and so that is when i would say that i started to become a christian out of will
i became a christian because i wanted to not because it was something i was
dragged to do i started to actually
want to be christian this is something i wanted to do i made my own
choice and my own decision to do it
when i turned
fifteen i started going to high school and
when i was a freshman in high school my best friend who was the youth
was a senior in high school
and i remember we we had a very close bond because i had not had my license yet
so i use to ride with him to school every day
and it was a big deal for me to get a ride to school with the senior
uh... especially since he had a you know a brand new it wasn't brand new but he had
a restored sixty seven
mustang which i've always been a fan of cars when i was a kid
so we we had a very close bond and we were very good friends because both of our
parents were very similar they didn't let us do much
uh... so
we spent a lot of time with each other
when i became a sophomore he graduated and started to attend bob jones
uh... i don't know if that rings a bell with anyone but bob jones university is
a very prestigious conservative
christian college in south carolina
it's probably the most conservative
college i've ever seen
uh... because of the movie institute is known as one of the most famous in this
country its in chicago
but bob jones's is conservative to the point to where
when it comes to men and women like men and women aren't allowed to get caught
talking to each of other alone if they are not married
holding hands on campus
the men had to wear uh... button upped shirts
or polo shirts tucked in with slacks
or jeans the women had to wear skirts
uh... no jeans skirts came down to the ankle and a shirt that came to the wrist
and this, this was part of the guidelines for bob jones university
you know you didn't party you didn't drink there was none of this
to happen in bob jones university
and he started going there
and his major was textual criticism
and uh...
textual criticism probably doesn't ring a bell with anyone to explain
in detail what probably take an entire
another entire lecture but just to give you a brief
synopsis of what is a
uh... textual criticism
a textual critic takes the ancient manuscripts of the bible
the pieces of parchment that were found all over the world
and he has to learn uh... hebrew greek
aramaic latin you know these languages that these parchments have been found in and
he has to take these scriptures
and try to find out
where they came from
uh... why they are variations in the many different
versions of the same
let's say you have matthew chapter one from the bible
there might be five thousand different variant readings of matthew chapter one
in six languages
and so he has to go to take all these and sift through them
try to find out why there's so many variations of the readings
and then determine which one is the original
uh... and
that's not as easy a task as it seems you could figure you know which one of the
old ones is probably more original
which is not the case since there are no originals
you might have one parchment that is
the oldest parchment of the group
but it might be a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy
with layed with mistakes
and then you might have the newest parchment in the series
that might be a once over copy from an original or twice or second copy from an
original therefore it makes the new parchment more original than the older one
so it's not a very easy field to go into
he started studying textual criticism
and being that i was his best friend
i started studying textual criticism whenever he was doing his homework or
research papers you know i was right there with him whenever he did
homework he would always let me read it you know when he finished his papers
he would give them to me i would be uh... he would pass down all of his papers
to me every text book when he was done with it
he would give it to me i started to learn a little bit of greek
a little bit of hebrew
so i became
you know started become a laymans textual critic and i applied to bob jones
university my sophomore year
because as it was a three year waiting process
for bob jones
and when i turned uh... sixteen
almost seventeen
he my friend came to me one day and he asked me a question that i had never
really even pondered upon
he asked me he said
have you ever read the bible
and i said
uh... no in church i mean yeah we all read the bible in church you know your parents make
you open it up and look at it
and the bible studies i went to young men for christ we did have bible studies
and we read a few passages and talked for two hours about those few passages
but he's like no no no have you ever read it you know like you read a book
beginning to end
i said no and i don't know anybody thats read nobody that i knew had ever read it
beginning genesis one and went to the end
he said so
this is the inerrant word of god as we are told
this is our instructions on earth
why haven't we read it
you know why have we not read this book and i said you know that's a very good
and he gave me a challenge was basically a challenge for us both he said
let us start with genesis one one
and lets read the bible and let's see what god says to us
because this is the inerrant word of god
inspired to men
for instructions for us
so let us see what god
says to us if God can talk to the preacher through this book why cant he talk to me
i said you're right
uh... i said that's very good and i had a lot of time on my hands i wasn't
really allowed to do much
anyway after school so i said why not let us read the bible
uh... i was some what nerdy as a fourteen fifteen-year-old
sixteen year old we started to read the bible
and we decided to go from genesis one one
and what we tried to do this was the intent we made was to
not think of anything that we ever heard about christianity
but to
open the bible
and let's say i just found this book in the desert and read it and see what it
says to me
let it talk to us
so we started genesis 1:1
and we started reading through the bible you know we we did some of it together
most of it i did by myself
uh... because i'm a very very quick reader so i started to read a
lot on my own and
as i was reading through the bible
i started to notice the stories that i had heard in sunday school you know you start reading
genesis you read about adam and eve we all know that story
you start to read about uh... deuteronomy exodus you know the stories of moses the
story of uh... Noah the story of Lots and abraham and all these stories
that i know
but i was
surprisingly and astonishly shocked
by some of the stories
that i read about these same people
that i learned about in sunday school
uh... just for instance
this is a big testament
to why
Allah (God)kept sending us Prophets and why islam
was sent as a complete and perfected deen with the Quran
if you read about Noah
in the bible
there is the story about noah saving
uh... humanity from the flood with theark and all of that there is this in
the bible
there's another aspect of the story of noah that not many people
know about unless they actually take time to open a bible this would not be
preach from any pulpit anywhere
is that the bible says that Noah was an alcoholic
this is the bible's portrayal of Noah or Nuh (peace be upon him)
that he was an alcoholic that he was a drunkard this is the word used in the
the he was a man given to alcohol
i'm a psychology major
and my uh...
field of specialty is mental illnesses and alcoholism is one of those it
is a mental illness
and i know from seeing
alcoholisms affect on one of my close
i know that someone who is truly addicted to alcohol if Noah lived for
so long addicted to alcohol he was seriously addicted alcohol
it is hard for someone addicted to alcohol to hold down a nine to five
job working at mcdonald's flipping hamburgers
much less
construct an arc to
save humanity from a flood that's never happened so that
stopped me for a moment in my tracks
i said Noah was an alcoholic
you know and and
it it bothered me for a minute because i said
you know things started popping in my mind
you know if Noah was a drunkard how did he know God was talking to him because
you know i've seen some
people alcoholics you know
you were just a sleep in my dog's food bowl the other night drewling and now your telling me
you were talking to God last night
you know rationally it wouldnot make sense to me thats like you know
you know some alcoholic on the street coming to you telling you god is talking to
you know this would give the man no validity
this man has no validity with anyone so
i didn't pay too much attention it caught me
but i said you know what
i'm gonna keep going because
there's one thing that you don't do in christianity
and i'll tell you what it is in a minute when i started doing it
then i came across a story of Lot
or Lut (Peace be upon him)
and we know the story of Sodom and Gommorah and these stories
theres a
another very twisted story in the bible
about Lot and his daughters
there's a story of Lot and his daughters
uh... in in in the bible
that says his daughter's got him drunk one night and seduced him and committed incest
with him (God protect us)
this is the bible this was one of the bible portrayals of the Prophets of God
the person who saved
uh... for uh...
saved his family from sodom and gomorrah
this is the story that is in the bible
so im catching myself again and like
all this is becoming a really uh...bad
habit that i'm seeing and a bad recurrence that i am seeing
over and over again in this bible so
you know after that i started you know speeding through some of the other
mumbo jumbo to get to more of these Prophet stories
and after the story that there are others and there are some stories in
the bible that are not
PG rated
they're not braided for talking anywhere
you know you would need an 18 and up id card to be able
for me to even tell you these stories
so i'll
the one that intrigue me that, that caught my attention the most
was of my most beloved story in the bible
and that was of david and goliath
uh... that was my most
intriguing story to me because
not only was you know it was said in the bible that david was a very small man and
goliath was a very big man and that was appealing to me because i've always
always been very short and
as a kid i was really short so
you know i said uh... this was a very beautiful story to me just in its pros
and in its concept
of overcoming
so i started to read about David
and there are very beautiful stories about David in the bible
there are indeed
but there is one-story
about david in the bible
that shocked
me to my core
and it's a story about three people there's three people in in this drama
David, Betshiba and Yuriyar
it says that David saw uh... saw this woman named Betshiba you know
and she was one of the most beautiful woman of her time
and she happened to be married to one of the commanders of his army named
but david on this day decided that
he was not be able to resist his temptation
uh... to be with this woman Betshiba
so he did
and he committed adultery with her and
knowingly he did this he
that the way he decided to cover up he sent a letter
to the generals of his army
saying that when the battle was fierce for everyone to pull back and abandon
uh... so that he would be killed
and when he dies he could have Betshiba no harm no foul so
David went from being
the slayer of Goliath
the hero for man
uh... an adulterer
a plotter and a murderer
and so
this is when i really caught myself and said hold on now
something's wrong something's got to give
i said because to me
God's Prophets in my mind where people of example
people who i could follow as an example someone who was supposed to be
the best of us
so that we could follow them and emulate them
and they're turning out to be worse than some of the people
that you see on america's most wanted
david is somebody that if i only knrw this about him from the bible
i see him coming down the street
i'm going the other way and calling 911
because he has to have a warrant out on him for something
this is what i'm thinking in my mind this man is not
an honorable man at all
Ok he killed Goliath but he also killed this other guy called Yuriyar to
be able to
commit adultery with his wife
so i did i committed the cardinal sin in christianity
i started asking questions
this is the one thing you do not do in christianity is you don't ask questions
especially not about issues like this
so i went to my pastor and i started asking questions
you know what what was going on here you know pastor there's there's a
very bad recurring
habit about these men in the bible what is what is the deal here
and i remember he told me the same thing that
almost every pastor every evangelist anyone i talk to about this
same same same answer almost like it was programmed
they would put their hand on my shoulder and say brother joshua
don't let a little bit of knowledge wreck your faith
because you're not justified by knowledge your justified by faith
uh... they would quote me verses like leen not on understanding
you know paul's way was justified by faith in jesus christ you know this they would
quote this whole line of thing to me like it was already pre-programmed
that they program and given to pastors for when people ask questions and here
is the answer
you know i said to myself
you know i don't know pastor this just seems kind of odd
he said let me tell you something
what your reading is the old testament
referring to god's
Covenant with the children of Israel and they were a different people they were very
crazy people
uh... so
why don't you move on to the new testament
in the new testament you'll find a new covenant they were under with Jesus christ
and i promise you that things will change and be better
i said ok perfect
so i read and went ahead and finish and got to malokai and then
went on to the new testament you know i opened it and said here we go
you know let's start all over again
but there were a few things
that i had
learned from the old testament that, that i wanted to
keep in mind when i started to read the new testament
i learned number 1
that God was one in a unique sense
this is what i learned from the old testament that God was 1
in a singular unique sense
this is said over and over and over and over very clearly
in the bible God's nature is one
this is so clear through the old testament
in that he was very jealous about his worship
and every single time
the children of Israel
would turn to something else other than him
he would punish them and restrict their lifestyle
this is something that i learn and it kind of
the similartude to me how God dealt with the children of Israel was
and i hate to use this stark
contrast this stark contrast
but it's almost as if
one of us went out
God forbid and i hope not
and lets say we went out here and robbed a bank
you rob a bank you going to jail for a long time
and every day when you wake up
do you think that that jail is going to look like
the Hilton(hotel) at LAX(airport)
no i doubt it
it's probably dark cold
bad food
orange jumpsuits
not nice people the whole nine yards
and the reason why this is
and i noticed after studying psychology is that
this is supposed to be a stark reminder every single day when this person wakes
that you are in jail
this is supposed to remind them every single day you're in jail because you
committed a crime
and we run this not you
this is the message that is being portrayed to this person in jail
so when the children of Israel kept rebelling against God
he restricted their lifestyle if you study Judaic law now it is some of the most
strict religious
law you can find
all of the good things that we enjoy as muslims even when it comes to dietary
laws like the good parts of the meat that we are allowed to eat they can't have
things these are things that are restricted from them
why because God Allah wanted to remind them everyday
that i am Allah(God)
i am your God you will worship me, i run this not you
and i understood this from reading the old testament this is a concept i had
come across
so i started with the new testament matthew martin luke and john
and one other thing that i did
when i started to read the bible was if you go to barnes and noble
lets say you go to barns and nobles and you take a book off the shelf
what is usually the first thing you look at
the title
then the next thing
the author, you want to know the title and the author what is the name of the book who wrote it
and if you do this test
with every single
book of the bible you get a title
and no author
author unknown
author is uh...
appears to be so-and-so or we
derived that so-and-so possibly written this
you know like let just say for exodus they say Moses
wrote exodus
which if you read some of exodus
he couldn't have written all of exodus
uh... because the last part of exodus is Moses death amd burial
and Joshua taking over
the children of Israel now unless Moses was
asure and indeed a Prophet that was able to write things after he died
then he did not write these things
and so when you go back to matthew martin luke and john i wanted to know matthew who
mark who
luke who john who because it's called the gospel
according to matthew
the bad thing is that no one knows
no one knows because no one penned their name down to these things
no one no bible scholar in his right mind
would tell you that we know for sure
matthew so and so wrote this mark so and so wrote this luke so and so wrote this
john so and so wrote this it's factual information
that we do not know who wrote these
so i was intrigue i'm like hmm that doesn't
you know would somebody write this book that is suppose to be
passed down over generations and people are supposed to
as the inspired word of god to guide mankind
and nobody decided to write
pen down who wrote it
but anyway i started to read it and i started to notice things about the
teachings of jesus christ
and they were not what i had learned in church
when jesus spoke
he spoke of the nature of god
and when he spoke of the nature of god
it was the same nature of god that i found in the old testament jesus said uh...
at many times that God is one, God is unique he would even quote from
the hebrew scriptures
hear o israel the lord your God is but one
uh... when he was asked
what is the greatest commandment or that he was asked the greatest commandment
of the greatest commandment
and every muslim should understand these two concepts it should be nothing new to you
uh... the greatest commanders to love the lord your God with all your heart
with all your mind with all your strength
and then to love your neighbor as you love yourself
he said the rest hang on these two which we know how we have in Islam we have
rights of the Creator(God)
and rights of the creation uh... so this was the concept that he was teaching
he even was he even said in john 5:17 and this was
more clear to me than anyone anything else can be
this is life eternal
that they may know you the only true God
the only true God and Jesus christ whom you have sent
and when you look at that in the greek and the aramaic it is
almost exactly to a tee
of la'ilaha'illalah'muhammadur'rasoolullah (No God but Allah and Muhammed is his messenger) Now that i know arabic and understood
very same similar statements
yes indeed there were some implicit statements about
that you could implicitly if you took them and separated them from everything else
you could maybe derive Jesus was trying to claim some divinity
or something for himself but
i also know from your doing psychology and a little bit of too that
an implicit statement cannot override an explicit statement
explicit statement always takes precedence
so if Jesus said
God is one and he
anagorically may have alluded to God being more than one
then the clear statement overrides that
each and every single time
so this is what i found through the through the new testament
and i also found that
Jesus taught
but his salvation that he taught was obeying God
and following the commandments
this was his mode of salvation, one man asked him
good master tell me how i can inherit the eternal kingdom eternal life
he said follow the commandments
follow the commandment he even in matthew
was so sincere that he said who so ever
so follow the least of these commandments and teach men to do so
should be called the greatest in the kingdom of heaven
but who so ever should break the least of these commandments
and teach men to do so
should be called the least in the kingdom of heaven so this i understood very
clearly that jesus taught the same nature of God that was in the old testament
he taught that the salvation lied with
worshiping God
and following the commandments
this i understood matthew mark luke and john were very clear about this
you know there were other things only begotten son you know but these things
were not in a red letter so i did not give them as much weight as what i did
to the actual words that Jesus christ was saying out of his own mouth so
i read matthew mark luke and john
all of it was
the same to me but i was thinking to myself
this is not what i was taught about christianity you know you're taught
God is uh...
one in three, three in one
you know 1+1+1=3, you know
father son holy spirit Jesus died on the cross to forgive your sin you know and
there was another thing that i notice from the old testament and this is a
a beautiful lesson to muslims because your asked this all the time
uh... especially when it comes to dawah that i'd never put two and two together
until i learned Islam and then
read the bible one more time is i wanted to know why the jews wanted to crucify
Jesus so bad
why so bad that they could have just mob them and killed them anywhere on the street
it is not like he had clans like the arabs they would've come in and backed
them up
i said why didn't they just kill him
you know why were they so strict and sincere
to tell pontius pilot
you got to kill him and you need to sanction it
we can't do it but you need to sanction to kill him
and now i understand it
Jesus had a mission
and and
that mission
uh... was to share
God with the world and paul
even kind of tells on himself
in his book of galatians as to why
Jesus was meant to be crucified why the jews wanted to crucify him
paul said that the crucifixion is the stumbling block
for the jews and he explained it in Galatians
uh... that jesus christ and this is how he tried to round about explain it
was cursed for us to remove us from curse of Allah
by taking this curse upon us for it is written and he quoted the old testament
everything that hangeth upon a tree is cursed
so i went back and studied old testament and judaic law and
i realized that
people who were crucified
that was considered a curse upon then you have to do something pretty serious
to to get crucifixion
uh... it 'cause it was considered a curse from God
it was part of their law that
when someone is crucified that person is cursed
so wherever they buried these criminals
like in the in the graveyards in israel jerusalem in
where they bury these criminals they were crucified this was considered cursed
this was considered ground that you didn't go on and you didn't
you did nothing here because these people are cursed
by God so
i started to put two and two together
it's not that they wanted to kill Jesus cause they could have just killed him
they wanted to disprove who he was this was their point was to disprove who
this man was
he said he's the messiah
they wanted to disprove it and they knew
if you can crucify Jesus he can't be the messiah
he cannot be our messiah
if you can crucify him
even if he is if we can still force our crucifixion on him then
that will detriment his message
so they understood this and knew this and this is why they wanted to crucify him
and this is exactly why Allah(God) saved him from it
because everyone ask you why did Allah(God) save him from the crucifixion
you cannot that was part of his law he came to fulfil
that he could not be cursed according to this law
he said i've come to fulfil the law
to fulfill it therefore he could not be cursed according to it
and this is why he went to the garden of gethsemane and asked
God to remove this from him because he knew how detrimental this was to his
message of crucifixion so
i began to see all of these things
so and i started to read i got to the book of acts
and started to read the writings of paul the apostle and
things went from this
to this
to another way it went completely
flip turned around
the entire teachings went from
obeying God
worshiping God following the law
to worshiping Jesus christ
and abolishing the law completely
uh... paul even wrote to the galatians oh you foolish galatians why are you still following this
curse law jesus christ came as a curse to remove us from the affliction of
this curse
so i said to myself
but jesus just said
a few books before this
that who so ever shall break the least of these commandments and teach men to do
so should be the least in the kingdom of heaven
and here you have paul preaching this gospel
to abolish the law
so i even asked what is going on here so
i started asking my pastor, my pastor said
now you're getting into deep water
you know now you're starting to question
the new testament you really guessing you really have some issues
you know they even thought that i might be you know possessed and all kind of
things so
i had a very big conflict going on inside of me
and and my friend took me to his um...
his uh...
textual critic
teacher his professor and
what this man told me
probably wrecked my faith in christianity
and i always say i doubt he would be very happy
uh... me traveling around the world telling people that a christian
professor from bob jones university wrecked my faith in christianity
but he did
because what i asked him
what happened to all these contradictions you know in the old testament there are
many contradictions
if you study hebrew language you'll understand when you read some of the
old testament or the torah that there are some parts of the torah that you can
see the most beautiful hebrew that you can see just the most beautiful hebrew you can see
just like when you read arabic in the Quran
it is very beautiful hebrew
and then 2 chapters later you'll see
hebrew that looks like a broken three-year-old
is trying to scribble some hebrew down, looks very colloquial very
you can tell it is not the same person speaking
so i started to i went and asked him about all the stuff i saw
and he told me he said um...
what you have is a book written by men over
centuries and centuries and eons and eons
and he says this book started as a original that was copied
and copied and copied somebody added a mistake somebody came behind him
and corrected that mistake added two of his own
someone came and copied it and skipped a line and added a line where was it wasn't supposed to
and then someone else came and copied it and took it to his country
and in order to fit well with the doctorine they were teaching he would
cross out a dot here
or cross out a word here or change a word here this would fit
with the, the theological ideas of this part of the world and he said
and after all these years
you have a book now that is compiled from all of this
written by the hands of men that still has men's fingerprints
left on it
and that's what you have you have an imperfect book
that is only perfected through faith
this is exactly what he told me that this is book is perfected through faith you
cannot perfect it textually it's not a textually
perfect book those who believe in it believe in it by faith
and so i said he we go again with this
Faith thing
you know i said God gave me a brain
for a reason
if He did not want me to use it He would have removed this reason and logic
part of my brain out and replaced it with more faith
so you know
and i was of the opinion of you know as the saying goes
my grandmother didn't raise a fool
i'm no fool
you know i said i can't
believe in this you know this book
i've been taught is the inerrant word of god and your just telling me that it's
a book of errors
thats only perfect
through faith
that's like me taking
uh... 1982 datsun all beat up and say if you believe it
really could be a mercedes if you believe
you know that that would make no sense you can't take a car to the car
dealership and say that
no no if you really believe it if you look at it right its a mercedes
so i said no
you know this is book full of errors
and God's religion is perfect
if God has a religion
it's perfect if He has a book it has to be perfect because He is perfect
so i left christianity completely
and um..
i decided that
you know i had learned some concepts from the bible you know God was one
you couldn't fool me at that
you know i i had also concepted that
they should be nobody standing between me and God because He created me without
from anyone therefore i don't need
to be taking permission from someone
uh... to go to Him if
i had to be forgiven for something that should come from Him
because on the day of judgement its going to be me and him alone
i didn't know about God's prophets yet you know i had my
my my my
doubts and persuasions about that
so i decided to start
searching other religions i went back to judaism and i studied judaism
i found the same thing that jesus taught about spiritual to spiritual jews in the
the law and jews that were so
caught up in the law they left out spirituality
i studied buddhism
uh... hinduism
uh... taoism, confucianism
wican, bushido you know everything i can get my hands on every type of ism
or religion
i studied it but
there was one litmus test that i used for every religion
and when i saw whenever i met them
or the people or what ever about this religion i always ask them do you have a
do you have a book
because another thing i had come to the conclusion of is that
if your religion is true
you should be able to tangibly hand me something
and show me
that this religion is true give me something that i can see i don't want to
hear that faith stuff anymore
i heard that all my life and look where it got me, it got me
thinking i'm driving a mercedes when i'm running around in a 1982 beatup datsun
i said no you, you have to show me
and so i read the bhavageethe
i read the torah, i read the scrolls of tao you know i read the code of the
bushido i read the
wican book of spirits and spells and all that other magic stuff they have
and i read all of these things and i found something very congruent with all of them

was that they were very same philosophies and teachings and all of
these major religious books
they all talked about God and His nature
uh... most of them alluded to the fact that God is one and that God sends
messengers to us and people to us to teach us
but they were filled with a whole bunch of
garbage to be honest with you that
i couldn't logically rationally believe um..so
at about the age of 17
just about 17 uh..17 and a half
i gave up my search for God
and i became kind of angry with God because i said here i am looking for you and
i can't find you and it doesn't look like your giving me any help
and i don't know how many of you know but for a 17-year-old who is frustrated
with God and the world
there's a lot of
trouble he can get into there's a lot of things he can do
uh.. to put himself in predicaments
uh... when he's frustrated with the world and had come to the conception that you know
if there's a God that exist then he doesn't really care about me
you know that's a kind of a dangerous young man
um.. so i started doing the whole party
in trouble
going to parties drinking underage all of the stuff i started doing you know
i'm a perfectionist at heart
uh... so when i was a christian i tried to be the best one i could
if i was going to switch to being
uh... any other religion than i was going to do that 100% so you
better believe when i went after the dunya(world)
uh... i did that 100%
and you know i was a martial artist
uh... since i was 15 years old and uh... even though it was only two years you know
two years if your seventeen you think you know
your bruce lee so i got into a lot of fights
uh... got kicked out of school had to go to another school got in one fight got arrested for
a fight
you know and and there were a couple incidences
that stopped this downward spiral because i was on a very very quick
downward spiral that would end
i believe oif would've continued on that downward spiral i probably end up
hurting someone killing someone or them hurting or killing me
um.. there were 2 incidences that brought that to an abrupt stop like pulling the
emergency break
and the first one was
a car accident that i was in
uh... my friend and i
were on the way back from quincy university
um... from a from a frat party
and we're driving up 385 in south carolina and
we were both
uh... highly intoxicated and i
decided that night that he was driving i decided to put my seatbelt on for the
only reason that
i kept falling over when i fell asleep without the seatbelt on
it because i didn't really believe in the seatbelt thing because i said if i'm
going to die
i'm going to die
you know that is the conception i come up with you know if it is time for me to die its
time for me to die i didn't believe in the whole tying your camel thing
so i put on my seat belt and
i fell asleep
and the next thing i know i remember waking up with the car shaking and i woke up
to grab my friend because i thought that maybe he had fallen asleep
but when i woke up the only thing i saw was
the tree line
and then the pavement coming right at my face
and the window smashing and the car flipping the whole nine yards
and us landing in a ditch
and i remember getting out the car that was the first thing i thought
you know i
number one i couldn't believe it you know you don't really think about oh
you're alive no you just move
i jumped out of the car
and realize that i had jumped out of the back of the car that wasn't there
uh... it was still in the median
on the other side of the highway and the front part of the car was over in
the ditch
and i drove my friend al
who was knocked unconscious
and pulled him over to the side of the road i had no injuries i looked at myself
trying to find what's missing
and there was nothing but uh... a piece of glass stuck in my arm i pulled out
and it just so happened that a state trooper was
passing the other way
uh... because he turned around
and came back and uh...
when he came back you know he asked what had happened
and the first thing he asked me was
did you see what happened because other people would pull over so i guess
he thought that was a bystander cuz i started to walk towards him he's like did you
see what happened
you know where are the people i said yeah i really saw what happened i was in the car
you know and he was like
you know as they say like that the color drained out of his face because he
was shocked there is no way how were you in that car
you know and
uh... of course they took us to the hospital my friend got arrested
uh... DUI(Driving under influence)
but before he put us in the ambulance
he was a man of God
uh.. because he looked at me and he told me, he said young man
you should better realize that you're on this earth tonight
for a purpose
uh... the only reason you're still alive is that God has a purpose for you
uh... if not
you don't live through things like that people without purpose if you didn't
have a purpose then this night would have been you're night so you need to realize
i said this old mans out of his mind
if God had been looking for me he had the opportunity to get me a
long time ago so don't tell me about that God stuff now
so i paid him no attention
and about a month later three four weeks later my friend and i same two
he's on crutches still
we decide to go to new york city we decide to just take off
drive to new york city we didn't tell our parents where we were going
i said i was sleeping in his house he said he was sleeping in my house for the weekend
so we drove to new york
and in new york i remember going to the atm to get some money
in new york they have these atm that you have to go in a little glass room to
get your money out of the ATM i don't know if they have that here or if any of you have you been to
new york
now alhamdullilah(all praise be to God you have to put your bank card in to go in there but in 97
97 it was not like this
uh.. you went in
and it was almost like the game mouse trap because you go in take out your money
criminal comes right in behind you
there is no where for you to go you know there is no where to run
so i went in i took my money out of the ATM
and i heard the door open behind me
you know so i turned around you know i thought somebody was coming in behind me
and there was a man who
put a gun to my face and
he must have a really really really really needed this money
because he didn't ask me anything he didn't say a single word i just remember
looking at the gun in my face
and him pulling the trigger
it was a revolver
to this day i'll never forget that image in my head of seeing that little little
spindle turn
and hearing that very distinct click
of a revolver and it probably could have been like an 32 snub
nosed gun like this but when it was on my face
it looked like one of those cannons that you see on the movies
and i remember when he pulled the trigger
i didn't think anything you don't think anything it's just blank you just go in to
this like shock of blankness
and then
a couple seconds later thankfully i had been doing martial arts that might have helped
me overcome the fight or flight syndrome
because all i could think was go
you know like like myself kicking myself like what are you doing go
so i bum rushed him we went flying, he went flying, money went flying, gun went flying
and i took off and went to the hotel
and didn't say anything to anybody went back to south carolina the next day
i didn't say anything cuz we were suppose to be New york my grandfather
would have killed me
if that gun didn't kill me my grandfather would have tooken care of it
so i didn't say anything
until about uh...
month or two later
you know i kept having nightmares about this same incident i kept having night
uh... from from this incident
and so i told my grandmother about it
and she told me the same thing that the uh... that the officer told me she said
you know uh...
you have to realize that God has a purpose for your life your here for a reason
there's no people don't go through the things that you've been through
and still walk on this earth without reason and you're pushing the
this is what she told me
you're pushing the limit really
uh... God has something for you
and and He wants you to get it but you're pushing it
she didnt tell me to go
back to christianity and study my bible the only thing she told me was that God has
hasn't gone anywhere
you just have not looked in the right place yet
and so i decided to put myself back together
you know the car wreck
uh... the the uh...
the gun thing getting arrested for fighting like all of that like really

made me stop really quick and think
you know that i need to get my my my stuff together
so i became
someone i became an agnostic
uh... someone who believes that believes in God would no form of religion
uh... i prayed to god
on the floor my hands and knees because this is how all the books of God
this is how the bible
uh... the torah and the new testament the bhavageete all of these
scriptures that i ever read
they said that this is how the men of God prayed and
uh... it was during this time that i did read one book about Islam
in the public library because i had never heard of
uh... ever
but i remember i was looking in the religious section in the library pick at
at school
and there was a book about islam and
i was in the library the public library and i remember it was some title like why i am not a
muslim or
or some you know one of these titles that was
uh... propagandistic against Islam but i had no idea
so i just took the book and i read it
and i remember it said that muslims
uh... m o s l e m and any of you who know arabic knows
that's a very derogatory word a moslem is someone who oppresses someone else
that was a very quick slide of the pen that was used in the past
for a very real purpose
it said that moslems
were people who uh... worshipped a moon god named Allah
uh... who lived in a box in the desert
in saudi arabia
uh... they were oppressive to women
i remember there was a whole chapter about how they could have 4 wives and as many as they want
actually 'cause they could marry 2 divorce one get 3 more
you know um...
and it is said that you know uh... uh... i remember the the one thing
that really caught my attention
was the whole chapter on jihad
were it said that muslims were allowed to kill
non muslims at anytime anyplace
without discretion
and it was an honorable act aand not only would they go to heaven before that they
would get 70 virgins on the way
and also i closed
the book on islam
put it back on the shelf
and marked off islam off my little list of religions
and said thanks but no thanks and if i ever see a muslim i am out
and i said i'm pretty safe in greenville south carolina i've never seen a muslim ever
so i said i don't have to worry about running into muslims thank God so
you know i started you know
just worshipping you know i tried just to be a good person you know pray to God asking for
try to be uh.. generally good person
and i remembered
what changed was when i met a muslim
i met a muslim who i had met a couple times at school we had went to school
and i knew him
but i never knew he was muslim
and and there's a couple reason why i never knew he was muslim
because he was african-american number one and the book said that muslims were
arabs and
number two
i didn't know you know i thought muslims run around
you know marrying as many women as they want and killing non-muslims i didn't know they
could also be part-time drug dealers so i didn't know
i never knew that this guy was muslim i didn't click
2 and 2 together so
we were at his house one day
and me and my other friend the one that you know i got in to a lot of trouble with
i'm trying to
keep him out of trouble now um..
we were at his house
and we were debating something about religion i forget what the
topic was but you know you have 2 teenagers thinking they know everything
um.. i was trying to explain something to him about the bible
and that guy came in and was listening
he said have you ever heard of Islam
i said yes i have heard all about Islam
he was like
okay so what do you think of it
i said what do you mean what i think of it that probably the worst religion i've ever seen on the
face of the planet and he's like
why i'm a muslim i was like man stop playing man
you know like
you're an african-american you know he'slike
so i'm like the book said you guys were arabs all the muslims were arabs
and he was like what else did you read in the book and i told him and he was like man
what have you been reading
he's like you need to go to the mosque for jummah
he's like he told me i'm not a good muslim this is what he said to me i'm not a good muslim
i'm not even going to
uh... try to front you and say i'm a good muslim
he said but i can guide you to some people who can tell you the real truth about islam
because he knew about my story about wanting to find religion
and he said you need to go to the mosque for Jummah
an i said whats jummah
he said it's just church with no chairs i said
i can do church with no chairs because
in church the chairs were the worst part anyway
because they had these hard benches that you sit on that were like this
and it were so hard i said that's a good you sit on carpet wow man every
church should be like that and uh..
i said where is the mosque he said it's on hampton boulevard i said where
on hampton boulevard i lived on hampton boulevard i lived right off hampton boulevard
he said you know where lee road intersects will ray hampton i said yeah
i live on the other side of the intersection
he said it's right there i said no it's not there's nothing theres a gas station
and a church he said yeah
you know that church, the evangelical
missionary training facility, i said yeah i used to take missionary classes there
he said you know that building in the parking lot with the gold thing on top
i said yeah the gym
he was like no thats the mosque
because i had always thought it was the gym because
it was in the same parking lot and it was just rectangular with 2 glass doors at the front

and you could literally walk in between the church and the masjid(mosque)
and touch them like this and anyone who doesnt believe me go to greenvilles south carolina
look at the masjid
you can almost touch both of them just like this
he said yes right there i said i've never
first i was shocked like i've been living across the street from all these crazy muslim
all my life
you know
i said i never knew
you know and
he told me to go to jummah and i asked him what time he said he would meet me there at one
o'clock in the afternoon on friday
so i said okay i went on friday
and i'm waiting outside for him you know i'm
not go inside that's not happening uh... you know and i'm seeing all these people
going in and at this time it was a predominantly
indo, paki, arab
uh... masjid(mosque)
anyone who went in
was not
american period
and i did not see even what african-american going there
and i did see one and then when he went in i heard him talking in a dialect that i
realized he was probably from africa so
i say he is not american
uh... so i'm not going im waiting and i'm standing outside sitting on the
church steps
and the imam pulls up and park right in front of me who i had no idea he was the imam

but he got out he asked me you know am i waiting for someone this that
the other
and i explain to him he said oh yeah we know this brother
uh... you don't see him that much but we know who he is
you know he said and i'm glad you came you know he was a very very nice gentle young man and
he invited me into the mosque
and i kind of wanted to wait on my friend
you know but i didn't want to you know at the same time i didnt want to tell this men i didn't want to
go in
so i went in
and they put me in the back
and gave me a chair anyway i said
i came to sit on the floor
they gave me a chair anyway you know and all of these people are piled up in front of
and there's no americans here and i'm starting to wonder, you know
if this is a set up because it started to smell like a setup to me because in my mind i'm like
you've been set up before and this seems kinda like this so
and im starting to think in my head you know scenarios you know young mind at play
you know i said this this this other guy my friend
he probably was in the same situation like me
and he probably made a deal with them
to get out
as long as he brought
other americans and tricked them in coming to the mosque
so they can do there jihad after jummah and get their 70 virgins
so i'm sitting here
and there's all these people in front of me
and then there's a curtain with all these people behind me making noise
and i have no idea who's back here
so i'm stuck in the middle of this i hear that is some women
uh... but i don't you know theres a curtain i had no idea so
i'm like there's something very odd about what's going on right here
i'm like just let me make it i've started looking for the exit i'm like you know calculating how
many people between me
and the exit you know i i i know some martial arts i said i might get a couple
of them and i'm out
and then the imam came and i i i just now realized that he was imam because he got
up on the mimbar(pulpit)
and they started to call the adhaan(call to prayer)
and you know i said that man seemed
nice he seemed genuinly nice so i i felt a little more comfort
and then he got up
uh... after the adhan and
he started his khutbah(speech)
i said OH MY GOD
i said i bet you he's talking about me you know
he's being forceful you know he was getting loud and banging on the mimbar
and he's
pointing at my direction you know i'm like oh
man i gotta get out of here really quick you know
i said well i'm going to take my chances with the women behind me and going through the curtain and
then he started to
when he got done with his arabic tirade
he started to explain it
you know that verily all praise belongs to Allah alone, God alone
and Him do we worship and Him do we seek help and assistance we seek refuge in Him
from the evil that lies
you know he explained what he said
in arabic and it sounded to me so
beautiful it was very very beautifully prosed
what he said and i wanted to know where he got that i said where did he get that
you know because it was only about God
and about the nature of ourselves all of you should know
the beginning of the khutbah
and he quoted the 3 verses from the Quran oh you who believe
fear God as he should be feared and do not die
in a state of submission to Islam he was a very
uh... wiseman because he translated everything it was almost as if he knew i
was there
and translated everything for me
you know and he
i remember to this day
what the khutbah was about
and i don't know if he did it because i was there
or if that was his own planned khutbah but its almost as if
it was meant for me
um... the khutbah was that the title of it was the forgiveness
of Allah is open to anyone and anytime and anyplace
no matter what unless they have committed shirk(polytheism)
the the prose of the the khutbah was a very long hadith(saying of prophet Muhammed P.B.U.H)
uh... a very long hadith that all or some of you will know um..
and just to make a short, it was the hadith where the prophet Muhammed P.B.U.H met
angel Gabriel angel Jibra'eel
and Jibra'eel was telling him
to tell him that if the muslims commit this certain sin to tell them that Allah
would forgive them at every time he would tell the muslims they would say okay what
about this sin
and he would go back and meet with angel Gabriel and he would go
back and come back and say tell them Allah would forgive them for that
and this discourse happenned
you know for many different sin and then finally angel Jibra'eel (P.B.U.H) said
tell them Allah has said that
no matter what they do
even if there sins are compiled you know like the oceans from the east to the west
as long as they have not associated any partners with Allah
tell them Allah would forgive them
and i remember he told me that i he said that
you know that the door of repentance to God is open
as long as you have not seen the angel of death or the sun hasn't risen from the
i didn't really really understand the sun rising from the west thing at that time
but um...
and he said that you know God's forgiveness has to come from God alone
and this was the whole premise of his Khutbah
was on forgiveness
and taubah(repentance)
and i was saying to myself these are all of the same concepts
that i had
uh... formulated through reading the religious scriptures myself and i'm
asking myself
where did he get this stuff from
you know where did he get all the and he started using names like uh...
he used the name Ibrahim
uh... used the name Musa and i'm like he translated it to Abraham and Moses
i'm like where
did he get the name these are names from the bible i know these people
and so after the khutbah
they started lining up for the for the prayer and
i got apprehensive because everybody's getting up in front of me and blocking
my exit from the door
and so i guess they one guy in the back saw me because i had
to move back a little bit he said we are about to pray
and i said
pray to who and he said to God i said which one
and he said the one that created the heavens and the earth you know the same one
thats in the bible you know the only creator of the heaven and earth the only God
i said yes i i i i i know him um..
and so the imam started to pray and when he recited the Quran
you know it sounded very intriguing i had no idea what it was
uh... but then when i saw muslims
bow and prostrate on the floor
verses and verses of every religious book i had ever read started ringing off in
my head
that this was the way that men of God prayed
and the first thing that i could think of in my mind was this was worship
i said to myself this is not prayer
because prayers asking God for something these people
are worshipping God
uh... so i said to myself that
you've written this religion off way too easily
i thought i was a much more open minded person and that i was ashamed of myself
that i had written off with just one little book you know i put all this
studies in the other religions
i read this one thing about islam and i was done
so i went to the imam
after jummah you know he talked to me and
i would have to say that i was probably a little bit
rude with him
uh... i've asked him
to forgive me when i saw him a few years later you got to forgive me for the first time
you saw me
because he started telling me you know
uh... would you like to know you know he had a very heavy accent
he was an egyptian brother
would you like to know a little bit more about islam
he tried to give me some pamphlets i said no no no
i don't want any of this right here i said
do you have a book
this is what i wanted to know
do you have a book can you give me he said yes we have a book
uh... he said it's called the Quran i said
can i read it
uh... is it in English can i read it
he says sure you can read it
and then he tried explaining it to me a little bit how it came by i said no
just give me the book because the book should speak for itself
so i took the Quran home
and on friday night i started to read it because this is a book i had never seen before
and i was very interested so i went home and i opened this opened the Quran and
i read the fatihah(opening surah)
it seemed to me kind of like the lords prayer you know it was a little similar to what i
found in the bible um..
but then i started to read
suratul Baqarah(Cow)
uh... i started to read suratul al-imran( Family of Amran)
and i started to see names
that i had seen before i started to see names like Abraham
Moses, David, Jesus
uh...Yahya John the baptist
Mary and
i said i know all of these names
but there was something different
about these people in this book
the Prophets that i found in the bible
uh... were people that were deplorable of of not very good
these same men in the Quran
were someone who were at the highest echelon of moral character
moral fiber
they were someone that was an example to be followed because they lived the
message they preached therefore they were
uh... able to be followed and emulated so i read
all of these chapters and i and i read the story
of Jesus
uh... peace be upon him 'cause when i saw them name of Jesus for a fact that really
intrigued me i wanted to see
what does this book
have to say about Jesus
and i read the story in al-Imran and story in
suratul Maryam(chapter about Mary)
and it was so it was
it was more beautiful than anything i'd ever read in the new testament or any nativity
story that i have ever heard
it was a more beautiful then that time 10
the i remember the only thing that i could catch in my mind
was the miracle
of how
uh... because in the bible you never really figure out the conflict of how
Mary get over
this this um...
point finger pointing at her about her coming with a with a baby and she's not
there's no real into that there's no real defense for her
uh.. from this in the new testament
but the Quran is so explicit so clear
that Jesus first miracle was to speak from the womb to speak as
a baby
and defend the honour of his mother something that you cannot deny something that
you cannot deny about her
who Mary was
when you have this baby speaking on her behalf so
i would say i read the Quran entirely in three days
but that first night
after i had made it through suratul al-Imran
my heart was already given to this book
i didn't know
what it meant to be a muslim i didn't know how to be a muslim i didn't even know
what that meant
uh... but i knew that
whoever it was that followed this book
i wanted to be like these people
uh... i wanted to be like the people that i read about in this book
uh... these are people i could follow these are prophets this was a book of
and this was something that the book is calling appealing to me that if you don't
believe in this book
you never see i've never seen this in any of the scriptures
the direct challenges
that are in the Quran that if you don't believe this book is true
put it to the test
put it to the test and
this is something that was so astounding to me that
God is telling you over and over again that if you don't believe this is the truth
test it bring me something else like it
test it put it to test if it was written if there was more than what i mean all
of the analogies about God
everything was so logical
so rational so reasonable in my mind
that it was like
two plus two equals four and that was it
there was no one plus one plus one equals three
egg yolk water fire there was none of that
the Quran was very direct very straight forward in its teachings
so i gave my heart to Islam
that night in uh...
in my living room reading the Quran
and you know
and i i i cried and cried
you know that i had been looking for the truth all this time
had searched all this way and it was right across the street
right across the street from my house
and so i went back on monday
to accept Islam and ask these muslims
where in the world have they been all this time
and i go ready to go in there and and do my thing and i go and teh masjid is
locked and
because there wasn't they only came on fridays and for Isha(Night prayer)
uh... during that time and i didn't know
uh... so i said okay i said i guess i have to come back on friday
because every time i passed by the masjid after that it was always locked
so i came back on friday and i and i took my shahadah(testification of faith)
you know as they say you know the rest is history um...but
i don't travel around the world and this was in december of 1998
um.. i don't travel around the country and the world
telling my story
you know just for the entertainment value even though uh... i've been told
it does have
some entertainment value
i don't tell it for that purpose for for sure if that was the only only reason
then you could just
get it off of youtube and its the same exact story
i'm gonna finish with this and i hope you can give me ten more minutes insha'Allah
to tell you why i go around telling my story i tell my story to just
to let everyone realize
that there are millions of millions and millions of people
just like me
just like me in 1998
searching for the truth
can't find a way out there are millions of people there probably millions of
people in california
hundreds and thousands
if not raise right here in orange county los angeles in the southern
california area
that want to know the truth
that are tired of hearing
the same garbage preached to them over and over again tired of this
uh... shaytan box(t.v) telling them the same thing over and over again
tired of the world being in the condition it is in tired of their life
being in the condition its in
and we as muslims
have the solution to every single
one of their problems
and guess where we keep it at
right here inside the masjid
right here inside the masjid and we have all of this truth
we have the solution
to every problem
in the world
you want to solve world hunger
the problem of world hunger islam has the solution
you want to solve the problem of war and poverty
islam has the answer you want to fix the economic situation
of this country islam could fix it tomorrow
and this was in an op ed
piece in the washington post
in the washington post it was a op ed piece that that the two markets that are
falling apart in this country are
investments and and and and housing
and there are two
people in this market
while the rest are bombing out
this market is steadily climbing its not shooting
uh... getting rich overnight like people want to but it is continuely going up and
that is islamic financing and islamic housing markets
these two things are so steady and so strong
that they uh...
economist in DC
are trying to figure out how they can take some of these islamic principles from
these investing
and housing firms
and plug them into the system
to give it some
stability because they realised that you won't get rich overnight in the islamic
but it will be stable
it will be something that will give stability
they are starting to find out that islam has the answer and the solutions to their
but we already know this
we already know this that we can solve every world
with islam if it were put into it but the problem is
we're hiding it from the people unfortunately willingly or unwillingly
knowingly or unknowingly
we are hiding this
from the people
there is a statement in the Quran
and that Allah warns
The jews about
what they did with their religion and there is a statement that is left in the Quran for
that verily those who
conceal all the evidences and the clear proofs
after we have made it clear for them in the book
they are those who are cursed by Allah
and cursed by those who curse
until and unless they
and reveal that which they have been concealing those i would accept their
repentance because i'm the one who accepts it the most merciful
we have become guilty just the same way the jews have hiding the truth about
their religion
when they saw the prophet Muhammed P.B.U.H and they knew the truth and wanted to
hide it
people we know the we know the truth about Islam
and we are hiding it
we as muslims are running around
begging Allah
for dignity and honor and help
when he's already given it to us in this deen(way of life)
everything that a muslim could ever want has already been given to him
in this deen of Islam
anything that you asked Allah for
there is
an account set up for you to go take it out of you just got to find it where its at
and any of you i'm not going to go through the ayah(verses) there too long but if you want to know
the solutions
to every one of your problems in this world and the hereafter
just go read suratul saaf( chapter The Ranks)
ayah(verses) 10 through 13 ver very easy solutions if i had the time i would read them to you
Insha'Allah but
we have
the cure
to every disease in the world
and and
we're not giving it to the people and i want to use this as a parable cause i really
want this to hit home with you
let's say what is your name brother
Abdullah masha'Allah(as God has willed) lets say me and Abdullah are best friends
we're brothers in deen are roommates
and we've been roommates for years and years and years
and lets say brother Abdullah has uh...
contracts an illness a disease
that is one of the most painful diseases than any human being can ever ever go
in his life and it is not something that's going to kill him quick lets say
this disease is going to suffer infested with Abdullah
and make him
not be able to sleep, eat nothing he he's just miserable all the time
when i come home in the evening he's rolling around on the floor in pain
and lets say i know him in this condition and
lets say one day i come across the cure for his disease
someone tells me that
if you give this to Abdullah or anyone like him
he will be instantly cured and he would never suffer again
and lets say i take that and put in my pocket
and i don't give it to Abdullah
why why don't you give it to Abdullah
number one i'm way too busy i have
two jobs going to school
you know i have a long commute back and forth
you know i got to drive up and down the 405 everyday
i don't have time to give Abdullah his medicine and if he wants the medicine he
will go get it himself
i don't have time i'm really busy
number two im not a doctor
i should not be prescribing
abdullah medicine
and i'm not knowledgeable in medicine he should if he wants help he should go
see a doctor i'm not a doctor
number 3
Abdullah is uh... forgive me but Abdullah is kind of stubborn
he doesn't really listen very well he probably you know he is kind of you know
set in his ways so you know even if i tell him this medicine is good for him and it will cure him
he probably wouldn't even take it anyway so why waste my time
do any of these excuses sound familiar
and lets say i don't give this medicine to Abdullah
and he dies
and lets say he died the most painful death that you can ever imagine
i want to ask you a kind of rhetorical question
i want to ask you a kind of rhetorical question
do you think
on the day of judgment
that um...
Allah is going to call me and Abdullah up and
ask him
about this incident between me and him
because i have oppressed him
i have oppressed him i allowed him to suffer
knowing that i can ease his suffering
im sure Allah is going to ask us about this
but you know the beauty about Islam
is that if Abdullah was a good muslim
bore this disease patiently and died he dies as as
a shaheed(martyr)
uh... insha'Allah(God willing)
and on the day of judgment this is how beautiful islam is that he could very well
come before and Allah ask us about this and brother Abdullah says you know what
Allah i forgive him
so you forgive him
this is the beauty of our religion
and Allah will
Allah will forgive me
but the disease i want to tell you about
is the disease that every single non muslim walks around with
every single day
and they don't even know it
has no real physical symptoms and that's the disease of
the disease of being jahil(ignorant)
being jahil being ignorant about Allah The most glorified, the most high
Allah gives them life
and they worship someone else Allah feeds them
and they thank someone else
He created them and fashioned them in the womb of their mother and knows them
then they know themselves
and they have no idea who He is they don't even know
who He is
if that doesn't pain your heart to see a person in this condition
then for sure the hearts have become hardened
because when i seen non-muslims especially when i sit in places like airports
i see this disease i see it on them
i see them walking around with it
and there's so many of them passing me i think to myself there is no way i could talk
to all of them
there's nothing i can do
and this disease
is something that not only is not going to show up as a physical symptoms
it is going to leave them ignorant about Allah The most glorified, the most high.
but when the day they die
they would die the most physically
painful dead that anyone can ever suffer the prophet Muhammed P.B.U.H said that when the
angel of death comes to the disbeliever
it doesn't come kindly
he yanks the soul through the nose and its as if
his flesh is torn from his bones its as if they take brother Abdullah turn him
upside down and stuff him in a human paper shredder
this is the death waiting for those
who do not know Allah The most glorified, the most high.
and you know the unfortunate thing
that while you've been sitting here listening to me
thousands of people have died
thousand people have lost their life
not knowing Allah while i'm talking to you right now
people in this city have lost their life
and there's nothing we can do about them there gone
its too late for them
we can't save them even if we want to
and that's a deplorable deplorable sad sad fact
that we can't save them
but there are many many many many
we can save
and that all that takes is us
taking the light of Islam we have
and showing it to the world
there's a statement in the bible
and i finish with this whether Jesus P.B.U.H said this or not
doesn't matter because this statement is one of the most profound
statements that has been somewhat of a a focus for me
in my mission of Dawah(Calling to Islam)
just uh... it is said that no one would bring a candle
into his home
and then place a bucket on top of it
because then no one would benefit from the light you know if someone would bring a
candle to the home they would set it on the table in the middle of the room
so that everyone can benefit from its light
and unfortunately
the muslims of this generation
we are a bunch of candles
with buckets on top of it
no one can see our light no one can see the beauty of Islam and believe me
if you don't see it
believe me take it from someone who was once standing on outside looking through
the window with that light it is one of the most beautiful things you can ever lay your
eyes on
it is a treasure to be found of treasures and
everyone else can see this and will see this
if we show it to them
if we allow Islam to be Islam
if we start becoming muslims
meaning that we
the best form of dawah that you could do to this world
is very very simple it's not complex its not going to take a
uh... ten hour workshop even though some of the details do
but if you want to know the way
the best way to be
uh... do dawah is for muslims to be muslims
thats it study our history study the history of Islam and why was the world
conquered by Islam
not through military campaigns and wars
but through muslims being
the most populated muslim country indonesia
was because of muslims being muslims a few muslims
decided to get up off their behinds and go to another country and live their life
as muslims
not shaving off their deen to be pleasing to those people but being muslims
and when the people ask them inquired what is it about you backwards arabs that
we've heard all these crazy things about
now you come out of the desert
with pristine moral character
and you have better ethics and morals than we do what is it that happened with you people and
the answer was La'illaha'illallah'MuhammaduRasoolallah
that we believe in Allah and He has sent us a man named Muhammed and
we emulate his lifestyle that's why we're like this, this is what conquered the world for
this is what conquered people's hearts
for Islam
was the truth and the beauty of it in its simplicity of its message
this is what this is what the world needs
with all of this foolishness going on in the world
this is what it needs the simplicity of Islam
whether they want to hear it or not
they know it in the bottom of their heart when you show them the truth
even if they turn away from it
they know its the right thing and they know its the truth
and on the day of judgement you can stand before Allah The most glorified, the most high.
having wash your hands saying that i did my job
and i finish just one more thing i finish with this if you don't believe
this is important
if you don't believe this one of the most important
things you can do as a muslim then
the last statement of prophet Muhammed P.B.U.H
to muslim as a whole he gave his farewell sermon and we know that is what
his farewell sermon was was a summary or synopsis of what Islam is in its
general principles
and he knew this was the last thing he was going to say to the muslim as a whole and how
did he end this sermon
those who are here
pass this on
to those that are not here
for verily it may be that the last one that hears my message may understand it
than those right here amongst us
he gave a command to those muslims
to pass it on and for those muslims to pass it on and for those muslims to
pass it on until there was no one left to hear this message
this was a command he gave the
last command he gave to this ummah as a whole
and then what happened
he pointed a finger to the heaven and said oh Allah bear witness
that i have indeed conveyed your message and upon saying this what happened
Allah revealed the verse this day i have completed perfected for you your deen
and completed my favour for you and chose for you Islam as your religion and
the last statement of prophet Muhammed P.B.U.H gave to use before this was revealed
was that we must pass this
message on he gave us that duty
he took that duty that was only reserved for Prophets
no one else no other
if you believe me go read suratul Bayyinah(The Clear Proof) about what was commanded
of the other nations
no other nation was given this opportunity and blessing
to pass on this deen(religion)
except us
because there are no more prophets coming
so that the job falls on our shoulders Qurans are not going to fall out of the sky
and hit people when there walking on the street
this job has now become ours
and just like if the prophet Muhammed P.B.U.H
had not done his mission
he would have been accountable before Allah
we if we do not do our job of spreading
this mesasge of Islam
we will stand before Allahl on the day judgment
don't be the person standing before Allah on the day judgement and your neighbour
that you've known your coworker that you known
15,10,15,20 years come find you and tell you you knew this day was
you knew this day was coming and what was going to happen to me and you did
not say anything to me
and those people will complain to Allah about us
they will complain to Allah about us
because we had the truth right amongst them
and we're not giving it to them
we need to stop hiding it in our masjids
and our homes and our hearts
and we need to give it to the people it's beautiful trust me
just hand it to them just hand it to them
i promise you they'll take it
because it's something that is so pure and pristine
and forgive me for a probably going over my time
and if we have time i want to leave some time for questions and answers
uh... i just and i will be outside to take any questions and answers
and the only last thing i want to announce that you brothers and sisters know
is um...
one of my biggest dawah projects is a dvd project that i do
and my goal is to put a dvd about islam
in the hands
of every single
person in the united states of america
uh... right now im working on florida and i have other brothers working
other places
uh... because people will watch a dvd we did
studies on this and people will watch media they had before they'll read a
book or listen to an audio cd
uh... and alhamdullillah(All praise be God) through these dvds we've gotten
i would say an average about two shahadahs a month because my personal contact info
is on the dvds and people watch them and they call me
and i conversed with them and then
usually most fo them accept Islam
uh... i just had a shahadah the day before yesterday from irvine texas
from someone who had bought the dvd
and given it to his friend he's friend had hated it
or didn't want it gave it to another person
and that person gave it to a co-worker who watched it and accepted Islam
this is one of my biggest projects
and the way this project works is i make a hundred dvds
and i brought two of them with me today an i will explain what they are
the way this project works is i make 100 DVDs
and 75 of them go out
uh... to different our arenas and the other twenty five
i make available for muslim to purchase for two reasons so that they
can be
so i can buy another hundred to make and so that you can share in this ajjar(reward)
along with me because when you
purchase a dvd that makes another dvd or you give it to a friend
then you share the ajar with me and everyone knows that
dawah is the biggest pyramid system because of the hadith of prophet Muhammed P.B.U.H
that one who calls to guidance gets the same reward as the one guided
without without reward being loss from him
so i made these dvds available to the to the muslims
so that you can put a little effort in dawah
and make another hundred Insha'Allah so i brought two today and there
um... one of them is called Islam and the bible
which is basically my what i just told you
in a powerpoint format so that you could see all these verses that i saw all
these things that i read that allowed me to see the truth of Islam very
clearly when i saw it and i coincide them with the Quran
so that you can see them
and there's another one
uh... called the other one is called the true gospel of Jesus christ
where i go through the new testament
well first part i think is a interview about me and my story to Islam and there's
some other Q&As on the other dvds about nature of God and all these
different things
but uh... it's a powerpoint presentation about the new testament
and Jesus christ and how you can prove to someone that Jesus christ taught us
from the new testament from their own book but they have to agree they either
have to believe it
or reject it and if you believe it then you have to believe what i'm saying is
true about Islam
if you reject it then this is your book not mine
so you know that i try to use these two teaching methods
they could be also be given to non muslims because there in a
powerpoint format in a very
educated format
and they're available outside for about ten dollars each
um... so if you please if you could please you know maybe take some back home because
they always hassle me about taking 200 dvds on an airplane anyway
um... so please come and get them if you have any questions
uh... my contact info is on there
and everything if you have any more questions for me on my website and everything i
thank you for your time and if anything has been a benefit know that truly all
good comes from Allah The most glorified, the most high and
if anything that i said is incorrect
uh... or or hurtful or shameful know that indeed that comes
from from my own nafs(self) and my own lack of understanding
Prayer is said

as-salaam alaikum warah matullahi wa barakatuhu (Peace, Mercy and blessings of Allah(God) be upon you