Pantanal, Mato Grosso, Brazil - Caldo de Piranha à Moda Pantaneira

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This is the traditional Piranha of Mato Grosso's Pantanal Rivers.
It is a symbol.
But became as well part of the Matogrosense's culinary.
In the Gastronomy subject,
the show will present the way to prepare
the famous Piranha's Broth.
First and second steps:
clean, prepare and subsequently put the condiments.
Salt, lime and parsley.
- Next step is let the Piranha marinate with the sauce.
The cassava will make the broth and is boiling whilst.
Now, I will put the fish inside the pot to let it boil and soften,
to afterwards take it off and shred it.
- The cassava was part of your own creativity?
- Yes.
- And what's next Chico?
- Now it cooks for almost 20 minutes.
Afterwards we can take it off and shred.
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- What happens now, Chico?
- Now, we remove and shred,
to them put with the broth of cassava.
The process now is to remove the skin and the red meat,
to use only the white meat.
Then we take it and crumble the Piranha.
Afterwards it goes to the pot.
After 15 minutes, it is ready.
Now, the cassava broth.
- And it works toů
- ůthicken the broth.
Look the difference.
Five more minutes and it is ready.
- Now, the last step is to put the chives and corianders.
- The Piranha's Broth is ready.
Usually is served in a clay mug, just like this one.
So I will make a toast with Master Chico.
Nicely done, congratulations Chico, once again!