Standing Outside Doors 01

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No, just a bit german
We would like to rent a couple of rooms for tonight. Is it possible?
Yes of course...
tw...ehm... three rooms?
Three rooms?
Well, Alicia and I will sleep in the same room, don't we!?
Please Madame, we don't need more than two rooms actually
Three rooms it's better!
Your passports please!
- Rosella...
Will you please take care of the customers?
- Good-bye
You two come with me... but you can wait here
What did she say?
Well, nothing. She just wants him to wait there
Your rooms... here's your keys
This is your room
It's our best room
Do you like it?
Yes, it's beautiful!
Oh, hello!
Me and my mother would like to invite you and your friends ... family? ... for dinner
Would you like to come?
Yes, I would like to ... but I have to ask the others first
- Oh, sure... Come...
Oh, she was on a hurry!
I hope I didn't interupt anything!
Anyway we're going out shopping ... so it would be better if you put some clothes on!
- I don't want to go out right now. I need a rest
I saw your friends going out ...
I'm just wondering... would you like to have a cup of coffee together with me and my mother?
- Yes please!
I'll be there in a minute!
Do you want some "fika"?
Yes, please! But I go to leave the bags in my room first
Alicia, do you know that "fika" means "cunt" in italian?
It's so funny!
Every day lots of customers come here... to try our "fika"...
What taste do they prefer? Espresso, american or with milk?
Don't you think it's better to try a different "fika" everyday!?
My "fika" is the best one in Domodossola
Come in!
A golden tie!?
Yes, I think it's a golden opportunity wearing it together with your golden shoes
Well, you are wearing them, aren't you.?
Why should I? Nobody can see them hidden under a table. Don't be stupid!