Jai Chiranjeeva

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Hello, l'm coming to Hyderabad with the goods.
Greetings sir.
Greetings sir. - Please come.
Why so many people are here?
ls there so demand forthe gun?
l'm just creating market for it sir.
So that they will fire shots against each other.
lnfact guns are more popular with students than drugs.
Who is he?
Greetings sir.
Ranjan Mudugalle from Sri Lanka.
.35 magnum from Colombia.
What's so special about it?
You can carry it as easily as a condom.
lt's a common feature.
There's a speciality to this.
Hitting a moving target is difficult.
But this gun will do it easily.
Didn't get me?
Do you see the child there?
Let's assume she is the target.
Now, let's lock it.
lt's like a video game.
Don't you believe me?
Very little noise, isn't it?
You can use it in a library too.
Don't reduce the price.
We had to pay a lot of bribes to get it out of America.
Sir...that little girl.
Why are you upset for such a trivial thing, Ramakoti?
Why was she present there?
Couldn't a puppy be there?
You call it as fate. You can never avoid it.
Will she die if we fire a shot?
No she'll not.
l've been reading 'Bhagavat Gita' recently,
it's keeping me peaceful.
lf l'm not wrong there's a line forthis situation...
Weapons will not kill the soul.
His sins will kill it.
lt means we can't cut the soul with a knife.
Drown it in water.
Fire a shot with revolver.
lt means the girl is not dead.
lt left the body, that's all!
Look there carefully. The soul is still swinging.
Bye sir.
Clearthe body.
Body will not be fresh like a soul. lt will stink.
l'll take care of it sir.
After 10 months...
l got the queen.
Where man? She's sitting there only.
So, the king will go to the queen.
King without army is useless.
So, let's all go together.
Come on boys!
This chunni is mine.
Her cheeks are amazing!
l told my brother-in-law that l'll go in a lorry,
he didn't listen and said,
train will have berths, you can sleep and travel.
But people are not allowing to sleep.
Brother, someone is bashing up all our boys.
Our boys? -Yes.
Manage 5 minutes, l'm coming. - Okay.
Brother, the situation is going out of our control.
Manage 2 minutes, l'm coming. - Okay brother.
Are they yourfriends?
No, l know them.
What about them now?
l'll carry them. - Do it.
Did you warm up? -Yes.
To beat me? - No.
ljust did as l couldn't sleep.
Get them all admitted to the railway hospital in the coming station.
Okay brother.
Give the fan to TC. lt's government property. - Okay.
Forget about this, l'll take care of everything.
Good. You please sit down.
Who said here about coming?
lt's me brother.
To beat me? - No, to carry them.
Them? Do it.
Hey...- l'm dead.
Respecting women is ourtradition.
Do you feel it is very old fashioned?
Good things are always old.
Never dare to change them, just follow it sincerely.
Okay brother. - Got it? Take him away.
Do you have water?
Take it.
What are you studying?
Not in the train, but in college.
l like girls who study well.
Just touch me on reaching Secunderabad, l'll get up immediately.
l've run out of words to thank you foryourtimely help.
That's why l told you to wake me up tomorrow morning. - Okay.
Girls shouldn't be so naive, just kick up their butts.
Public will support you.
Move out man!
Don't you have a TV in your home?
l'll not spare anyone without a platform ticket without a fine of Rs. 1000.
Whatever it is, l've to buy a silk sari for my wife.
You'll get it in counters.
How many times should l give?
To whom did you give?
Didn't l give it to you?
Police? Though l'm short, l belong to a big family.
Please wait for a minute. - Do it fast. No time.
Couldn't you have come alone to receive me?
Do you need so much of security?
They are not here foryou, they are my fans.
l gave my ticket to someone else thinking him to be the TC.
What will you give now to the TC?
lf you give Rs. 1000, l'll give it to him.- Me?
You helped me with Rs. 2 lakhs to come up in life,
can't you spend Rs. 1000 to get out of this station?
ls it loan or help?
lf l repay loan, l'll get good name,
you'll get good name, if you help me.
l'm content with the fame l've got already.
l want you to earn good name now.
l'll definitely but it'll take time.
Rs 1000?
Why did you come down here all of a sudden?
To meet a doctor.
Stop...stop...get in brother.
What's your problem brother?
lt starts here and goes side ways...
...and goes behind...- Oh my god!
lt comes again to the front and then vanishes suddenly.
Very nice brother.
No, your way of telling it.
Take it.
Took an appointment also?
Pain is unbearable.
l don't look like l'm in pain, do l?
No, l do find you.
Doctor is calling you.
l'm talking to him, am l not?
Not you, me.
Okay, carry on.
There are many.
Today we must meet and leave.
Excuse me, can you get me a glass of water?
You've legs and water is there, can't you help yourself?
l've arthritis, l can't move.
Who is he? Looks like a mad, going away saying sorry too.
By any chance they are doing any surgery on my brother.
Who is he?
l don't know his name.
Where will he be?
Don't know...on phone he said Mehendi.
Are you here?
Why are your hands shivering?
Shall we go to the doctor?
Drinking water will give relief.
Put your arms around me.
Did he prescribe any medicines?
He gave me a shot of injection.
Did you give him or did he gave you?
Did you see?
Stop here.
Get down.
Do you've change for Rs. 2000? - No sir.
Wait here.
Brother, these are group of apartments,
this is Shanthi, next it Kanthi... - Next is vomit...
Who wants to know this?
Fare sir. - l'll pay man.
l'll wait, how can l go?
Vasu, come here.
He's my son, play with him till l come back.
Bye son.
Hail Lord Anjaneya!
They are calling you.- Don't look!
The girls sitting on the left, don't look at them.
Why are you showing other side when they are this side?
lf l point at them they will cut my hand.
They are not girls, but atom bombs.
The faryou are from them the better...- Me?
Not you...not you... the faryou are from them the better.
They are capable of stealing chastity which is more valuable than life.
Deadly rowdies.
So, l watch the painting there to reach home.
There's no painting there.
Just imagine an MF Husain painting is there and walk home.
Come, don't stop.
Girl, come here. - Me?
Come here.
Aren't you Rama Rao's daughter?
No, l'm Mohan Rao's daughter.
Uncle Mohan's daughter!
Don't you remember, we played together as kids?
How grown up you have become?
Go and play.
Come. -Wait, tell yourfather about my enquiry.
ls herfather so close to you? - l don't know.
Sir, betel? - No please.
Two. - Okay.
You say you don't know him, but you moved so close with her.
l liked herface so l called her....
Oh My god!
No need to discuss about it, come.
He seems to be more dangerous than those girls.
Money sir. - Put it on someone's account.
What sir? - Come...come...
No lift also. -Just few steps only.
lsn't the betel leaf very good?
Venu, it seems you didn't pay the auto fare?
He's threatening to take my son.
l wouldn't mind if it had been my wife.
Come quickly.
Don't take extra money.
Just Rs. 100, wait l'll be back in a minute.
lt's sheer madness to become a secretary of apartments' association.
Complaints about no light, no tap water,
how can it come, unless you pour it yourself?
Not water but money.
Money will get you water.
Send money with someone.
Hasn't the tailor come yet?
He is on the way.
He is here.
Come in.
l'm calling you...come in.
Should l give formal invitation?
Come in.
Asking me how much as if you don't know?
ls it first time? Rs. 2000!
Give...give...are you giving for charity?
Come in.
How long should l stand like this?
Do your work?
Dear, your breakfast is ready.
My mother.
No problem.
Do it fast, l've lot of work outside.
What? What happened?
Who are you?
How dare to hug my daughter?
How did you enter my home?
l'm asking you and why are you going away?
Who is he? - l don't know.
Who are you?
Why don't you say?
This girl opened the door and invited me inside.
He rang the calling bell. - Shut up!
l walked in and you charged me a hefty Rs. 2000.
Rs. 2000?
Yes, a stocky man took it here only.
Who is he? - Look this man only.
What a family!
What exactly happened now?
Money...did you take money from him?
Yes, l took from him.
ls it wrong? 202 resident sent maintenance fee.
What happened now?
Nothing happened, return my money.
l'll return but what happened really here?
Will you take money from any stranger also?
l said l'll return his money, tell me what happened?
What happened?
l've asked the same question many times.
Nobody answered that, will they answeryou immediately?
What happened brother?
Nothing, this girl opened the door and took me into the room,
inside bed room... hands up once....
she did like this and l hugged hertightly like this.
He hugged her like this only.
Did he hug her like this?
Mad girl, come here.
l said this lady is in the hall,
she said she's my mother, no problem.
l thought it's regularto them.
What are you saying man?
l thought it's yourfamily business.
This isn't ourfamily business, ourfamily business is rice selling.
Brother, l didn't get you, come again from the start.
Hands up once.
The girl put her hands up like this.
And l...
Now you go ahead.
Will l do it for all? No way.
Why are you still talking to him? Call police and get him arrested.
Police? Who do you think he is?
My brother, he's a big landlord back in my native village.
100 acres?!
80 acres of farm and 20 acres of coconut farm.
Lone owner.
Come to dinnertonight.
Dear, you too invite him.
Sl, l invite you to dinner in my home.
l invited him.
No, go to him.
l'm very sorry for all that happened just now.
Don't mind about heryells, she didn't know you were a landlord.
l'll not mind.
May l send you tea?
Why unnecessary work?
What a good man! - Send a coffee.
ls coffee good?
Can l ask you a thing if you don't mind?
Go ahead.
Did she really invite you inside?
Bloody...you'll lose sight if you suspect a good man like me.
A girl who didn't even look at me in a year,
how did she invite you to hug her?
That's it, girls are very difficult to understand.
How could she invite a novice like you leaving a senior like me?
No...no...the shoe is good on your leg...be it there.
Will wear out! - l'll not give you that opportunity.
l've a little doubt. - Go ahead.
Not about that girl,
did you ever had it with a girl?
What for all these arrangements?
Lord Ganesha's birthday is coming, isn't it? - Do you celebrate lavishly?
We celebrate it... hey, you are changing the topic.
Did you had it or not? Please tell me.
l'll not tell anyone.
Not that...
Sometimes l do have a peg ortwo...
...but never had it with women...
Be careful!
Do you know why l worked foryou all these days?
Foryour money.
Hey Oldies, tell me! Where are the keys?
Otherwise l'll kill you.
Lawyer, we got married 24 hrs. back.
she's not allowing me to touch also,
l'll divorce her.
Shall we apply for a divorce?
Nothing happened. - Take her away girls.
How did you fall?
What happened?
l've slipped. - Lord Ganesha should save you.
Hail Lord Ganesha!
Hail Lord Ganesha!
Hail Lord Ganesha... l'll hail you lord...
Shower victories on us, my lord...
Hi Ganesha... l'll ask you my lord...
Protect us my lord...
No happiness around the world...
lt's chaos all around the country...
Cheating is ever increasing like population...
Sins are raising to dizzy heights like Himalayas...
Riding on the little mouse...
Eating the offering offered to you devotedly...
Take us out of these gordian knots, my lord...
Lord Ganesha, son of Lord Shiva...
Lord Ganesha, you are our saviour...
Bull to yourfather...
Lion to your mother...
...are the vehicles...
Mouse to you...
Peacock to your little brother...
...are the chariots to carry you....
Diverse species...
...are living together peacefully teaching unity...
Shun the path of violence...
lt's a hurdle to prosperity...
Teach us universal brotherhood...
Bless us to change for good, my lord...
lf goons ask forforced charity....
Strangle them with yourtrunk, my lord...
Punish the corrupt politicians my lord...
Coming down to us from the sky...
Bring down the prices of commodities flying up there...
Drown the bad in us...
Knock the knuckles of ego...
Give us your wisdom...
Nothing more to ask you, my lord...
This is Mehendi area, brother.
The area looks spooky.
Why brother?
Oh My sweet darling.
What's this?
Doesn't it look like a one way to heaven?
Looks like a highway to AlDS, come.
Hit a six, play the game like a game...
What is it sister?
Get me a bottle of shampoo.
Give me Rs. 100.
lt's only Rs. 75.
Rs. 25 is my commission.
Taking a cut from your sister like me?
You are right.
No need of commission, give me Rs. 25 for my expenses.
Okay, take it.
What is your name?
We need little information.
lf you tell you'll get money to buy Champagne instead of shampoo.
What's the matter?
Sit here.
l want a gun.
Girls, l can but guns, no way.
Thank god! He doesn't know, let's go away.
Will you go away if l say l don't know?
Then what?
Give me little time to think.
Need more time?
Little more.
Your name should have been collector.
How can you get a gun immediately?
Do you really want a gun?
l want the seller.
Go straight little further and take left turn,
third house in the street.
He's more dangerous than the guns he sells. Be careful.
Hit a six! You are looking very charming, what's the matter?
Get lost boy.
Are you interested?
Take care of her.
What? What's the matter?
Are you coming? - No...no...
Come....come l say...
Stay here.
Are the goods dispatched? - No
l want Azghar. -Why?
l want Azghar. -Why?
Azghar...got me?
You know the address, don't you? Come, let's go now.
That's why l told you to stay here.
Brother is calling you.
Tell me.
What do you want?
l want a gun.
Who told you l sell guns?
Guns are not for sale here.
Go away.
Leave him.
That's it! l want one like that.
Got you...you are not a policeman.
You are a wounded tiger, you need this.
Okay...take it...
But it'll cost you.
Rs. 25000.
Not to me, but the price you get.
Who supplies you?
Why so little cash?
How many guns did you sell?
That's all?
May l suggest an idea? - Tell me.
Let's run a scheme.-What is it?
A country made pistol free with every portable TV.
Revolverfree with every purchase of projection TV.
Let's give a free AK 47 with every plasma TV,
Customer will fire trial shots on you and me.
Not good sir?
Azghar said it was excellent.
Why not? He's a useless man.
Only brawn and no brain.
Just now we were talking about you.
Long life of 100 years, what brings you here?
A man came for gun and started to fight with me.
Who is he? Police?
l don't know sir, l slipped out from there as he bashed up our boys.
Couldn't you've given your address too?
Why are you looking at me?
He'll come to your place everyday like entering a film theatre,
if he bashes you up continuously for a day,
you'll give this man's bio-data also to him.
lt'll be screen down for Ramakoti.
Why are you here again?
l kept the soldering rod here.
lt's with him, take it.
Who are you putting that chairfor?
To rest your legs.
You still respect me a lot. -Yes brother.
What is that? - Liquor.
A small?
No...make it large.
When l went to buy this bottle, young lads of 18 years,
nation is getting ruined.
By the way,
ladies too.
Soda or water?
Otherwise no kick.
Whatever said and done, drinking is really bad habit.
Never encourage it.
Right brother.
Even in our village people are drinking country liquor day and night.
lsn't there anyway to reform them?
They will not reform so easily.
Make another large for me.
Make a law to kill drunkards, that's the only remedy.
What shall we eat for dinner?
Dinner makes me remember,
we have been invited for dinner by neighbours, we are boozing forgetting about that.
So what? Are we drunkards to trip and fall?- Right.
Let's have four pegs and eat two mouthful in their home,
Come back after saying good night to them.
They will not find it, will they?
Shut up, silly boy.
lf l drink even my mother can't find it.
How did you manage it?
l never went home that night.
Excuse me.-What?
ls this yourflat?
You came earlier once.
l saw from behind, seeing the front forthe first time.
lt's you.
Why are you walking like that?
We must be very careful in situations like this.
Come in.- Greetings. - Greetings.
We are waiting foryou only.
Why is yourface swollen?Cold?
Sit down.
She puts questions and answers them herself, a goddess!
lsn't aunty's night dress little flashy?
This colour is very good. - My daughter selected it.
Have you come? - Greetings.
To you.- To you.
Greetings...please take your seat.
l found design very good, so l fell down to see it.
My daughter made them.
Did you see today's newspaper?
A murder was committed in Nampalli.
Did your daughter committed it?
She got a prize for her drawing.
l almost died seeing your daughter.
What happened?
Brother, you saw everything but missed to see the flooring.
My daughter only...
She cleaned it, didn't she?
Get up now dear. - l've been trying.
This shows Parameshwara Rao's daughter is...
Very arrogant?
Likes cleanliness.
Please serve food.
l've already served.
He's asking for another helping. - Okay.
Don't eat like a gargantuan, eat little by little.- Okay.
What did your daughter do aunty?
She did her BA.
We stopped her afterfinding she was roaming like boys.
Good thing you did, your daughter is really like a knife.
l mean knife is very sharp, she's so intelligent l meant.
You said it right.
When she was studying lnter,
a boy next doortoo said she was like a knife.
What might have been his intention?
Shall l serve curd? - l'll lose it.
Lose it?
l mean it will lose the taste.
We never invite every Tom, Dick and Harry to dinner?
Not every one will be rich like you, right?
You are a good man so...
City boys are terrible now a days. Cigarettes aftertenth class.
lf they fail, they take to bottle.
Just a while ago we were also discussing the same thing, right buddy?
You have come drunk, right?
We managed everything perfectly, right?
How did you find it?
lf you eat with right hand and wash left hand, can't l find it?
He's no ordinary man.
He patted my back on arrival and hugged you.
We mustn't spare him, we must show him our power.
Hail Lord Anjaneya!
Don't know what's in store for me?
Come...- Come sir.
What is it sister?
Why are you wearing new shirt?
Today is my birthday sister.
l swear on my mother.
Happy birthday to you brother Venu.
Come to 10 Downing Street today evening.
Why sister?
We'll celebrate your birthday.
You'll celebrate... what will l do then?
Foot the bill.
l don't have money sister.
Take loan or steal, arrange a party today evening.
Bring him also with you, or else he'll cry on us.
Okay sister.
See how l'll play with him in the pub.
He must go back with his tail between the legs.
Nobody can stop us, come. - Stop.
l'm throwing a party inside.
l'll send the bill outside.
You please get in.
Please come this side.
Why did he stop only us?
This get up doesn't match with this set up.
What shall we do then?
Give me 10 minutes & Rs. 10000 leave rest on me.
Go in.
That's it.
Good? -Any one will give a present ortreat for birthday?
But a friend of mine here is going to dance and entertain you.
That's my native place.
Go...go... - Me? Go...go...
Hey girl...
How beautiful you may be...
Hide some of it...
Sari is graceful...
Half sari is exquisite...
Clothes get shorter...
Yourtruth will be out in broad daylight...
Your body is ravishing...
Don't throw away the customs...
lt's a matter of importance...
Don't run amok in darkness...
lt's all we...
Commotion...We are in everything...
You are girls... You are rare and precious...
Never become a bad precedent...
Tattoos on the shoulders... Late night parties...
Throwing away all the traditions to wind...
Nothing for parents otherthan tears...
Our hopes...
Our aims...
Are sky high...
You may scale any height but you've to be on the earth only...
lf we don't run along with the changing times...
There's no thrill to teenage...
Chatting on the Net...
Waiting in the park...
Change your ways...
Come up with something really good...
Not that way. This way brother. -You're right.
We must be very careful in every step we put.
You said that.
Get up.
Fit for nothing. Can't you collect Rs. 10 from morning?
l won't get a peg of liquor with your Rs. 3.
Stop beating her.
Why are you beating a small girl?
Will you keep quiet if l beat you? That's why l'm beating her.
Keep quiet. Don't beat her.
Get lost.
Don't cry.
l asked you to beg, but you're hiring goons to beat me.
l'll kill you.
What happened?
He is beating a small girl.
l'll crush you, you....- No.
How dare he beats a small girl? l'll kill you.
Don't cry. He won't beat you anymore.
Come & sit here.
Oh my dear! What's your name? - Saraswathi.
Saraswathi...? -Which class are you studying?
l don't study.
Really...? lt's alright if others don't study.
But Saraswathi must study.
From tomorrow, don't go to work and start studying.
Because you are innocent children & not workers.
Study well & become a great leader of this country.
Never compromise in that matter.
Take this money.
Eat bread, drink milk & sleep.
And with this, eat ldli and drink milk tomorrow morning.
What will you do day aftertomorrow?
Take all the money.
Eat well & study well. Don't work.
Put the money in this wallet. Or else he'll take it from you.
My cute little doll.
lf he tries to beat you,
hit him on his head with this stick.
He'll die.
Go & have no fear.
lf anyone beats small children, l'll lose my temper.
Can anyone fire a shot at a 6 year old child?
But they shot her dead.
lf l get them, l'll kill them all.
l'll chop them into pieces.- Brother...
l'll kill them.
l'll burn their bodies.
How dare they kill my little angel?
l'll kill them.
l won't spare them. l'll kill them.
How dare they kill my little angel?
l'll kill them.
l'll kill them.
Venu, who is that little angel? Who does he want to kill?
What happened to him?
Any love failure?
Some thing like that.
What's her name?- Lavanya.
ls she beautiful?-Very beautiful.
Her qualification?- 2nd class.
2nd class...?
l'll kill them.
My little angel.
Uncle, fast.
Here they come.
Get down.
Daddy...- l'm coming.
Why have your mom and my mom come here?
What did you do?
She bunked the school and playing in the fields.
Did she bunk the school?
Don't talk rubbish.
Today would have been a holiday.
Yes uncle. Today is a holiday. l swear.
Why is it a holiday today?
School keys might be lost.
No uncle. My teacher died.
Oh my god!
l saw him yesterday. He was fit & fine
Even today l'm fit & fine.
So, you are still not dead. -Yes.
But l'll die if you want to.
Then, it must have been in your dreams.
Look at her.
When asked to go to school, she says you are dead.
Why did you come here?
To give you a piece of advice.
What happened?
Saying that your mother died, she left the school in the afternoon.
Madam, are you alright?
So, you killed my mothertoo?
She is crying. Don't cry.
You're just like your uncle.
Brother, stop supporting her.
We pamper hertoo much.
lf she stays here, she'll become like her uncle.
Two daggers in one, and two tigers in one cage can exist.
But they both shouldn't stay together.
Have this
For me?
What's next?- Dhal & rice.
Sathyam, have you ever seen our neighbour's grand daughter?
What happened?
She speaks English so well.
She doesn't know to speak in Telugu.
They shouldn't worry.
Beat her & she will say ''Amma'' in Telugu.
Brother, your brother-in-law's friend knows a good school in Hyderabad.
Are you going to study at this age? What are you going to do?
lt is for Lavanya & not for me.
lt's a very good school.
And medium instruction is English.
Getting a seat is very tough.
ls the school so small?
Actually, it is a very big school.
There is a play ground, library and a swimming pool too.
But my uncle won't be there.
Say something.
l'm not interested.
What are you talking?
lf she stay here, she will become foolish.
lf she goes there, she will become a donkey carrying bags of books.
lf she can't speak English, how can she survive?
When l'm here, why should she struggle to survive?
She will study here.
Afterthat, will she make cow dung balls?
l'll arrange fortutors.
How will you perform her marriage?
l'll offer my 100 acres as dowry.
lf anyone talks about this again...
l'll rip off their skin.
l'll beat you.- My dear angel.
Very stubborn! Just like his father.
Never allows anyone to say anything.
Why are you scolding my uncle?
Can't l scold my son?
Wow! My sweet angel.
When she is so good at English, why admit her in a convent school?
But that convent school is... -You say it is very good.
Then we will do one thing.
Since you are very much interested,
and brother-in-law knows the school very well,
make arrangements to build the school here.
l'll bearthe expenses.
Let's go.
What is it?
Shall we go to Hyderabad and get admitted in the school?
Why did you get this idea?
Because my mom is crying.
lf you go away, l'll cry.
l won't stay there permanently. l'll stay there for a week.
l'll see Charminar, Tank bund, Buddha's statue & other places.
Then, l'll bite some teacher's hand.
They will get fed up with me and throw me out.
lt is wrong. You shouldn't do like that.
Go to Zoo park too and then bite.
How many are going to join?- Myself.
So many people to admit one girl!
ls everyone an orphan like her?
Why quarrel with her?
This school is so good,
that the students have become engineers, doctors.
Those who didn't study properly,
became teachers like her.
She is very good in English.
She spoke in English and not our Lavanya.
Which class are you studying? - 2nd class.
Tell me what is 6 X 6 = ?
Put her in L.K.G.
She was damn good in the interview. - Damn good...?
She said 6 x 6 = 20.
From 2nd class, she is now going to L.K.G.
Did they admit her in school?
They gave us a sofa instead.
They dumped a 2nd class girl to L.K.G.
l knew it.
Bite her neck instead of biting someone else.
Shall we admit her in the hostel?
Why so hurry? Won't you let us to see the city?
Lavanya, careful.
Faster uncle.
She is bleeding.
The child died long back.
Looks like she got hit by a stone.
She was hit by a bullet.
What is it?- Money.
For what?
lt was me who took herto the swing.
Or else this wouldn't have happened.
lt is a grave mistake.
Why are you so worried? She will be alright.
She will come out in an hour with a smile.
My men shot her.
While trying to fire at a dog, she came in between.
Who gave you the permission?
This is 5 lakhs.
l'll give this to you if you want. Or else, l'll kill you,
and give this to this area's Cl.
lt's police case. l can't help you.
You can help us.
Tell them she must be operated.
Wait for an hour & tell them she died on the operation table.
Doctor, how is she? ls she alright?
Since it is a head injury... brain hemorrhage...
l mean blood clot.
We must perform a surgery immediately.
Please go ahead. Don't worry about the expenses.
We'll sell all our properties.
l beg you.- Okay.
l'll send you the papers. Sign them.
Please sign.
What is this?
lf something goes wrong during surgery, they don't want to be responsible for it.
What is it?- She'll fine. These are mere formalities.
Please sign.
lt's over. l'm coming.
Brother, doctor has come.
Doctor, can we see her?
l'm sorry. She is dead.
As days passed everyone forgot about Lavanya's sad demise.
Except my brother.
Call him for lunch...go.
How long will you spend mourning her death?
l too want to forget, but l don't know how.
Are you doing well, aunty?
Oh Sai! Come son.
Are you fine?- Fine.
The idol work is almost over.
Why haven't you started offering prayers?
lt's just 10 months since Lavanya died.
You can't do such functions before the first death anniversary.
How is she doing? - Fine.
A major operation saved her life.
What happened to her?
She had a tumour.
Greetings. -Are you fine?
Did you visit Tirupathi?
No aunty, l made a vow to take herto Anjaneya temple after surgery.
Why you have tonsured her head?
You have to remove hair for head surgeries.
But they didn't do it for Lavanya's surgery.
No way aunty, head surgery warrants removal of head hair.
Really? -Yes.
How can they do head surgery without removing hair?
No way! Some doctor would've lied to squeeze money out of you.
ls it? -Yes aunty.
Many doctors make us pay forthe surgery on already dead patients.
You trust all.
Why are you going away son?
l offered you prayers ever since l know.
But l never asked you for anything.
Now, l'm making a wish.
You helped Lord Rama by telling him about Seetha's whereabouts.
l'm going on a mission to find truth about my niece's death.
l don't want your help, but render justice.
Hail Lord Anjaneya!
Where is it paining?
How long?
Since 10 months.
Why did you leave it all these days?
Unable to decide where to start.
Please come here.
Take deep breaths.
Any pain in hands while lifting heavy things?
Clench yourfist.
Who are you?
Don't you remember me?
Take a good look.
Exactly 10 months before.
l begged you folding with these same hands.
To save my niece.
Hey Mister...you are... - Shut up!
Don't instigate me to kill you.
Tell me, how did Lavanya die?
Did she die really with a head injury oryour incompetence killed her? - No.
How did she die then? Tell me.
Somebody had shot her with a gun.
A bullet was lodged in her head.
She was dead when you brought herto me.
Why did you lie to me that day?
Otherwise a man threatened to kill me.
Kill you? -Yes.
l didn't even take the money he offered to me.
Who threatened you?
l don't know his name.
Where will he be?
He just said Mehendi on phone.
l'll kill...l'll kill him.
He's as adamant as he's innocent.
He'll not spare Lavanya's killers.
Sir, Boss from America is on phone downstairs. - Boss?
l'll come back now, hold this.
Greetings sir.
Mudugalle has sent money from Sri Lanka.
Have you got it sir?
Why there's a shortage of Rs. 2 crores?
l mean...l mean... dollar has depreciated...
l'll find out the reason and call you back.
This time there will be no let ups.
Why is she sitting on floor?
Who is she sir?
l lost my ring.
When l asked her, she lied that she doesn't know.
What was the trouble in Azghar's den recently?
That one! A small tiff...
Wrong Ramakoti,
A King Bali used to rule lndia like you,
when he was offering prayers,
a little boy came upto him and asked forthree steps of land.
King Bali agreed seeing the kid with umbrella.
But the boy took earth and heaven with just two steps,
and buried the King underground placing his third step on his head.
King Bali lost to a kid.
ls this episode also from Bhagavat Gita?
No, it's from Bhagavatham.
Bapu is good boy. He's promising you.
Find the man.
Find who lead him to Azghar.
Thank god!
Find who told him about Azghar.
Okay sir. - Go.
Hey! Come here. -What?
Who is Rasool here?
What do l get if l tell you?
lt's me!
Get him into the vehicle.
Hey leave me...leave me.
Have it.
Coffee is extraordinary.
Actually her hand is magical.
Not sweet enough.
l'm not saying because she's my daughter,
she isn't suited forthis modern times, her head is bent always.
May be sprained neck? - Modesty.
l'm surprized sometimes, have l really brought her up like this?
Has she really grown up like this under my tutelage?
Am l not lucky? -Yes, very much.
lt's very sweet.
Shall l add some decoction?
The way she listens to me and nods her head,
if you don't think l'm trumpeting about her,
she's a tongue less girl.
Tell me.
l want to talk.
You stay downstairs l'll talk to her and come.
Tell me.
No problem, you talk to her.
l wrote what l felt.
You read what you can understand and tell what you feel like.
Uncle, one minute.
Why did you do like this?
lsn't this shampoo good?
l'm not talking about this. - Then?
l turned my heart into a pen,
pouring all my dreams into it as the ink,
wrote my desires as the letters,
and turned the paper into my love,
won't you even botherto reply it?
That is...actually...
l got you...you never bothered to read it, right?
Didn't read it?
l can't read.
To tell you the truth,
...l don't know English.
Don't know English?
Yeah, l studied upto seventh class only.
Didn't you go to school afterthat?
No school in my village afterthat.
Do you really don't know English? - No.
Shailu...l don't know Hindi too.
You are tempting...
You are making me crazy...
l'll give myself...
Will you take me, my hero?
You are creating sensation...
You are throwing tantrums...
Will you make me carry you, my dear?
Will youryouth wish to be angry young man?
Will it be quite even if l tempt it?
Shall l take you as a little girl or pity you?
Will l come out open even if you make a plea?
l'm on the verge of my youth...
Can't you hear my pleas?
l'm enjoying the storm in the maiden's heart...
Tell me clearly your needs...
When a fresh stream is inviting you...
Don't say you can't swim in the flood waters of youth...
l go breathless in your romance...
Don't pull me into the hot waters of love...
Using voodoo magic on me...
Are you breaking into a jig happily?
Won't you stop youryouthful run?
Doing the vanishing act... Are you escaping from me?
Won't you take me into your warm hug of love?
Don't use your beauty on me...
l warn you to stay away from this raging fire...
l can't hold on alone for long these youthful desires...
Won't my body give in to the fury of passionate desires?
O Great Warrior! My heart stealer!
l'm giving myself as a present to you...
The ball is now in your court, my lord...
Gushing stream of water...
l've been observing you...
You are crossing the limits of decency, my dear...
Will l say no if you wish to come?
Sister, no customers? You are growing thin.
lnfact upswing.
That's why you are so excited.
What has brought you here sir?
Where is Azghar?
Atea for him! - l'm asking you.
Did you send washing soaps? - l've sent sister.
Azghar has vanished, he has shifted base fearing you.
Where he might be?
There's a big fish known as Ramakoti,
people say all the stock comes from him.
l've heard but never saw.
May be he's with him.
Where can l find him?
l don't know.
lf you want, take some more time.
l really don't know sir.
There is a man Jeeva with Ramakoti, he did this.
Don't spare him.
That will be my fees... don't spare him.
Which district do you belong to, hey girl?
Hey Pick up that knife, Jeeva!
Hello, is it Punjagutta Police station?
ls Cl there?
Calling Cl?
What will you tell him?
Will you tell him a man turned against rowdyism?
Will you tell a man stopped you from selling guns?
Will you tell a man is beating for cutting a boy's leg?
What will you tell him?
Better know the truth, l'm not beating you all forthat,
exactly 10 months before,
an evening in the Sanjeevaiah park,
you shot dead a little girl playing in the swing,
do you remember?
lf you say you forgot, you'll die Azghar.
l want the reason for her death.
l want the bullet that pierced into her head.
l want the gun that fired the bullet.
l want the hand that held the gun.
The fingerthat triggered it.
The eye that aimed her, his life, l want everything.
Tell me.
l didn't kill the girl.
Then who killed her?
ls it Ramakoti? Tell me.
Tell me.
Tell him...tell him that l'll kill him.
By the first death anniversary of my dead niece,
on the day of her anniversary, l'll kill him.
Two more months...60 days...
Let him try to stop me.
Or else try to escape from me.
lf he can't do that tell him to wait for death.
Do you know why l'm leaving you?
While hunting a tiger,
l'll not waste my time on street dogs.
What's the problem?
You recently shot dead a little girl, right?
Not l, it's we Ramakoti. We killed her.
Yes sir...l think he's a relative of the girl we killed.
So he has come like Arjuna after we killed Abhimanyu.
Mayabazaar? - No, Mahabharata.
Where are our men?
They are in hospital, he bashed them to pulp.
Go to hospital.
They say a surgery can save his life.
lt will cost us Rs. 3 lakhs. Can l proceed?
No...give a lakh to his family after he dies.
You can save two lakhs.
l don't know who told him about all this.
Who can it be?
Azghar says he didn't tell him anything.
Police are unaware of it.
Ranjan is in Sri Lanka.
Who could have told him?
That's all!
Keep TV here and take VCR.
Keep liquor bottles here and take scent bottles.
Move aside and decide.
What did you bring for me?
l mean what did you bring from America?
Who is here to receive you?
Good, keep camera here and take your daddy.
Then keep your daddy here and take the camera.
Hi dear!
Hi mother!
Had a happy journey?
Why have you grown so thin?
Worried about marriage?
lf you talk about marriage, l'll take the next flight to America.
Look daddy.
You don't mind their words, dear.
l've 2 good proposals foryou dear.
Just kidding!
l brought a camera foryou. -Where is it?- Here!
Good? -Very good!
Why have you slowed down daddy? - l'm getting old, ain't l?
Did you bring water?
l left it in the car. l'll get it now.
Hello! l'm Pasupathi.
You took Rs 5 lakhs.
lf someone comes to ask you about the girl's death,
will you tell him everything like a news reader?
lt's okay if you'd told him,
you should have informed about that to Ramakoti immediately.
He would've taken precautions.
Don't harm my daughter.
l'll not harm your daughter...
What is it?
Go around this tree 1000 times in one hour.
lf you stop l'll pull the trigger. -Alright. - Get up!
l'll run.
Come on run!
Come man!
Stop sir...by the grace of god, he died on his own,
leave her, killing in park is unlucky to us.
Go away peacefully reading Ramayana.
We must sell guns not use it ourselves.
Not in the park sir.
Why this house so farfrom city when we have a flat in city?
lsn't it waste?
Look, no sofa also.
TV is here, isn't it? - TV?
Congratulations brother, no powertoo.
Come, let's go to ourflat.
l'm not here on some work, l'm here to avenge.
lf l stay there even after Ramakoti's men know my place,
staying there is...- Not safe to you.
Not safe to other residents.
l can't bear if they face trouble for me.
That's why l came here.
Power is restored.
Police say he would've died around morning six.
His daughter was near him when he breathed his last.
Our reporters say she's studying Biotechnology in America,
and she's here on a vacation.
One minute.- Brother.
Does anyone know about our coming here? - No.
Who could be that?
May be it's forthe earlier resident.
Don't pick up the phone.
lt's ringing but nobody is picking it up.
Wait for some more time.
Got his address?- Got it.
Got it sir. -Where?
Hey! He's standing behind us.
Get out and run!
Mother! What are you doing?
What's for lunch?
Vegetable fry?
You never prepare such dishes when l'm there.
No problem, BP is normal.
Continue the same medicines. - Okay.
Bye.- Bye.
One minute.
Phone from the travel agency,
they want instructions to confirm yourticket.
The sooneryou leave lndia, the better.
lt's betterfor all of us.
We can't endure the trouble of Police, case, and investigation.
Mother's health is also not well.
Betterto go away than to create troubles about father's death.
You can come back after things have cooled down.
Confirm the ticket.
Greetings. - Greetings.
You are...?
l'm Sathyanarayanamurthy.
l know yourfather very well.
How did it happen?
Were you with him then?
We both went togetherfor a jog.
How did you get hurt?
l fell down while getting his tablets.
Did you narrate the same to police also?
l know you are lying.
Don't you know it yourself?
l know why yourfather was killed.
lf you want to tell me who killed him,
if you really wish to tell the truth,
call me on this number.
Tell something different next time.
Lest they may ask how can you get hurt backside if you fall on face.
lt's me dear.
l was standing next to the rowdy who hit you in the park.
Please don't mind, l'll not reveal my name,
you don't worry dear, l'll not kill you.
lnfact l was very sad when they killed yourfather.
He had finished 100 rounds, just had to run another 900 only.
lt's all fate.
Though he was a doctor himself, he neglected his health.
l'm telling you everything since you are my close friend's daughter.
lf you get tempted and give these details to police,
you'll face your dog's fate.
So, you love Sathya.
What made you fall in love with him?
l saw what you never saw in him.
Hey girls! Always rotten imaginations!
Seeing his innocence.
He's a villager.
They are much betterthan city guys.
City boys will ogle one girl, go on a drive with another girl,
and love the third girl.
But Sathya will be steady like a pumpkin.
He'll not think of another girl even in his dream.
But will go around with a girl in car.
l'm also scared like everyone about police and court.
That's why l didn't tell you the truth then.
But they have entered my home, my kitchen also.
They killed a pup.
My niece is crying for the past 2 days.
l feel like running away to some place at times like this
l feel like taking a stand in situations like this.
l can comfort you if you are sad,
but l'm helpless if you are scared.
l saw one of my father's killers.
Will it be okay if l give testimony in court?
As far as l'm concerned, l'm the court, judge, and jail.
l'm the hangman, l'm the noose.
You know the man, l know a name.
Let's search,
till you lose yourfear and till my anger subsides,
till our enemies die, let's search.
This is voters list.
What is his name?
2792 Ramakotis are there in Hyderabad.
That's him!
Who is that?
ls Ramakoti there?
He's not here, who are you?
l'm his son's friend. You?
l'm his son.
Can you please tell me your name?
You said you were my friend.
l must recognise you next time, mustn't l?
Okay Sathyapandu.
Okay Sathipandu.
lf you call me like that l'll squeeze you like a mango.
What's this? You said you were my friend.
That's what irritates me.
l said you were my friend, did l say l was yourfriend?
Poor man felt bad.
Ramakoti's son.
Telugu language is like mother,
you need a mothertill you are five years.
But English is like wife.
Even at 60 years you need her.
So don't brush away English cheaply.
Yesterday l talked to you on phone, yourfriend...
ls it you Mr. Murthy?
How could you recognise me among so many people here?
You tied only one lace in the pair of shoes.
l was slipping all along and l was wondering why?
l expected.
Are you learning English here?
No, they are teaching.
You need to know English to go to America, right?
What are your hobbies?
What are your hobbies?
l don't have anything particularly,
l'll kidnap someone when l really get bored.
Murder is risky business, isn't it? What do you say?
Yes. Kidnap is betterthan murder.
But isn't it difficult?
No, just make a good plan, it's very easy.
Whateveryou say even with a good plan, kidnap is tough.
Don't believe me? You want to see?
Will a whistle bring an auto?
lt'll come if you pay.
My budget allows only an auto,
but Maruthi van is best for kidnaps.
Yes, l saw in many movies.
You need atleast two for a kidnap, don't you?
He's the second man.
You are so short and weak,
how will you kidnap a strong man?
l'll do it and he watches the show.
Get in.
Where are we going now?
We mustn't answerthe kidnap victim's questions.
Sorry sir, l don't know this rule.
Come in and sit comfortably.
Come Dhanush, let's go in.
Why did you hire a lonely distant house?
lf the kidnapped raises noise,
nobody else should listen it, right?
lt looks so simple but you've to think a lot.
Come in.
Tie it tightly.
Whateveryou say still l can't believe kidnap is so easy.
lt's not easy, you were very co-operative so we could do it.
lf it had been anyone else, would they board an auto so easily?
They will raise alarm, fight, and attract a crowd.
Then we may have to resort to threats with weapons.
Big nuisance. - Right.
lt's 4 pm l've to go now.
Where will you go?
We have kidnapped you.
Silly boy!
A little while ago you said about just showing me a trial.
Will you come if l tell you?
Why did you kidnap me?
Our group is AlTSA!
lt means?
All lndia Telugu Speakers Association.
Everyone must speak only in Telugu.
The culture of mummy and daddy should perish.
Telugu should be used in day to day life regularly.
Till then ourfight will not rest.
We'll do any number of kidnaps or sacrifices to achieve it.
What are your demands?
Don't say demands in English, say it in Telugu.
What are your demands?
You must speak only in Telugu.
Never speak in English.
Will you release me if l don't speak English?
English? Say as Anglican!
Sorry? - Say it in Telugu.
Okay sir.
Again sir in English, say in Telugu. - Okay
Go and see.
Brother is not in home.
Where is Sathya?
Not in home, he has gone out.
Lie...in Telugu it is lie.
l must see what's happening inside.
No way.-Why not?
Should l tell everything?
The kidnapped shouldn't ask anything from the kidnapper.
You are using English words.
Anglican...you shouldn't speak in English.
l'll punch you...
l tried my level best.
l couldn't...please don't look sternly l'm getting nervous.
Where is my kerchief? ls it here?
Who is he?
He's Dhanushkoti.
His father is Ramakoti.
We live in Kingkoti.
House No: 1
What are you doing here?
They have kid...we are playing a game.
What game?
Why did you come here?
You carry on the game, l'll come and join.- Okay
l would've come if you'd called me.
How can you come? You are very busy.- Me?
lnternet cafe...
That girl! Just met herthen.
lf you touch me, l'll cut it.
l'm not in any way connected to that girl.
To tell you the truth, l don't even know her parents names also.
You are unnecessarily...
What is my mother's name?
Your mother's name is...
lt's on the tip of tongue but not coming out.
That is...your mother's name is...
What a great performance! You are a cheat.
Just a girl sharing coffee with me can't make heryour competitor.
Why are you over reacting?
Aren't you convinced now with my example?
Why did you both come in the same car?
Did you see that too?
lf we don't get auto, we ask lift, isn't it?
l asked and she gave me.
What's wrong in it?
No, you are changed, you don't love me anymore.
Don't love you? How can you say that?
My name is Shailu, but you called now as Neelu.
l know you.
Chick is good...
Her call is good...
Epitome of beauty...
Raking up desires in me...
Her ravishing body is inviting...
My youth is itching to explore her...
Long nights are in nearfuture...
Rooster is good...
His call is good...
His secret kiss on my heart is exquisite...
The hot embrace of love along with kiss is more exhilarating...
The cheeks turned pink with new rush of blood...
A long pending desire in heart is seeking to get fulfilled...
My intoxicated eyes are devouring you...
No need of words in this lovely evening...
Cupid will not hearyour pleas if you stop the kiss festival...
Once l start it's hard to stop me, my dear...
With you around even winter will become hot summer...
Won't the soft butter shy away on seeing you?
Shall l spread a bed of flowers in the garden of fragrance?
Shall l offer my soft heart as a pillow foryou to rest?
One touch and l'll become your lifetime slave...
This is latest model, very good.
You take a look.
Father, l'm Dhanushkoti.
What is it son? Why did you call me at this hour?
How are you?
l'm fine father.
Where are you?
l'm in a friend's house.
Don't stay out late nights, go home immediately.
l mean l'm kidnapped... my hands and legs have been tied.
We have tied your son's hands and legs.
Who are you?
Your son's kidnapper.
What do you want?
Where were you on last October 10th?
October 10th...l was with my boss.
Someone had shot dead a little girl in Sanjeevaiah park that day.
ls it you?
Oh My god! Me?
ls it your boss then?
My boss doesn't even smoke, how can he fire a shot at a kid?
Who so everthe killer may be,
tomorrow must come to the old aluminium factory in Balanagar.
He's not in town.
Who is not in town?
My boss.
lf he fails to come tomorrow, l'll kill your son. Kill!
Where is my son?
Where is your boss?
What is it?-Address.
Find it. -Yes sir.
Are you his boss?
Were you planning to find my boss by kidnapping my son?
ls it painful?
Dare to challenge me?
Am l any provision dealer to play with me?
l'm an arms dealer.
Let me get a phone call from my son, then l'll show you my true colour.
What? Did you find my son?
No sir, he gave the wrong address.
Wrong address? - lt's Banjara Hills police station address.
Banjara Hills police station?
Get up!
l blabbered nonsense finding my son missing.
Please don't take it to your heart.
Why are you still watching?
Shall l hit him?- Hit me!
Throw it.
Shall l switch on the fan?
Switch on the fan, you donkey.
Don't look at me like that, it's scary.
lsn't it wrong to give wrong address?
lf you'd shown your real boss, l would've given you the real address.
How did you know he's not my boss?
You told me your boss doesn't even smoke cigarettes.
He was smoking local made cigarette in suit.
l made a mistake, please forgive me. Don't harm my son.
What is your demand? -Your boss.
He's not here.
l don't believe.
First time in life l'm telling truth,
l swear on my kidnapped son.
He lives in America.
Then call him here.
Come...hit me.
Stop man...will you hit him if he tells you?
lf anything happens to him, what will be the fate of my son?
My lord, l can't get you my boss as ordered by you,
but l can show him, beyond that l'm helpless.
Greetings boss.
A man here has kidnapped my son to find you,
and is threatening to kill him.
Who is he?
This man!
This man!
What do you want from me?
the girl you killed in the park is his niece.
So what?-Why did you kill her?
Ramakoti, give him Rs. 10 lakhs.
Build her a mausoleum with marble.
Why did you kill her?
To check whether my gun was functioning or not.
lt functioned & she died.
Now that you know, what will you do?
Don't make him angry. He has kidnapped my son.
Why fear him, Ramkoti?
What will you do?
Do you know who l am? l'm Pasupathi.
l supply arms to terrorists in 17 countries.
l sold the gun which Osama Bin Laden uses.
l made the first human bomb which LTTE blew up.
The first land mine blown in Cambodia was from my factory.
Every rocket launcher in Kashmir is from my godown.
She was lucky to die in my hands.
lnstead of blowing your own trumpet sitting in some corner of the world,
come here if you have the guts.
What will you do if l come?
Your country's politicians need my money.
officers need my bribes,
naxalites need my guns,
terrorists need my bombs,
l want your life.
l will come to you, no matter where you are.
lf you try to escape, l'll catch you,
l'll wage a war against you, but l'll kill you for sure.
''Sun rises in the east'',
''The earth is round'' are facts.
''Sathyanarayana will kill you'' is also a fact.
Neither hunt lions nor play games with me.
Once the game starts, you cannot stop it.
What do you think you can do? l'll kill you,
kill your mother,
kill your sister.
But you can't even touch me.
l'm the evil King Ravana. l've ten heads.
Hanuman crossed only one sea.
But to kill me, you need to cross 7 seas.
Will you come?
Can you come?
Leave him.
Forget about what he said. Tell me where my son is, please.
You said you'll show me if l show you my boss.
Miapur, house no. 32.
ls it the right address?
lt must be true this time.
Once you get my son there, chop this man into pieces here.
This is house no. 32. Come, lets go.
Now l remember.
ln Telugu, kidnap means ''Apaharana''
Go upstairs & search.
People don't get it so easily.
To make a guy call train as ''Dhoomashakatam', l had to kill him.
You go & see there.
My mom.
What is he?
Telugu master. He had been teaching me Telugu forthe past 2 days.
They freed me today.
Thanks sir.
Sorry. ''Dhanyavadhamulu''.
''Manchibaludu'' Good boy.
His eyes are big & looking good.
lf l keep these on his eyes, they are gone.
l agree with you.
What do you think?
l feel like piercing that rod into your mouth & break his hands.
Why do you feel so? - Because l've freed myself.
He is not up there too.- He gave us wrong address again. Let's go.
What's delaying them?
My dear Dhanushkoti.
Everything is over.
Open the door.
Come in father.
Dear Dhanushkoti, thank god you're back.
You're safe, ah?
They didn't harm you, did they? - No father.
Father, turn to your left. - For what?
You get inside & lock the room.
Where are you? Kill him.
Shiva...Seenu, what happened to you people?
Where are the others?
There aren't here.
You are the only one left.
Please don't kill me. Please don't kill my son too.
To tell you the truth, l'm innocent. -Yes, you are innocent.
Smuggling guns,
chopping people's legs for giving information,
killing people with bombs.
Apart from these little crimes, you know nothing.
l agree, whatever l've done are crimes.
But l didn't kill your niece.
You saw him killing her.
When a 6 year old girl was hit by a bullet,
you watched her die like watching a TV serial.
ls killing so simple to your boss?
l'll show how gruesome death will be.
Tell me where he is.
l swear l'm innocent. Please leave me.
Leave me, please.
Give me his address, l'll leave you. - l swear l do not know.
Will you tell me or do you want to die?
l'll tell....
His address is in the diary on the table.
You said you'll leave me if l give his address.
l stand by my word. l'm leaving you now.
l asked them to come here.
Since you didn't turn up even after 2 days,
l got scared & asked them to come here.
Leave it.
Why all this?
Since they killed our child,
do you want to kill them and commit another crime?
l'm doing justice and not committing any crime.
What will we achieve by doing this?
Come, let's go back to our village.
Will we get back our daughter by doing so?
Please think again.
What they did was a crime.
lt is injustice.
lf something happens to you in the process...?
Forget about them.
You are her mother.
You tell me.
You must have been filled with grief on her death.
But when you came to know that she was killed, weren't you angry?
Tell me if you don't want me to take revenge.
l'll leave it here.
Let's go back right away.
Shall l stop it?
l brought her up with these hands.
l buried her with these hands.
l'll not spare him.
So, l can go next week. - 100 0/0
Please sit.
Where is he going?
He wants to see Charlie Chaplin, l arranged his visa to America.
Charlie Chaplin died long back. - Really...?
Don't tell him.
l took Rs. 50000 from him and spent the money too.
Please come.-Who is he?
Very well educated. - No, very rich man.
ln America, he...
You want me to send pickles & pappads to his relatives in America?
No. Send him to America. - Okay, we'll send him.
Okay, send me. He will send me. Let's go.- Money...?
How much?
Maximum...- Rs. 50000?
Rs. 50000...?-Another Rs. 10000?
60000....? One lakh will do.
lt's alright.
When do you want to go?
When are you planning to send me?
We can get the ticket but there will be a problem in visa processing.
lf you don't mind, can l ask you something?- Go ahead.
What is Visa?
So, even you don't know.
lt seems he doesn't know.
Just a second.
Visa is the permission given by the country you want to visit.
That's it.
Got the passport?
l'll take it & come back.
l didn't mean passport size photo.
Do you have this book?
What should we do to get passport? -We have to apply.
Or else give me Rs. 10000, l'll arrange for it.
What should we do to get visa?
You should do Engineering or MBBS.
Will l be able to do MBBS? -You can do it in a week.
l'm planning to do MBBS. -What? Study MBBS?
Are you making fun of me?
Can we get some other's visa?
They will put you in jail.
You don't have passport, visa, education.
No relative in America. But you want to go to America.
l can't send you to America.
lt seems he can't. Let's go. -Just a minute.
Won't you give me time to think? - Make it fast.
Are you married?
There is only one way. -What is it?
But you shouldn't shout.
He won't. l'll guarantee you that. Tell me.
There is a Green Card. - l've a pink card.
l'm not talking about any ration cards.- Then?
The foreigners living in America for some years,
they will be permitted to live there permanently.
lt is called Green card.
lf you marry a girl holding a green card,
you can go to America along with that girl.
We can get girls having ration card. Where can we get girls with green card?
You must search.
Have you gone mad?
ls this any game or what?
lt is marriage.
l've seen people who fall in love & marry.
But you are the first man who wants to marry to avenge someone.
How can you ask a girl to be your wife for a week?
Death & marriage.
Don't crack jokes on these two.
l'm furious here and you are laughing at me.
l feel pity on you.
You people forget those who killed yourfather in front of your eyes.
You feel scared to sign in the registrar's book.
You are afraid to take revenge.
You tremble fearing that he might gun you down.
No. You don't have to do any favourto me.
Live happily like this.
You get angry on silly things like that happen around you.
And sometimes write articles in English magazines.
Coveryourfears with your education & live.
l'll take care of him.
Let him hide in America or in any jungle, l'll find & kill him.
Neither l'm so cultured to forgive my father's killer,
nor l'm so patient.
So, you'll commit the same crime he did.
Even Lord Ram killed Vali from behind a tree.
lt is not that he can't kill him from the front.
He was forced to do it.
Sometimes even being good amounts to helplessness.
Only at such instances,
we need to protect good even by doing wrong things.
What l'm doing now is also the same.
lt's enough. Leave it.
l've selected 2 handsome boys foryou...
l was joking.
What's the time?- 10 o'clock.
l'm going to take bath. Get me coffee.- Okay.
Your madam asked me to come. ls she at home?
She is taking bath. Please come in.
Who else are there at home? - Her mother has gone to Kasi.
What were you doing? - Making coffee.
Do one thing.-Yes.
Make another cup too.- Okay sir. Please sit.
English books...l don't need it.
Padma, l'll open the door.
You...?- My name is Shailaja. l want to talk to you.
Please sit.
What is it about?
lt is about Sathya.
Did he come here?- No.
You were saying something.
l & Sathya are in love. - Good.
But there is a difference in him now.
He is not talking to me like before. He says nothing to me.
l can't really find him.
But l always see him.
Even now l feel he is in your verandah.
There is no one.
You can' t see him. l can. That's love.
Why are you telling all this to me?
lf you really don't know why l'm telling you this, l'm lucky.
But if you pretend, l can't help it.
l really don't understand what you are trying to say.
Better don't understand.
But if you meet Sathya, tell him that there is a girl living for him.
Who is she?- lt's me.
When did you come?
lt's been quite a while.
You were in the shower. So, l was just looking around.
Do you know who came here now?
Who?- Shailaja.
Why did she come here?
l was talking about you...
You gave me the coffee made for him.
l got this doubt when she brought 2 coffees.
What doubt?-Yes, what doubt?
You hid him in your house and trying to be innocent.
What are you talking?
Unable to speak unparliamentary words, l'm talking Telugu.
Sorry for disturbing you. You must have been in a romantic mood.
Nothing like that.
Don't tell me anything. - Please listen to me.
You are taking her bag with you. Your bag is overthere.
l thought you stopped me out of love. Take it. Your cheap bag.
You both dance & enjoy.
Take it.
There is nothing between us.
Really?- l swear.
We're just planning to marry. That's all.
Marriage...? -You must come.
Marriage in church?
Shailu said she'll agree anything.
But if he ties the auspicious thread, she threatened to chop his hands off.
She is an angel. Who will do such sacrifices?
Please don't cry.
Why are you crying?
This marriage is for namesake.
Are you marrying without informing your parents?
At times like this, we want our motherto be with us.
Don't cry.
Giving birth to children will solve everything.
She is the bride.
Why is she crying then?
We are lovers.
She doesn't like this marriage.
With your sweetheart next to you,
Are you not ashamed to marry another girl?
Since l couldn't find anyone to sign as witness...
Ms. Neelima, do you accept Sathyanarayana to be your husband?
Do you accept Neelima to be your wife?
Why is she shouting?
She is crying.
Are those tears of joy or pain? - Tears of fear.
Who is she? Friend or neighbour? - Lover...
Do you know that?
She made her accept this marriage.
Have you brought the rings?
Bring them.
Exchange the rings and never see me again.
Exchange the rings.
Sister, get me a pain balm.
What are you looking at? Exchange your rings.
You don't cry.
You can't kiss anyone you like. Kiss the bride only.
l saw your majestic walk that could put to shy the thunder also...
l saw a young beauty who could bring down might Himalayas too...
l'll give whateveryou ask...
Allow you to take liberty with me...
Be my companion forthe life...
Don't tempt me...
Don't torture my youth...
Once l start there's no stopping...
l'll give myself in the marriage...
l'll give you a present alone...
Will l say no if you take over me?
ln the intoxication of beauty...
ln the world of bliss...
Can l escape from it?
Can't you endure the night?
Don't you want to taste my passion?
Will you let the night pass just watching over me?
Won't you stop your black magic on me?
Can't you take me just like that?
Look at my plight getting struck in your beauty...
lf you voluntary to help me...
l'll give in myself happily...
My beauty is all yours...
lf you make a charming gesture like this...
Welcome me romantically...
l'll accept happily...
l've come dressed for the occasion...
l'll enchant you to my way...
lf you are interested l'm ready...
l'm observing you keenly...
Your new ways to woo me...
lf you are ready to offer a position to rule your heart...
Here l am...
Will you really divorce her? - Don't have any doubt?
Promise.- Promise.
Do you think l will live with her?
Only blind will marry her. Shit face!
l married her because l had no other choice.
You really don't like her?
Have you seen herface before?
Her eyes are like the crowns of Thumps up.
And her lips are like the jeans pant zip.
Herself & you for before and after using a health tonic ad.
Has she heard our conversation?
2 coffees please.
l don't want.
2 coffees for us.
Last time she brought camera from US.
l didn't bring it. You took it.
So, you were in customs, ah?
For now, he is in worries.
Good is misunderstood.
l'm used to be friendly with everyone.
One day, l took a camera from a boy.
He gave me the camera he had in his hand to me.
He shot the proceedings with the camera he had in his pocket
and informed the TV media.
My seniors gave me this uniform.
Did they dismiss you?
They told me to get out.
You didn't give me the change. - l'm not used to it.
Going on honeymoon?
Who is she?- My wife.
And who is she?- My future wife.
You must live in America not in lndia.
l'm going there.
Do you know me?
Greeting everyone...?
May be she is mad.
Neelu, is the seat nice? We paid a lot for it.
Calling me as if l'm your wife?
Be careful.
What happened? Why are you angry?
l say don't talk.
Crushed face! As if he is very handsome.
lt won't look nice in front of ladies.
Oh my god!
lndian High Commissioner is coming to you with the FBl.
Mr. Pasupathi, FBl has got information that you are selling guns.
We have filed a charge sheet.
Am l selling guns?
Since l'm contesting the Mayor elections,
someone is trying mar my reputation.
Sir, l'm Ramakoti speaking.
Because of Sathya, 4 of our men died in a blast.
Police found out it is RDX.
l was in jail till yesterday.
Now l'm out on bail.
And you are in danger.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Sathya is on the way to America.
We killed a doctor.
His daughter is bringing him along with her.
Be careful.
lt's betterto withdraw yourself from the elections.
We'll seize all your bank accounts, business.
Not only that, no paper should go out of this building.
l need a powerful bomb.
lt should be so powerful when it blows up,
FBl shouldn't get a paper from this building.
Dollars, passports, gold and everything. Leave nothing.
They shouldn't get anything.
Until we move out from here, be careful.
Sathyanarayanamurthy who Ramakoti had mentioned...
Keep our man at the airport.
Give me that bag.- lt's alright.
l said give it to me.
You have brought me here.
Can't l help you?
Give me my bag.
l think you are angry with somebody.
Not someone. Angry on you.
For what reason?
Are my lips like jeans pant zip?
Are my eyes like Thumps up crown?
Do you feel pity on me?
l hate you.
So, you heard everything l said.
lt is wrong to over hear other's conversation.
Whateveryou said, isn't that wrong?
l felt like saying that...
l feel like doing this..- Do what?
That's our marriage certificate.
What have you done?
Never show yourface to me again.
l know no one otherthan you in this country.
Do you know him?
Shall l call him?
lf you follow me again,
l'll inform him & get you arrested.
Yes, l'm a Telugu speaking man. You?
Brother...- Oh no!
l neverthought l would meet a Telugu speaking man again in my life.
Don't get emotional.
Tell me what happened?
l & my wife landed in America just now.
So you are married. -Yes. 2 days back.
So, you've come here on a honeymoon.-Yes.
Where is she?
She divorced me just now.
Divorce? Reason?
Because l can't speak in English.
Don't worry.
Life in America is like this only.
For not making coffee, for not chaining a dog,
They divorce for anything & everything.
Where do you want to go?
Oh! You know no one here.
Shall we go to any hotel?
Come to my house.
My name is Sathyanarayanamurthy.
People call me Sathipandu.
My name is Shanthiswaroop.
People call me Shanthi.
What do you want? - Shake hands.
Can we get breakfast here?
Sathipandu, have bananas.
l'm native of Cuddapah.
l lived there for 30 years.
From my childhood, l hated violence.
l'm scared of bombs.
l'm afraid of kidnaps.
And murders...?- l don't see them.
Since my name doesn't match with my place, l came here.
How do you feel in this country?
Very peaceful.
We can do anything we want.
Don't throw it out. They'll put us in jail.
Here, we can live as we like. - ls it?
Stop ogling at her like that?
She might file a case on you? - Case..?
Just like you, in the beginning, even l tried to trap a girl.
Later, l was fined.
Really...?- Promise.
Just look at them. May be they don't have a home.
Poor guys!
People are very good & friendly here.
Why is he showing his middle finger?
His finger is swollen.
They believe that if they show it to everyone, it will get cured.
Very superstitious!
The colony is very quiet.
The security is very tight.
To tell you the fact, this is the safest place in America.
But at 8 pm, no one should go out.
Will it be very cold? - lt'll be very scary.
They will gun you down for money.
They call it as mugging.
Before 8, it is your wish.
After 8, it is your luck.
Even thieves have a time to steal.
l forgot to take my bag.
This is the 10th time.
l've come from lndia 10 times.
Not even once did you receive me properly.
Actually...-What is this uncle?
This time, l came on time to the right airport.
But you came by yourself.
Okay. Come.
l'm coming.
She is my daughter.
Very nice name
Sathipandu...-Yes uncle.
You called me `brother'?
You said she is your daughter.
Who is he?
My friend Sathipandu.
He got married 2 days back,
and got divorced 2 hours back.
His wife divorced him for not speaking in English.
Nothing like that. He is lying.
Girls of this generation...
Stop. She is trying to say something. Please say it.
Will you bring anybody to our house?
Won't you know what kind of a man he is?
What else do you want?
His wife has divorced him.
From that we know he is very innocent.
Why did you come here?
l didn't know this is your house.
Now that you know, go.
l don't know anyone else.
Then, go to some hotel.
l don't know the way.
Go to hell.
l don't know the way forthat too.
Why are you frustrating me like this?
What is the relation between you & me?
You can't take it.
Yes uncle...
You are looking very tired.
Will you have a tub bath?
What uncle? - Tub bath.
Neelima, fill the tub will hot waterfor him.
Want hot water? l'll teach you a lesson.
You haven't taken bath yet! - No uncle.
Go ahead if you want to.
l'm not in a hurry.
You are elderto me. l'll bath afteryou.
l like the way you respect people.
Uncle, shall l serve hot rice?
l think avoiding hot foods for few days will be better.
This is...? -Yours uncle.
To keep myself warm.
Gravy...? - l know.
Don't mind, she's off mood.
Why are you so angry? What will you gain from it?
A rare Telugu visitor has come to our home,
speaking to him in Telugu, eating Telugu delights,
listening Telugu songs,
isn't it enough if we sleep peacefully into eternity?
l was just joking.
Come out.
Let's go...don't know how many are they?
What a great speed! Were you a pilot earlier?
No, l drove tractors.
Pull over, l want to answer a nature's call.
That's what l'm searching still not yet found it.
Use lemon to cool yourfinger.
Finger problem.
Who are those rowdies?
How do l know? You are in America for long to know them.
You'll get into trouble if you bring strangers to home.
Your ring is very beautiful, let me see it.
He can't even speak English, how can he have enemies here?
Uncle, do you have any enemies here?
l'm also thinking all the while.
l don't have any trouble with anyone,
but l went to a shop to buy a brief,
l argued with him as he quoted high price.
What a great mistake!
He quoted 5 dollars for a brief.
Did you buy? -Am l mad?
l said l'll not buy and told him to go to hell.
You've invited trouble for a brief.
Would he be so hurt for a brief?
Can't say! They are white men!
l'll not use briefs anymore, to hell with it.
They are coming.
ls it the same gang?
You got into trouble because of me.
What's risk in it? Taking risk forfriendship is...
They are coming. -You don't worry uncle.
Nothing happened, isn't it?
Are you happy now?
Get down.
Get down.
Famous music director Mani Sharma will entertain you with his music.
Looks like some rich man's wedding, come let's go away from here.
Okay...let's take him also.
Care for a whisky to cool yourself.
How about a brandy?
lt heats up.
lt's like arrack.
Give me.
Yes arrack, it cools you, get some more.
Enough, you've already had ten glasses.
Uncle, if guests are given such seats,
think about the seats for the marrying couple.
lt's forthem only.
Sorry sir, l lost myself in this.
Breaking into a song of rhythm...
To move my heart with it...
Earth is shaking up...
To turn turtle...
ls it earth? Any another world?
ls it light music or classical music?
l'm a innocent and simple villager...
l know only to have fun, violence is not my choice...
l'm an ordinary happy-go-lucky man...
Though with great strength...
l'm unaware like Lord Anjaneya...
l'm a friend to everyone...
lf you trouble me...
l'll burn down your empire...
lf l get angry l'll rip out your skin...
l'll jump over oceans to put an end to you...
You are youthful fun and frolic...
Don't know what happened, you are missing...
lt's wonderful, this tipsy feeling...
Barbie dolls... Dancing beauties...
Shining diamonds... Are you tempting me?
What's the secret of your beautiful tresses?
lt's taking me along with it...
Show me a way out from this trouble...
Come...come out...
Your dance was amazing.
l didn't dance, it was American arrack.
lt's morning now, let's go home.
No, let's go to a hotel.
lt's them...leave my hand...- Let's go.
You are bleeding. - No problem.
lt all happened because of me.
What are you looking at?
You are beautiful when you speak in English.
Can l ask you a thing?
You always say something at me...what's that?
What does it mean?
lt means...
Be happy whereveryou are.
You are a good girl.
Why would you help me then?
Here...this side...
Don't fear...l'm next to you, up above Lord is there.
Hail Lord Anjaneya!
Be careful, rowdies are coming towards you.
Do you've any sense?
Will you call when they were leaving?
To warn you...
You didn't warn us, you gave signal to them.
You and Neelima are safe, aren't you?
You look sexy with bleed, but no time to play with you.
Where is he?
So many couldn't bring one man?
Brought it? -Yes sir.
lt is so small, can it blow up the building?
No doubt.
l'll place the bomb in the lift.
This is remote control,
when you switch on the doors of the lift will close.
lift will go down, you'll board helicopter,
lift will take 4 minutes to reach ground floor.
By that time you'll be far away from this building.
How will the bomb go off?
We needn't trigger it sir,
the trigger is also in the lift,
when the lift touches the ground floor,
bomb will blow on it's own.
Bloody, this is more sexy than her.
Where are you Neelu? - Under me.
Any objections?
l'll kill you.
Certainly, do as you say.
But the problem is l don't have time and yourtime is running bad.
Don't show your prowess on a girl,
if you have guts tell me your place, l'll come to you.
Will you? - No doubt.
550 Hope street, you find a telephone booth,
come there, let's discuss otherthings then.
l'm coming, if anything happens to Neelu mean while...
l'll try not to harm, but l can't promise.
Ravana gave Seetha one year's time,
l'm giving her one hour, 60 minutes.
Pack the bags.
ls the coat nice?
She's more beautiful without the coat.
Don't play with me, tell me where is Neelu?
You are a hasty man.
Can you see anothertelephone booth opposite side?
lt'll ring immediately when l cut this call.
lt will ring only thrice,
if you pick it up before that l'll tell you.
lf you fail...
You broke the glass to pick it up,
by any chance, do you love her?
Tell me where is Neelu?
lf you have guts tell me.
You had come from Amalapuram to America for me,
can't you come to me now?
Any news? - No.
What to do now?
Hail Lord Anjaneya!
Hey stop!
One step forward...look there.
lf l press the remote here, she'll die there.
One bomb and two dead bodies.
l don't want trouble.
You faced a lot of trouble because of me.
Friendship will take anything, uncle.
l'll get the car.
What's this man?
You...? -You...?
Why are you like this?
l was like a liquor bottle with customs,
and a soft drink bottle with canteen,.
l've become a phenol bottle.
What lesson have you learnt from this?
Whateveryou do in life, bottle is common to all.
You'll never reform.
Sir...any bottle with you?
Look, he's here.
Mother. - Has thinned down. -Yes.
Are you fine? - Can't you see?
Had a happy journey? - Good.
Why are you like this? - l don't like your doing.
What did l do?
What did our ancestors told us?
What did they say?
They told to love one girl and marry one girl.
l did the same thing.
l loved one girl and marrying one girl.