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What is up dudes, and dudettes of the internet, how's it going? Welcome back to the tech news of the week
Actually, welcome back to me right? It's been a while.
Alright, so we have a few things to talk about. A little bit of Google, Facebook, some Microsoft stuff...let's dive in.

The first thing I wanna talk about, is the Facebook function of searching.
that's right, Facebook is diving into the whole search engine thing
But they're kind of doing it there own way. Facebook is all about social right?
So what they're doing is getting all the information based off your friends, off your network
You're whole social life
There on Facebook, and they're bringing that to your
search results
so let's say i want to eat at a mexican restaurant what I'll type in
mexican food restaurant mexican restaurants in southern california that
my friends like
**I'm going to stop typing the captions here, and let the automatic ones take over (going to suck)
So, if you actually use these, let me know, and I'll update this script...and future videos with a real caption file.
to see if they are a pager of late this mexican grill
in southern california thing they would check that out
so it's going to really equal search engine but in my opinion i don't really
unless you have a preference who are
private balcony of your information general hearing where they're going to
i don't know if this is really hit it off you got a really
highly inventive case but and her friend ought to be honey that's a good fit for
the service
is a victory
function is it a great feature to have
pretty awesome
but are we there yet where people are opens hearings where they are
alternately everyone's i don't know i mean i know most of my family and
friends are like these lights and i want to cut it we should be out there like
out of practice to get things definitely corp teacher to keep your eye
face book and or mobile games
they are trying to do the typings mold me they have a message that
they have a photo that they have the things but that they have the pages
manager page at
but for the vast carries
i found out the i_r_s_ platform
now they added a function into the message is that the peace of messages
that with this lab to do is make free calls
surveys but basically figures using i'm your wife i believe that connection it's
meter freestyle
is this a great teacher yes it's a great features and it brings up another topic
or a family i think last year it was like
rumored that basically gotten out of the phone
discomforts that all the rest of the marv albert said no that's not the
directions wanna go sell it for us
but if you think about it
and i have an article description actually somebody exactly my box that i
but i don't think
the payslip phone is already here
i mean we have
it totally
taking over the social aspect route absolute run
yahoo messenger at we had the photos soon
king for people
confidence in him
and now they have the
today so they have text messaging basically
they have photo sharing envisioning emily have the whole hakim
hearing the attack
maybe they will maybe that's another point
here's my will react on facebook's mobile
setup page
i looked at the table eight everyday
i think it's going to face the kids
five different
maintains he seized control of your
one's social network
we need to be
but i don't know
code or anything
i will double technical side but this just makes sense
all into one
okay and to make it work
it's hard to skeptical but make it work
that he can get
the messaging them a few pages
the photo sharing with uh... awesome photo service and eighty-five onto one
application you'll have to be super powerful
super powerful mobile platform there
might win over thankful that kind of thing you will control
basically communications it
you can get
people twenty so that's why worry
i know you've highlighted this is ridiculous like that's not possible
because those have not dash is my what great you need to sum it all up into one
ap get to work right
and you have in your holding fragmentary there is no
figure out that his face book
they have the graph search and now they have
in africa
a step aside for face but focus on microsoft of it
microsoft and netscape
are you still trying to decide whether you want to upgrade or not i'm using
windows a
when you think i i got a free copy for free
are you still fits i twelve yards reprised indigo
forty dollars to two
hundred-dollar alfred
first work for you
that decision
microsoft own anti-virus software
security samples
phil get certified by the defense institute
they feel like
beauty security system sucks flights
up to seven percent versus the average of
two percent
most of the things that i a software them
marshall frady dino
no that's not who came up with likely have point zero zero twenty percent
computing is such a thing like that
that has had a fight that
filled you guess what they were lesion about that article cleveland in the
do you remember made up a dot com yes is made by cameras dot com disney ken dot
com his neighbor celebrity and millions of dollars and spend it on the internet
he has fun treats websites for people to join in stuff gets a bit officers now
screwing another one called made yet
in a six five seven eight asio dot kinsley
you know from what i've read it's like that
but a simplified dropbox sophie a student looking for another alternative
few new york online storage place dropbox who would drive skydrive box dot
take only a makassar envy
everything happens for a full here option pricing options it can give you a
lot of sports for example
for you there's a good start out the being
active t_b_
freeways go check it out in the description artfully descriptions if
you're worried more about me
how would you like to do away with character passwords whether it's used to
do what you want to password underscore asterix star
i'd like to do it that password by the way that's what you think about that so
if you don't like login duplicated
four of them
yes your goal is trying to fight against character passwords like he was in the
future we want to happen is out is what's gonna send kar de embedded in the
it's happening screen in the login
we want like tapped her phone on your computer and you logins or maybe like a
according to a d_c_ displayed peter neufeld right along with all your
that would be awesome right
that would be awesome but one of those devices installed and then it kinda gets
and that sucks
but yes we will try to find a new way to go about
passwords you know in verification securities stuff so
experiencing know about worried more about that with police
descriptions i don't know really interesting for me to read
boys up i'll ask users guess what in regards rio is free for the next week
but you got to get your indirect eating birds idea
biological identity line in a difficult time
commingling to mix up miguel wanting to birds rio he paid for it like
yesterday's like dying at what's ahead man
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for a week
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