General Hospital 03/18/11 Part 1/3 with subtitles

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Dante: So this is how you're supposed to be mentoring Michael, right?
You're showing him the ins and outs of the business
What's next? The field trip to the Pine Barrens
Where you show him where you bury all the bodies?
Michael: It's not like that, Dante.
Jason: Michael, Dante's a cop. You don't have to say anything.
Dante: That's right, that's right. You have the right to remain silent.
You've been working on that for years, right?
You made it an art form.
That's right, you don't have to say a damn thing to me. I don't care.
I will find something and make it stick and then you will go to prison.
Jake: This is fun mommy.
Elizabeth: Yeah, I know. You be careful on the stairs, please.
Can you move for me?
Hey Cameron, we're going to be making macaroni tonight. If you want to help me
Come downstairs, please.
Lucky: You need to stay in the country, Siobhan.
I'm ready to marry you. No doubts, no regrets.
Siobhan: You say that now...
You can't change your mind once you're saddled with me.
Lucky: Don't second guess yourself.
Don't overthink this, okay? I'm not.
You need to stay in Port Charles so we can see where this goes.
Siobhan: You're marrying me so you can date me?
Lucky: Yeah. Yeah, see I like that. That makes sense.
Siobhan: Some would say you're putting the cart before the horse.
Lucky: Listen to me.
We need to make a decision here, okay?
Do you want to marry me, or not?
Sally: Next.
[Horn honking]
Robin: Damn it, Lisa.
Sonny: Thank you.
Brenda: You're welcome.
Sonny: What was that for?
Brenda: For making all my dreams come true.
Carly: Jax, it's me. I know you're probably in with the doctor.
Just give Josslyn a kiss and you tell her I'm going to be there soon.
We're going to get through this together.
[Sam winces]
Elizabeth: Jake?
Jakey where are you?
[General Hospital Theme]
Lucky: Well, the Justice of the Peace gave us one minute to make up our minds
That was about what? Ten minutes ago? Maybe eleven.
Siobhan: It's pretty selfish of me to complicate your life
Just so that I can stay in the country.
Lucky: No. My life was complicated long before you came into it.
So, the real question is
Is getting a green card worth dealing with my gloriously demented family.
Siobhan: Well a lot of people have dealt with worse for less reason.
Lucky: Exactly, so, look at all the advantages.
We get along great.
Siobhan: Until you wake up one morning and you look at me and ask yourself
"What was I thinkin'?"
Lucky: You're scared, aren't you?
Siobhan: Maybe I am.
I'm scared that this could be too close to a real marriage.
But not being real enough.
[Door opens]
J.P.: Ten seconds before I shut off the lights.
Lucky: What'll it be, Miss McKenna?
Siobhan: God help us both.
J.P.: Sign here and here.
Sally! My secretary will be your witness. Sally?
Luke: No Sallys out here. Sorry. Will I do?
Brenda: Sweetheart?
Sonny: Yeah?
Brenda: Um, since this is my honeymoon, right?
Sonny: Mm-hmm.
Brenda: So you need to tell me where we're going.
Sonny: Who says?
Brenda: What do you mean "Who says"? It's in all the honeymoon manuals and things.
Sonny: Well, if they have honeymoon manuals you can look at the pictures.
Brenda: Okay, let me just explain something to you.
If you would like to take any "pictures", if you know what I mean.
Sonny: Yeah.
Brenda: Of me, on our honeymoon, then just tell me where we're going.
Sonny: I already told you.
Brenda: No you didn't!
Sonny: What happened to trusting me?
Brenda: Sweetheart, I trust you, but you know that will never make me any less curious.
Sonny: Okay, all that matters is where we're going is warm
Brenda: Yeah.
Sonny: Ah, there's no snow.
And when we get there, we are not going to look back. Okay?
Brenda: Okay.
Sonny: And we're going to share the life that we always wanted to share.
Robin: Patrick!
Patrick: Hey, God, there you are. I've been worried sick.
Robin: I found the syringe.
We have to go talk to Steve before Lisa gets here.
Patrick: Does Lisa know you have it?
Robin: Of course, she tried to grab it out of my hand
And then followed me like a maniac all the way here.
Lisa: Why are you guys in such a hurry?
Robin: I'm about to get your crazy ass fired.
Lisa: Congratulations Robin, you found a syringe.
There's not too many of those around here, are there?
Patrick: Lisa, you know exactly what that is.
That's the syringe that Johnny got you searching all over town for.
Robin: Remember? The one you just tried to grab out of my hand
And then followed me here like a crazy person to try to get it.
Lisa: Mm-hmm. Do you realize how insane that sounds?
Because if you go to Steve with that absurd story
You're going to get us both fired.
Carly: Hey. How's she doing?
Jax: Hey. She's uh, she's feeling more comfortable.
Carly: Come here, come here. Hi. Mommy's here.
Why did you bring her here? Why'd you bring her to the hospital?
Jax: Because her fever spiked
And then she started throwing up all over the place
And I didn't know what to do. I got scared, so.
Carly: Oh, dear.
Well, was she crying like something hurt?
Jax: No, no. It was more like she couldn't get comfortable.
I guess she needed her mother.
Carly: What did the doctor say?
Jax: He ordered a bunch of tests. And I asked him to put a rush on them, so.
Carly: Did you hear that? Hmm? Your daddy's taking good care of you.
Yes he is.
You know she's going to be fine.
Jax: Yeah.
Carly: Right. You're going to be fine.
[Distant siren]
Sam: Yeah, no, I'm okay Spinelli. You don't have to come after me.
The headache just blinded me for a second so I pulled over.
Yeah, can you um, just find out who's paying rent at 615 Walden. Apartment 2A.
I think whoever it is is probably working for the Balkan.
No, just get me a name.
Okay. Look, I'm going to turn off my phone for a little bit.
See if this headache can pass, so if I don't answer
Please don't panic or anything.
And then I'll just, I'll come straight to Jason's, okay?
Okay. Sounds good. Let me know what you find. Thanks.
[Siren continues]
Dante: I have no problem coming up with reasons to haul you down to the P.C.P.D.
Jason: Should I call Diane now?
Michael: Look, Jason had nothing to do with me being at the pier.
Dante: So what? He just happened to be there at the same time
And was in the perfect position to pick you up?
Jason: He was trying to stop me.
Dante: Look, I'm trying to stop you.
And if I find out he has anything to do with what you were doing tonight
I'm going to put him away for a long time.
Michael, I'm not going to stand by and watch while you destroy your own life, okay?
Carly: Do you know we've been so lucky with you?
We have. I mean, one cold. Do you know how much sleep I've had? Ohh.
[Josslyn whimpers]
Carly: I'm here, I'm here.
Jax: I'm just wondering why we haven't heard from Dr. Jackson.
Think it's a bad sign?
Carly: No, I don't think we should worry about anything until we have to.
Right? 'Cause you look perfectly healthy. Ohh.
Jax: I just can't believe I didn't realize how sick she was getting.
Carly: I think you're being a little hard on yourself.
Jax: I just feel like there's something I missed.
Maybe there's something I should have done.
Sorry that she ended up in the hospital on my watch.
Sonny: So, I'm willing to give you some clues
If you want to guess the destination.
Brenda: Okay. Um, is there a town nearby?
Sonny: Yeah, and there's one, uh. It's within walking distance
Of winding roads.
Brenda: Oh, there's winding roads? That's a good clue.
Um, because that describes every single village in Italy.
Sonny: Well there's a big blue guy who walks around the ocean
And he has a big fork.
And it's named after him because one day he wanted to do some gardening
And he kind of dug out the whole coast. I mean, that's what the brochure said.
Brenda: Should we get you a new travel agent?
Sonny: I'm just trying to give you a clue.
Brenda: Um, okay. But what does a big, blue gardener have to do
With whatever village is within walking distance of winding roads?
Sonny: 'Cause it's named after the big blue guy.
Brenda: Oh, really? Is it Neptune?
You mean, Poseidon?
Sonny: You're getting close.
Brenda: It's not Positano.
[Sonny laughs]
Brenda: Is it Positano?
Sonny: Yes! We got a villa. We can stay as long as we want.
Brenda: Babe! Oh, I love Positano!
Sonny: And the water is so crystal blue when the sun hits it, I can't tell you.
Brenda: How do you know that?
Sonny: 'Cause I hear every word you say.
Brenda: I'm starting to get excited about this.
Sonny: Yeah?
Brenda: We can walk on the beach every day. We can go into the little vill--
Oh, you know what? We could just stay in the villa if we want
And have everything brought to us for the rest of our lives.
Sonny: I want to keep you all to myself.
Brenda: I'm flattered and suspicious.
Sonny: Why are you suspicious?
Brenda: Because I just-- I'm wondering if these are all kind of last minute plans
Because you're just trying to hide me from Theo.