Depeche Mode - Press Conference Tour 2013 (part1)

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hi there....first row
just in front of you
My name's Iana from Czech Republic
congratulations to the opening video it's amazing
it's full of joy and pure enthusiasm. can you tell us more about the recording new pieces
recording i think he's always
a joy and i think we have a lot of fun i think we always have
specially over the course of the last two oh three albums i think working with
Ben Hillier and the people that he brings in
uh... just creates a great atmosphere
and we get on very well
you know basically we have a laugh
we do the things but we love to do you're making music and you know it's a
it's a miracle that we
still able to do it
????? our carreer and and enjoy and we're very humbled by that
we love to do it
Hi, I'm here. My name is ???? and I'm from Instanbul
what's the most
positive changes that's occurred in your songwriting process during making this album
that's a difficult question
for a long time now I've been saying that uh... yet
my songs are very positive always find that anyway. sorry?
It's always what?
people say that, I don't find them dark. (It's better out than in)

I think there is a lot
positivity and
uh... if i
when I listen to the album and I try to
relate to anything else that we've done
it's very different but it somehow it's got a bit of a feel of Violator some of the songs
some have a feel of Songs of Faith and Devotion
it's kind of a hybrid of those two to me
i don't know if that's answer your question but it's
states some facts

one more question from Hungary from the biggest paper
you came you came three times behind the iron curtain and five times after the
political change which is a absolute record as far as
super group is concerned in Hungary at does this phenomenon also make you
proud in any way did you experienced anything like that anywhere else in the
uh... to be honest the
when we decided to go behind the iron curtain
we knew that we would have been loosing money uh... we knew we had
lots of fans there and it was a really experience for us to go to Hungary for
the first time
to Prague, to Poland
I think it just shows you one of the reasons why
in eastern Europe
and even Russia why we still so popular
so we did take time
during those dark days's to go and do concerts
so it's very rewarding
I mean obviously at the time we had no idea that the the political situation
which change we didn't have a big agenda
get bigger there when when the iron curtain fell......................
but it was quite an experience because we
you know we
I think we were quite shocked by the response that we got when we first went to
behind the iron curtains places
where people were
new about music and
hear that music work but in some places were even unable to
uh... obtain the records
at the time
but we still had this underground following
that would share records together sets of your listening
privately listening session and so there was you know
people identified
what we were doing musically
and i think that's
always been the truth behind the music is
is is that you know its
is speak you may be some people do
see this being a bit darker or something but it
you know it's honest
it full of emotion
and melody
I remember one funny story the first time we went to Budapest and uh... we stayed
in the
i think the hotel inter continental we went to this restaurant at the back
applebee's(???) windows
remember all the fans
all in black
they would tried to watch us through the windows the all restaurant during lunch
became dark

because of all Depeche Mode fans around all restaurant big restaurant

that's they turned the lights on yeah
Hello I'm here at the first row on your right
I'm Rudolf from France
for rock ??? magazine. My question
is about we've just seen in the video huge synthesizers and
uh... you always
been in uh... and you always are masters in the use of synthesizer but
today a lot a lot of bands
use very well synthesizer. My question is: do you think you are still the best
at his game?
Yes! Naturally!
Hi! Katarina
Belarus internet company ??????
I'm here
You'll finish europeean part of the tour in our country in Belarus, in Minsk. What do you know about our country? about our cities?
I know Andy played a ???? in Minsk. Did he tell you something about Belarus? Can you invite your fans on Belarus to your concert?
I've never talked to them
but i will before we go there
do you know something about Belarus? it's a lovely place
I think it's about three hours ... Minsk
no it's really good
and we always like to try and play these new places where we haven't played
before so
that's great to be coming
thank you and uh...
we'd like to turn to our fans
who are sending questions
uh... by internet
that's given the chance to so
jonathan if you could give .... thank you
hi guys my name is Emma and first of all I want to thank you for this great opportunity
you have given to us
my question is about tour
for me as a fan watching your shows live is a great experience but I suppose
a whole tour must be quite exhaustive
do more or less the same things almost every night
what do you do to avoid routine while touring and seems like you are enjoying
every single minute on stage
thank you very much and see you next time, bye!
????? ???? not coming back?
uh... with we have to get films and they have to upload it
but i think that
????? ?????
and send it back to a
on the the
answer to your question
performance on stages
what it's all about and
whatever gets you there
and these days
you know
and it's very different to what it was twenty years ago but im
you know the joy is in the performance
you know you get the energy from the performance
and you know you mentioned that that you see you know the enthusiasm on stage
is really important to us and i think we've
grows as a band
uh... from the while we're performing as well and interaction with our fans
it didn't just happen overnight used i think it's something that developed for
of great many years for
to me is still to be used
the biggest challenge
and uh... i get the most prominent as well
thank you
didn't want to interrupt. No it's fine
let's go to the next question
hi guys, hie everybody, I'm Paolo from Sardinia
and this is my question
When you play live
Never Let Me Down Againand you involve us shake our hands there's a fantastic
I wonder
what what is your reaction when you are on stage. you you can see us what what do
you feel
thank you very much, see you next time
at is it is an amazing sight you know
uh... I play the synthesizer something sometimes
forget what I'm playing
see the crowd move like that it's very emotional
and it never gets old
it's amazing to see so many people doing that
i think the first time it happened as well was probably
on the
between Music For The Masses tour
which was nineteen ninety-seven??
something like that
uh...memory is not so good these days and also the eyesight so
but when that happens we do the you can definitely even if you can see so far
it's a feeling and it's a feeling of a lot people doing the same thing at the same
time and being united and that's there's no better feeling than that
new music someone said last night when we were having dinner that music poses
altogether and and i think that that it really does as a strengthened and
in those moments on stage we definitely would
remember that Birmingham