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It's only natural our prime ministers visit Yasukuni Shrine.
I mean, they should; it's their duty.
The heroes who fought and died for their nation are enshrined there.
It wouldn't be right if Japan's leaders didn't pray for them.
U.S. presidents visit Arlington and nobody complains about it, do they?
Did you say Japan caused other Asian nations to suffer during World War II?
Don't be ridiculous.
Japan's battles motivated the...
European colonies in Asia to have courage and fight for their independence.
Japan had its own sense of justice it served.
To begin with, how could you call what the U.S. does a fight for justice?
When they fought Japan...
their military bombed Tokyo and Osaka and killed 900,000 civilians...
then dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to kill 300,000 more.
That's a total of 1,200,000 non-military citizens.
It's an outrageous act of massacre.
They more than just ignored the international law.
I guess they thought it was okay to kill as many yellow monkeys as they wanted.
Their war against Iraq makes no sense either.
They say they can't let terrorists get a hold of the weapons of mass destruction...
so they will demolish the Hussain administration.
That's not a legitimate reason to wage a war against an autonomous nation.
Why should Japan send its self-defense army to serve in such a ridiculous war?
It's not because we wish to contribute to an international cause.
We're being an apple polisher for the U.S., supporting the war just to please them.
Japan wants the U.S. to protect her in case of emergency.
So, we're obligated to send our forces to a war that has nothing to do with us.
Well, listen, I'm not trying to make things sound complicated.
It's really quite simple: Japan should have an army.
Both North Korea and China have their missiles aimed at Japan, don't they?
Japan should arm itself with enough military power against them.
We should defend our own nation.
See how simple it is?
It isn't going to do Japan any good to be a servant to a war monger like the U.S.
It's not that I want to talk bad about the U.S.
I hate the wars the U.S. starts, but I like a lot of things about their culture:
Hollywood movies...
George A. Romero, a genius.
What's that?
Martians vs. Cyborgs
What's what?
Wow. It's a UFO.
Far out!
Hey, what's that?
Oh, it's a UFO.
Hey, look! - Guys, look, it's incredible!
A UFO over Fujiyama. Japan's mystery.
It can't be.
Hey, Kenzaki...
What did you want me to come out here for?
I hope boss knows what you're doing.
Oh, a UFO.
What? Where?
Falling for a stupid trick.
There's a UFO for real.
She's already booked for the 5th.
Excuse me, let me fix something.
Sorry, I'm on location in the primitive forest now...
and the reception's bad.
Hello? Hello?
What? What's that?
You're kiddin'. For real?
Hey, Akemi, come take a look.
There you go again, trying to change the subject.
What's goin' on?
Captain, could it be an airplane crash?
An airplane?
It's a UFO, a flying saucer, an alien spaceship.
We all saw it, didn't we?
Minato, contact headquarters.
There have been UFO sightings all over the world.
Captain, let's go to the crash location.
We'll have first contact.
This is the Kibara platoon engaged in exercise. Headquarters, come in.
We must take care of the corpse first.
This is the Kibara platoon engaged in exercise.
This is the Kibara platoon engaged in exercise.
Headquarters, come in.
What's wrong?
Headquarters isn't responding.
What's going on?
I'm not sure.
I don't like it here.
I might dig up someone we've killed before.
Stop complaining and get on with it.
Nothing like shooting up after a murder.
Delicious air, a nice view...
Nothing like it.
A hung corpse is a minor scare.
There's a much more horrible story about this primitive forest.
Like what?
When World War II was about to end...
a young general refused to surrender...
to the enemy and committed harakiri in a cave in this forest.
They say his ghost still wanders.
People still see it.
At one point the military collected the body of the General Kidota.
But some cult group stole it...
place it back in the same cave and worshipped it as some kind of deity.
Please stop it.
Hayakawa, that's enough.
All your talk about UFO's and ghosts.
But Captain, you saw the UFO too.
Then, why can't ghosts exist too?
It's only an unidentified airplane.
Ghosts exist. I've seen them repeatedly.
Then, will this hung corpse become a ghost too?
This is the Kibara platoon engaged in exercise.
Headquarters, come in. Headquarters, come in.
It's too late!
His artery's been cut!
He's dead.
Am I doing too much heroin?
It's crazy. I must be hallucinating.
Harada returned to life.
Stop kidding.
Brother, you're not hallucinating!
I can see him too.
Shut up already!
Did you steal my heroin?
It hurts.
How dare you, you bastard!
A yakuza with a finger cut off isn't cool these days!
Damn it, Hiroshi, where are you going?
I'm not finished with you about stealing my heroin.
What family are you hoodlums with?
Were you ordered to assault me, Kenzaki of the Shichu Group?
I've had enough already.
I'm afraid of falling down and being bitten by weird bugs.
I like that face.
Like a fairy flying in the primitive forest.
It's great.
Now, let's take the jacket off, shall we?
Hey, hurry up.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me, let me fix her hair.
That spray stinks!
I'm sorry.
Mr. Nishiyama, I don't like her.
Fire her.
Hitomi, please be reasonable.
Hey, stop it already!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
You look pretty when you're angry too.
Okay, Hitomi, stay there and slowly turn toward the camera.
What? Who's that?
Oh, excuse me...
We're having a photo shoot. Can you please step aside?
Ms Hitomi...
Something's wrong with those people.
I said, you're in the way.
We've got to run.
I know, but my legs are paralyzed!
So, you quit being a salary man and now run a resort inn with your wife.
What a happy picture.
But I'm left alone.
I can't imagine living without you, Mr. Yamada.
I love you.
I really love you.
Oh no, what are you doing?
Don't be unreasonable.
You see, I borrowed money from...
my wife's parents to put down payment for this building.
So, things aren't that simple, you know.
So what?
I went to the hospital.
I'm four months.
You mean, it's mine?
It must be a girl.
I think I'll name her Tamami.
If you don't leave your wife and marry me...
I'm gonna sue your ass!
You can't.
I'll tell them you exploited your position as my superior...
and forced me to sleep with you.
I'll squeeze money out of you for psychological damage and child support...
and ruin your life.
That sounded awful.
Akemi, are you all right? Akemi?
Hey, Akemi, hang in there!
She's dead.
Don't come near me, monster!
I'm not a monster. And you?
You're human too, aren't you?
Are you all right?
Help me!
Monsters... monsters are after me!
If you help me, I'll do anything you want.
Do whatever you want with me. I'll be your lover.
Hey, calm down.
They say the corpse of General Kidota never rotted.
He must have died with such a strong grudge.
If he died in a wind cave his corpse might have turned into wax.
Sometimes body fat can turn into fatty acids like soap, and never rots.
It's his grudge. Science can't explain everything.
A corpse that never rots...
The corpse we saw seemed like it returned to life too.
A living corpse...
Yuri, what's wrong?
I have a little headache.
I'd better hurry before my wife returns.
I gotta hide her somewhere.
Don't look at me like that!
I have no choice, do I?
It isn't easy for a couple to break up.
Please stop it, Akemi. You're scaring me.
I lost my keys.
Akemi, are you still alive?
I'm sorry, Akemi!
I was gonna take you to the hospital!
It's true!
I wasn't thinking of discarding your body!
You're scaring me again! No violence, please!
I'm sorry, Akemi!
Sorry, Akemi!
I'm sorry, Akemi! So sorry!
What have I done to deserve this?
I fooled around with such a terrible woman.
Hey, I think you're lost.
We should be near a highway.
I'm tired. Piggyback me.
You can't be serious.
But I'm wearing heels.
I can't walk any more.
You said you'd help me.
All right. Here.
What a wimp.
Hey, help!
The procedure with lost civilians?
Are you all right?
Everything sucks.
Monsters attacking me, we're lost...
and he's useless.
Are you talking about me?
Could you possibly be...
You're Hitomi!
Do you know me?
Yes, I have your CD.
I'm your fan.
I'm flattered!
You're gonna protect me, aren't you?
Of course, it's my job.
I still would if it weren't.
Did you say monsters just now?
Who are you?
Why the hell is there a woman in the self-defense army?
Female officers aren't anything new.
But I'd like to hear about the monsters.
They're people-eating monsters.
Everyone got killed.
I saw them too.
The dead come back to life and attack people.
I can't believe it.
They're zombies, Captain.
That crashed UFO is causing a zombie phenomenon.
How non-scientific.
You all saw one minutes ago.
That hung corpse too, it must have turned into a zombie.
We must contact headquarters first.
There's a civilian inn down this way.
We'll use their phone.
I can't walk.
You don't look like you're hurt.
What, you got a problem with that?
Not really.
Then, please get on my back.
Let's go.
Mr. Hayakawa, you're so kind.
You're strong too, like a man I can depend on.
That tickles.
So, that's what he's really like.
A Sci-Fi and horror fanboy...
and a pop star fanboy on top of that.
- Hey, Mr. Hayakawa. - Yes.
Are you friendly with that woman?
You mean Yuri Aso?
Not at all. I just met her during this exercise.
I really only know her name.
She seems mean.
I agree.
She seems kind of cold.
She could...
learn something from you.
Are you coming on to me?
Yes. Oh no, I'm not.
Damn it, she's making a fool out of me.
What do you think?
About the zombie phenomenon?
I think it's ridiculous.
But you believe in ghosts, don't you?
No way.
Believing in them and being scared of them are two different things.
Sure, it's far from being scientific to think the dead can come back to life.
Well, that's not necessarily so.
There are scientific possibilities that the dead may revive.
By turning it into a cyborg, for instance.
That sounds just like Hayakawa's sci-fi talk.
Like "Martians vs. Cyborgs".
Are you all right?
Is your headache bad?
No, it's nothing.
Quick, before my wife returns, I must discard her somewhere.
The self-defense army?
Why are they having an exercise here?
Are they coming this way? That's a problem.
I think I saw someone.
I wonder if they'd let me take a bath.
I don't feel good with the blood on me.
Let's go and see.
It's sticky.
Yes, I'm coming.
We're a platoon engaged in exercise.
Our radio broke.
Would you mind letting use your phone?
You must be inconvenienced. Please go ahead.
I wanna take a bath.
Oh, a bath? Sure.
Oh, you're covered with lots of blood. Are you hurt?
But it's not my blood.
Your face is stained with blood too.
This is... uh, you see...
I was cutting up a female pig for dinner.
Cutting up a pig?
It's our specialty at this inn.
A roasted whole female pig, freely flavored, office-lady style.
With a baby inside!
Oh, the phone's over there and the bath's over there.
You can borrow my wife's clothes. Please come in.
Something's strange.
He's acting nervous or something.
The phone call first.
What's the matter, Yuri?
We are experiencing an overload. Please hang up and try again later.
What's going on?
What kind of a joke is this?
A roasted whole female pig with a baby inside.
Did you see that?
It looked like something jumped out.
Hey, what are you all doing? It's off limits here.
As they say: "At age seven, boys may no longer enter the kitchen!"
I'm suffocating!
Captain, permission to fire?
Let's go.
Is that human?
You mean, the baby?
What is it?
I don't think it is.
All right, everyone, get your guns ready.
Permission to shoot.
Where's it gone?
Over there.
Is it crying?
Shall we follow it?
I hope it didn't go to the bathroom.
Hey, wait!
All right, rescue the civilians.
Cover this area. We'll go back out there.
Hitomi, this way, this way!
Are you all right?
Sakomizu, he's human, isn't he?
He's no longer human.
Close all doors!
Sakomizu, close all the doors. Lock them all up.
I killed the monster baby, Captain.
We've got new ones.
Brother Kenzaki!
Mr. Nishiyama...
Get inside.
Close all the windows and lock them up.
Mr. Hayakawa, wait up!
Yuri... Yuri!
Aso, are you all right?
It looks like the baby bit him.
Oh, you're awake.
The phone still isn't working.
No TV reception either.
Something wrong?
This might be happening not just around here.
What on earth is happening?
They say, "When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth."
But I don't think anyone can really explain it.
Did the UFO crash cause this?
Where's Hayakawa?
He's preparing a meal for us.
Captain wants to depart once we eat.
In all of this?
Looks like there's a car.
The inn owner had the keys.
Mr. Hayakawa, you're a good cook.
My family runs a restaurant back home.
You talk about yourself as if you're a third person.
Oh, is that strange?
No, it's sooooo cute!
Ow, it's hot.
Hey, you will protect me, won't you?
If you do...
I'll do anything for you.
Well, then...
I'd like your autograph on my cd.
Is that all you want?
Then, will you autograph my body too?
Your body?
You've got a fine pen right here, don't you?
Come on!
Stop it, bastard! - Hold it! Hold it!
I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!
Calm down.
What's wrong with you? So stupid!
Wait a minute now. Calm down.
Please calm down.
Damn you, you said you'd be my woman!
Don't be so rash, okay?
Exhale, inhale... Exhale, inhale...
'Cause you're so wimpy!
Please don't say anything like that!
I like Mr. Hayakawa much better.
Calm down.
Making a fool out of me!
I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!
Calm down, okay? Calm down. Give me your gun.
I'm gonna kill you all!
Hayakawa, you're going too far.
He's got a high fever.
Hayakawa, give me a hand.
Let's carry him to the couch over there.
You've got something to say? Say it.
I have nothing to say.
Then, why do you look at me in a condescending way?
Remember this:
I hate women like you!
What happened to him?
I don't know.
He may have been infected by something.
Gee, you've become ugly.
You can't even walk outside.
Why don't you die?
Guess you're already dead.
Hold him down!
Come and help us.
No. Why should I?
I hope Mr. Hayakawa will come back soon.
Mr. Hayakawa!
Oh, Hitomi.
I missed you.
I'm sorry.
Here you are.
Oh. Captain.
Thank you for your autograph.
We're low on ammunition.
But pick something other than the hand guns that you can use.
You can wield any weapon well.
What's wrong?
What do you know about me?
Who are you?
Who am I?
Yuri, is something wrong?
I can't remember anything.
I just realized a moment ago that I don't remember anything prior to this exercise.
Sometimes I get flashbacks of me being operated upon.
I think you were there.
You're imagining things.
You banged your head and you're a little confused, I think.
Hey, man-eating zombies!
Over here! Over here! Over here!
What's the matter?
Over here! Come here!
Come on, gather around!
Hey, over here, all of you!
Come around!
Hey, don't I look delicious?
Hey, right here. Gather around now.
I look delicious, don't I? Good, they're all coming here.
Hey, over here, look. Come here.
Hey, come closer, gather around.
Hey, gather around.
Good. You in the back too.
That's it. I taste good.
It's prime meat.
Hey, hey, come closer.
That's it. Good.
Come closer, come closer now.
Check your weapons.
You know how to drive, right?
There. Ta-da! Hayakawa-san, look, don't I look cool?
You look cool.
That's dangerous.
That's dangerous. That's really dangerous.
Please give that to me.
First, we must move the infirmed. Please help me.
I don't wanna. Let's leave that fool alone.
But we can't do that.
Please. Why don't we sit and talk right here instead?
Any kind of topic.
Tell me a story you know.
All right! All right!
All right.
A story...
A story...
Have you ever heard about the ghost of a young general...
of the old lmperial Army that wanders in the primitive forest?
In our country, tens of thousands of ghosts of brave warriors...
who gave their lives to serve the nation...
yet couldn't die in action to become heroes.
You see, the corpse of Second Lt. Kidota never rotted.
That's a boring story.
Don't you have another story?
Well, it becomes interesting from this point on. Please listen.
Some cult group stole his corpse.
They deified it and placed it in a cave in the primitive forest.
Hitomi, run quickly.
Thanks. Hurry, get the car.
You've gotta hold on!
Something stinks.
Help me.
If you help me, I'll let you do me.
You both like me, don't you?
I'll do you too, all right?
Where are the keys?
I'm sorry I kept something from you.
I work for a research institute that operates directly under Ministry of Defense.
Yuri, you aren't human.
You're the first model of our cyber officers created to fight in real war situations.
Don't joke around at a time like this!
Wait right here.
Yuri, listen.
You died in an accident during an exercise.
We brought you back to life by transforming your body.
This exercise was meant to be your first test run.
Turn on the switch in your molar.
That'll put you in a full battling mode...
turning you into the strongest patriotic fighter ever.
If the test goes well...
we'll mass manufacture them and declare a war on the U.S.
We'll have a return match for World War II.
We won't lose this time around.
Fight, our Cyber Officer Yuri!
Help me.
My legs hurt.
Do something about it!
It doesn't hurt any more, does it?
Turn on the switch in your molar.
Faster Speed Mode: On
Enemy Remaining: Zero
Enemy Approaching
Telescopic Vision: On
We shall keep firing at our enemy nations.
The 100 million citizens of Japan shall become one as a ball of fire.
A blossom that opens should be ready to one day fall.
We shall not want until we win.
No Sundays or Saturdays for us.
We shall serve as a tool for the lmperial reign.
This battle shall determine the victory of the nation.
How could the Emperor, the gods' descendant, have turned human?
War Dead... Enemy Soldier...
I am the alien that arrived in the UFO.
Let's be friends, earthlings.
I am...
a little octopus.
Cyber Officer Yuri Aso defeated the ghost of General Kidota.
But she was far from being elated over the victory.
We shouldn't have fought one another.
We should have loved one another instead.
What sad existence humans are.
but Yuri's not even human.
She's a mere robot, a weapon developed for militaristic reasons.
Who would listen to a machine talk about love?
Just then, the sun began to rise in the direction where she was walking.
That's right.
She can't afford to stall here.
Japan's peace was on her shoulders.
With renewed fight and hope, and patriotism burning in her heart...
she kept walking one step at a time, toward Japan's bright future.
As I told you...
I hate people like you!
It's al-al-all right.
I-I-I ha-ha-hate you, too.
Miyuu Watase
Yasunari Kozu
Kenji Arai
Directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu