Farsi 3-4 Final Project

Uploaded by Eastwyrm on 13.07.2012

In the name of God, good evening.
Today President Ahmadinejad announced
that the government will make efforts
to improve Iranians' diet.
In order to protect the health
of the people of Iran, the government
has lowered the price of pomegranates,
apples, bananas and other fruits.
Should we call the president
We must celebrate.
The Iranian government has just
made an alliance with North Korea.
They will share nuclear technology
with us, and we will give them
a year's supply of caviar.
[And now these messages]
Refresh and rejuvenate your hair
Our advanced herbal formula...
Fortified with minerals.
Enlivened with rosewater.
60 Deserts Shampoo...
...for all types of beautiful hair.
A vigorous afternoon at the House of Strength
is very intense, but now
you can groom your beard with ease
after your virtuous workout.
This is the Saffron Meteor Beard Trimmer.
Powered by atomic battery,
this implement is very reliable.
Here's the home and fashion expert,
Parviz Bijani.
From the Qom Fashion Institute,
Here are the newest and
most fashionable women's outfits
that are also acceptable.
Chador - Night Sky
and Sea Black.
To order, call 1-800-555-6593
When you cook with garlic
is there bleeding?
Palestinian inventors have a remedy.
The garlic machine...
...in stores soon.
And our expert says it's quite an innovation.
Thank you, Parviz.
Do you want to become rich?
Yesterday, a Mashhad man
discovered oil in his yard.
Regarding this fortunate event
he said the following...
I found it in my pool
and [my family] became very excited.
Maybe we'll go to California and...
The government will acquire the house
for the glory of the nation of Iran,
but the man will receive compensation.
This is the end of the evening's broadcast.
Until tomorrow.