Long Island Pumpkin farm - visit the fall farm festival pumpkin farm

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\f0\fs28 \cf2 \cb1 You'll never believe where i was today.....\
I was at the best Long Island pumpkin farm I have ever seen. There were thousands of
pumpkins there....maybe even a million....\ I have never seen so many pumpkins in any
pumpkin farm in Long Island.\ I tried counting the pumpkins, but it was
just too hard, there were just so many. I finally found the right one...not too big
and not too small just the right size for little ol' me.\
Everywhere I turned, there was something exciting to do.... there was so much going on at the
fall farm festival..funny shows with dancing pigs, real pirates, dancing, singing, jumping....it
was a dream come true\ I ate my most favorite food...corn on the
cob, painted a pumpkin, got my face painted and enjoyed all of those sweet animals. They
ate right from my hand.\ I had the best day at white post farm, the
best pumpkin farm in long Island\ \pard\pardeftab720
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