digiPlaySpace Trailer | 2013

Uploaded by tiff on 27.12.2012

You walk in and all of a sudden, there's this great space
and you can see immediately, kids are drawn to different activities.
The digiPlaySpace is a unique experience.
There's nothing else like it. We're bringing together interactive
activities and installations from around the world.
I think I would describe it as a place where there's like really high tech
gadgets that you can interact with.
The kids come in and they're immediately engaged in it. They want
to like touch it. They want to put things together.
This is about where art meets science. It's about them making and creating
and feeling empowered to go and make their own stuff.
There's a ton of amazing stuff the kids are just going to go crazy for.
It's stuff that's so appealing to kids and it won't be what you expect.
digiPlaySpace was so fun!