Dog Crafts

Uploaded by MichaelsStores on 21.01.2013

(♪ Music ♪)
For some folks, it's love at first sight.
I found him online
and I immediately fell in love with him.
He kinda claimed me.
- It sounds cliché,
but she's probably like the most important thing in my life.
- He's my best friend...
I mean, like a dog should be.
We're spending this Valentine's Day at the dog park
to show our furry friends some love.
♪ ♪
How cute does this little guy look
in this camouflage collar that we made?
Check out some of our other canine craft projects:
If you haven't found the furry love of your life,
visit a local shelter or rescue group
this Valentine's Day.
For these project instructions, visit
and post pictures of your furry love
on Michaels' Facebook page.