2013 K2 Diversion Helmet Review by Skis com

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Hi, welcome to Ski Talk brought to you by skis.com.
I'm Kevin. Today I'm joined by K2 representative, Joe Herzog. Thanks for having me, Kevin.
We're going to give you a quick rundown of one of K2's more popular helmets: the Diversion.
Joe, great all-mountain helmet. Lots of technology in this thing.
We'll start off by uniqueness of the hybrid construction.
The thing that makes our helmets certainly a little bit nicer is
the fact that we take several different known construction techniques and put them together.
Thus the word hybrid so that the helmet has a higher level of protection
where you need it but it has a little more flexibility for comfort
in areas where you don't. For instance, it's stiffer
in the forefront and then in the sides of the helmet it has a little bit more
flexibility so it's going to accommodate different head shapes better. Nice.
We've got active venting which a lot of customers are seeking out these days.
Yeah, the difference, there's two types of venting. There's passive and there's active. Passive simply
means that there are no vents you can control the air flow with.
Active is always better because then through the use of a different little slider, for instance,
like vents on your car would have, you can control the amount of air which is flowing through.
And the Diversion is pretty unique because it's got, not only the traditional
top-of-head vents, we've also got the vents underneath the
brim too. Right, and those are there to not only promote air
flow through the entire helmet but they help to draw air off your goggles.
And so it's definitely a step up there in that it assists the goggles
in being able to stay clear even when you're heated up
inside and it's cold outside. Great and then we've got the
K2dialed Fit System here. Yeah, that's something we're quite proud of as well.
It allows us to accommodate, once again, the different head shapes that are out there
with great ease. Simply put there is a knob at the base of the back of the helmet,
you turn the knob and that takes an internal harness,
if you will, just below the liner on the inside of the outer shell
and allows it to come in and out so you can conform easily
to the shape of your head. Nice. And then, to kind of coincide with that, we've got the full wrap
liner system. Right. The idea being there that you have something
in contact comfortably so with the entire surface of your head so that even
the folically-challenged guys like us can get something on there
which is going to be comfortable but have the snugness of fit that you need.
And it's got that nice fuzzy so it feels good on the head. Right, it helps
to wick away perspiration, give you that little insulating factor, makes it feel real good on your head.
For sure. And then goggle compatibility, of course.
Right, absolutely. There are a lot of different helmet shapes out there and a lot of different
goggle shapes out there and that's to say, then, that you just can't throw two together
and expect to get that seal that you really need to have. I'm not talking about anything
real extravagant here. When you have a helmet which is compatible with
the different standard goggle shapes out there, and, of course, we're talking the K2 goggles
working the best here. It just means you're going to have a nice, snug
even fit seal so that things are all locked down and work well
together. No gapper gap. Exactly.
And then I think the thing that really sets this helmet apart is the baseline audio.
Yeah, a lot of our helmets, most of our helmets come with integrated audio
system in them so you don't have to worry about adding something later,
you don't have to worry about carrying something additionally in your pocket. It's built in there.
They are removable. You can take them out if you wish but the actual
headphones are built right into the ear pieces. Depending on the
model, there's either an outlet or cord which actually hangs
at the back of the helmet so it's completely out of the way and interfaces well with different
music systems you have out there. Nice. So if you're looking for a feature-
rich helmet that can carry you throughout the day, definitely check out the Diversion
from K2. I'm Kevin. This is Joe. Thanks for joining us today on
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