Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on South America Cruises with Holland America Line

Uploaded by HollandAmericaFan on 13.02.2009

[ ♪♪♪ ]
Your first view of the city takes your breath away.
Deep blue water surrounded by green hills
and miles of white sand beaches.
Towering Sugarloaf guards the harbor,
and an iconic Christ the Redeemer stands 2,000 feet above it all.
Rio, full of passion and excitement,
a South American jewel whose stunning setting and sheer beauty
make it a city that will steal your heart and fill your soul with wonder.
Holland America Line understands the enticement of this spellbinding city.
That's why we make sure most of our South American cruises
include an overnight stay in Rio.
Samba, Ipanema, Copacabana, Carnival:
the words hint at the magic that awaits.
Come, listen to the music of the city.
Feel the heat of the sun.
Relax and explore your senses.
Discover for yourself why Rio de Janeiro
is called Cidade Maravilhosa, "marvelous city."