Ghost Stories from Japan #103: The Thing Following You (with English Captions)

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Ghost Stories: Collection of New Tales
Mary Matsuyama
"The Thing Following You"
Tamaki Kasamatsu
Hello, mom.
Sorry. I had to leave in such a hurry and I couldn't fix anything for you.
Oh? That's fine.
Never mind that. Is Aunt Nobuko alright?
She says she started speaking inarticulately and was lucky to call a cab right away and go to the hospital herself.
Is that so?
I'm alright. You don't have to worry about me.
Please, just make sure the stove is off and lock the doors, ok?
Is something wrong?
Is that a duck?
What? A duck?
What do you mean a duck?
Hello, mom?
I can't come to the phone right now. After the tone, please...
Mom, help me! Mom!
I want... I want...
I want her legs.
I want her hands.
I want...
What are you doing?
The call cut off suddenly. You scared me.
More... more...
We want more...