Who is afraid of Gregorian Bivolaru?

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The European Convention of Human Rights
Art 3. Rejection of torture. Art. 5 Right to freedom and security. Art.6 Right to a fair trial.
Art.7 No punishment against the law. Art 9. Freedom of thinking, cosciousness and religion. Art.11 Freedom to meet and associate. Art 14. Rejection of discrimination.
Gregorian Bivolaru was born on 12th of March 1952, the village of Tãrtãsesti, in Ilfov County.
Since a child he was fond of reading.
During middle school and high-school he spent his time reading in the libraries
in Bucharest thousands of books of physics, chemistry, alchemy,
parapsychology, psychoanalysis, medicine and sexology.
Little by little he discovered the fascinating eastern spirituality
and he devoted himself completely to study and practice yoga.
Due to his scholarship and to the spiritual accomplishments,
he attained by his persevering practice, he is awarded in 1990 the title of
professor of Yoga of the International Himalayan Vishvaguru Yoga University
and later, he is certified
as professor of Yoga of the Superior Research School from the Universal Academy for Peace (AUPAC).
In 1971 he started to teach his first yoga courses. At the same time the Romanian Secret Services
started to supervise him for corresponding with the great historian of religions' philosophy
Mircea Eliade, whom the communists considered a public enemy,
due to his concern in the yoga system and in the eastern mysticism.
His home was searched on ground of hiding weapons.
After thorough research all his books of eastern philosophy and esoterism,
all his mail and notebooks were confiscated.
In 1982 when the Yoga courses were stopped, he continued to teach illegally.
There were 170 students. On 17th of April 1984 he was arrested
charged with conspiracy against Ceausescu.
The secret agents considered him more dangerous than an ordinary murderer
as he would have acted in a subtle manner, which could not be obstructed.
Then he is imprisoned in Margineni jail, just for having escaped the Secret Services
which had fettered him having no ruling.
In fact, besides that escape, Gregorian Bivolaru had been charged
with no other crime that the law would stipulate at that time.
That's how I escaped achieving a "sui-generis" protest that could stop an aberrant investigation.
All those who were attending professor's Gregorian Bivolaru yoga courses
were arrested and beaten by the Secret Services' agents.
I say, there was such an anxiety,
the Police and the Secret Services were always watching us in the rear.
I underwent all the repressions of the Secret Services:
arrest, home detention, violence, torture, endless investigations, confiscated materials,
supervising all over, everything they used to do at that time.
In 1989 he is put in the Jail-Hospital of Poiana Mare,
together with prisoners who suffered with serious psychic diseases.
The Secret Services asked those doctors to give him drugs,
which normally would have destroyed any common person within a month.
There I could feel that a man could easily get mad or break down.
The doctor who was supposed to give Grieg the medication said that he wouldn't.
So he jeopardized his job as a doctor there,
as such a cure could not be inflicted even to the most dangerous murderers.
It's about the phychiatrist Leonard Hriscu
who was in charge with the ward where Gregorian Bivolaru was put into.
The diagnosis was paranoid-schizophrenia. But it wasn't that.
I won't take this diagnosis.
He was not a man who needed psychiatric treatment.
Something was forced here.
I couldn't exactly know where the forced note was coming from.
We had no reason to restrain him. He was a self educated person
who had really studied a lot, in many fields and I often had to back out
as I didn't have such knowledge in those fields.
The Professor of Yoga had been put into the hospital on political grounds, states the psychiatrist.
Or, there could be no other explanation, why right after the Revolution
they made up a special board, which set him out within a few hours...
In March 1990, professor Bivolaru resumed teaching yoga.
The courses started first in Bucharest, then all over the country.
Competent teachers directly guided by professor Gregorian Bivolaru lectured the courses.
Besides the yoga course some different fields of study were also structured.
As part of the MISA courses we have now
parapsychology, shaivism, astrology and alternative therapies courses.
More than 35,000 people in Romania are attending these courses
and also 1000 students in Danemark, UK, Germany, France,
Netherlands, USA, Japon and Canada.
Although the politics have changed after the Revolution in December 1989
and the yoga courses became legal, problems started again in less than 2 years.
First in lodging the places, then threatenings which culminated in August 1994,
when Professor Bivolaru was beaten
during the International Yoga Camp in Costinesti, in his own hotel room.
Some stout guys burst into the room and started to rummage the furniture,
they even broke the bed and started to throw things out of the window,
to throw things out of the room,
they beat Mr. Bivolaru, started to hit him with their legs and their fists.
He was wearing glasses and as he leant to pick them up they hit him with the legs,
so that was a tremendously violent scene.
They were shouting very badly.
Although there was witness who identified the aggressors
the Police weirdly made no investigation in this case.
In 1995 a fire broke out in Mr. Bivolaru's appartament, followed by an explosion
which damaged tens of dwellings in the same building.
More than 3000 books burnt out due to that fire.
Because of the explosion, the doors got unhinged, the walls cleft;
the investigation showed that the explosion hadn't taken place due
to Mr. Bivolaru relentless or to some inappropriate use of the house wares.
Traces of gas were found there, the cooker pipe had been cut and the grating at the
bathroom window had been attempted. So someone could have broken into the house there.
According to the report that the firemen brigade noted,
the fire had been set by a criminal mind.
But the investigation stopped here. It's been more than 10 years since the fire,
which could have killed tens of people, and the guilty has not been found.
Several times, due to the unreasonable attacks of mass media,
the authorities - the Police and the Prosecutor's Office have been constantly searching
the seats of the Spiritual Movement of Integration in the Absolute
whose Mr. Bivolaru is the Spiritual mentor.
The searches proved that no MISA student had broken the valid laws.
"No evidence of property or prohibited effects have been found."
Yet, there is nothing to compare
to the unfathomable violent searching on 18th of March 2004.
The calumnious attacks in mass media culminated
when the Professor of Yoga Gregorian Bivolaru was illegally arested.
-Are you not guilty? -I am not guilty. I am the victim of a political set up.
Please don't push him!
Abuses, conspiracy, disparagement and the outrageous breaches of the laws.
This is the conclusion of any common sensed person
who watched by mass media the propagandistic action
of the Prosecutor's Office against the case
of the Yoga School MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru.
The first question concerning the legality of the actions in the file 'Christ'
raised when Mr. Bivolaru was first brought to the Police station.
This happend the very moment when his dwelling was being searched.
Gregorian Bivolaru was picked up in the street
by the policemen and brought to the Police station in order not to witness the searching.
The very day when they were violently searching my house without my notice,
I was invited to the Police Station in the District I belong to.
I was told that is a routine checking. So they put down the data from my ID
and in half an hour they let me go and said the checking was over.
It's even more difficult to find a logical answer
for the second question regarding the unfolding of the events afterwards.
Why would have Mr. Bivolaru wanted to cross the border illegally
as he has been charged with, since he could have left the country legally.
This is a set up I say. The gentlemen here in the building identified me.
They said this is Bivolaru; they took me and put me in here.
- So you didn't attempt to cross the border illegally?
- No and I also have witnesses, lots of witnesses.
There showed up 5 custom officers together with some other person
who was taking pictures and Mr. Bivolaru was treated roughly,
dragged outside the building through that door as they were taking pictures of him.
He was violently dragged outside the building,
on the pavement, facing Hungary, as if he was going to run away.
They were still taking pictures of him then.
Despite all this campaign against MISA, some newspapers, such as Libertatea
and Adevarul state the same thing. <>
The explanation: the Governing Party wanted to distract the audience from a different action.
The case of Deputy Gabriel Bivolaru sentenced to
5 years of jail for $60 millions tax evasion against the Romanian Bank for Development.
And the abuses keep going. Gregorian Bivolaru is arrested at the customs,
charged with the attempt of illegally crossing the border.
Then he is taken back to Bucharest, like a dangerous criminal,
handcuffed and under the Gendarmery escorte.
He is judged during the night
by a panel of judges formed on this purpose which had no legal competence for that, yet.
So, they acted in a huge hurry as compared to the so-called accusation.
The judges' sentence inflicted to Gregorian Bivolaru 29 days detention before trial.
This arrest was but a plea to fetch him urgently to Bucharest
where, out of the blue, there showed up two more accusations.
In the case of MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru the Authorities flagrantly broke the laws.
There have been made law breaches by the investigation agents.
After 5 days of abusive detention professor Gregorian Bivolaru is set free
in order to be judged as such. He had been charged with the attempt
of illegally crossing the border and sexual relations with a minor.
The only evidence for the sexual intercourse between
the professor Gregorian Bivolaru and a 17 years old girl is the minor's statement
signed in illegal terms: the absence of a lawyer and under the investigators' pressure.
He pulled back my hair and he said he wouldn't let go before I say.
And he kept pulling my hair. And I started to cry.
Finally, I was forced and they said they would beat me
unless I sign that statement: his and mine also which he had written by hand.
Yet, Madalina Dumitru made a complaint at the Prosecutor's Office to accuse
the Prosecutors for having forced her to sign a false statement.
The would-be victim of Gregorian Bivolaru,
actually became the victim of the investigators and mass media.
I have never been raped by anyone. There are all lies and it is not true.
No, never with Gregorian Bivolaru.
This statement is not valid, as she has been forced to sign it.
She wasn't allowed lawyer assistance though she is a minor.
Who is afraid of Gregorian Bivolaru?
Why would the Prosecutor's Office do so many compromises and break
the fundamental human rights: the right to defense, to freedom and safety,
the right to a fair trial, the right not to be tortured and disparaged.