Inspirit. Cover Dance Festival 2011 Interview on stage

Uploaded by sheslerawilliams on 11.09.2011

MC/Interpreter: This team just has shown us such a sexual performance!
MC/Interpreter: And I want to mention that, for me you are already in the final!
-oh chincha! aigoo!- *noise* *laugh* *blah blah blah*
MC/Interpreter: So, Inspirit! We've already met before and today is a second time...
Ann: We are very pleased to meet you again!
MC/Interpreter: Yeah! It seems like we know each other a long!
Ann:We feel the same! Seriously!
*dunno what said MC, but Interpreter was like*: Are you satisfied with your performance?
Ann: Yes, it was quite good.
Ann: of course we can do better! But today we might be alarmed, because we have such great jury!
MC/Interpreter: Now i want to ask your private question... wasn't it cold?
Ann: Yesterday?
MC/Interpreter:Because it's getting cold...
Ann: Oh, you know it was very hot, because Shinee's glances warmed us!
Valerie: Especially Minho's glances!
-Jonghyun screams-
Taemin/Interpreter: Does it hurt to dance on high heels?
Ann: Yes, our legs(feet) are hurt.