Tips for Growers - Proven Winners® Blushing Princess™ & Frosty Knight™ Lobularia

Uploaded by provenwinners on 23.07.2012

Hi, I'm John Gaydos, the Director of Product Development and Promotion for Proven Winners.
I'd like to introduce you to
two new introductions to the Snow Princess Lobularia line
I'm going to start out with Blushing Princess
in the back
is about
Blushing Princess is about seventy percentage the vigor of Snow Princess.
Still a phenomenal basket plant - great cascading plant coming out of 4.5 inch container, 1 gallons
and baskets.
You can see why it's called blushing
because it starts out
with a softer lavender blush
as the plants
age and get exposed cooler temperatures or higher temperatures and more sunlight
they get much more purple
and have a total cast.
In the North, where you're growing under double poly
a lot of times it will be a softer blush
then it will be as far as purple - you won't recognize the difference
but as soon as they get outside
in the brighter light
and warmer temperatures all of a sudden they really, definitely blush up.
But again Blushing Princess is seventy percentage the vigor of Snow Princess.
The other new Lobularia we are bringing to the market is Frosty Knight.
Now Frosty Knight is
an unusual Lobularia in the fact that it has a variegated foliage
when you look you can see
this nice cream edge on the leaf, on the broader leaf
of the Lobularia.
Still has this beautiful, white creamy yellow flower
about 50 percentage the vigor because it is variegated
of Snow Princess
and just the same wonderful fragrance, the same garden performance
on both of them that you found with Snow Princess.
blooming from early spring all the way through first, second, third, fourth frost
til fall.
In the South, it actually
blooms throughout the year
uh... and we had people tell us that they have plants that are two years old and are still
and looking phenomenal.
But again, great plant
people have had the tendency to say that it is too hungry, but in reality
it is a plant that would prefer to grow at a 150 ppm of nitrogen.

Nice controlled plant. Grow it bright, grow it cold, grow it quick.