Our Interview with MBLAQ

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 09.06.2012

Oh, Hi..
You're early for the interview
I think I've gotta go to the restroom
Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you
We are here with MBLAQ, everyone
so excited!!
First question we have is from, Licky
and she wants to know
Do you ever plan on showing your lovely mustache again?

This is from Sarah Lee,
Have you ever looked at the clothing that you were chosen for
your promotions or videos and thought
"Oh my god!!What was the stylist thinking?"

Next question we have is from Claire
Do you miss the Philippines because you lived there when you were a kid?
And can you still speak Tagalog
Yes I can still speak Tagalog words
but I forgot, a little bit
Little bit? Do you remember any???
Oh! Wonderful!! That's a lot!!!
Very Cool
He can speak three languages..
Really?? wow!
That's amazing
Perfect guy!!
Thank you!
That's wonderful
This is from Katka,
They would like to ask,
if you are still contacted with 'Hello, Babies'

Next question
This is from Nergina
Why did you decide to take ballet?
Was it for girls?
or because you love to dance?
And can you show us some ballet moves?
My major is modern dance
So...I'll show it
Woah~ Dae Bak
That's amazing
My turn?
ah... terrible I know
Your last music video, This is War,
your fans are really curious about the theme
or concept of the next album or song
If you have something, you can give them a hint
Then call us afterwards
I'll give you my phone number
For next, we are going to start a lightning round
These questions,
if you are given a question and we say 1 , 2, 3
And you will point
point to someone
Who do you think will get married first?
1, 2, 3,
Oh easy

He's my husband
we don't have kids
but we own a dog
Who cries the most during movies and TV shows?
So which movie?
What movie?
Who is the most aegyo boy?
1, 2, 3
wooh~ What happened?
Can we see aegyo??
He doesn't like aegyo
I don't like aegyo
Who studied the hardest in high school?
1,2,3 !
Last question,
Our international fans
are really interested in this question right here
Which one of you is most likely to date a waegukin?
oh! Really?
We've go three of you!
Oh my god!!
What happened?
For your fans in Poland
we could say something very easy, like Hello!
Wonderful, thank you very much
Polish fans!
He's got one more~
WOW... SO lucky Poland~
Thank you very much!!
We had really fun time interviewing MBLAQ
They were really really really really super nice
and sticked around and signed CDs for us
even though they were all jet lagged and exhausted
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Good luck to all of you!!!