HOT TIP: Dealing with Gamma Shifting - Headroom or not, that is the question!

Uploaded by SmokeHowTos on 19.10.2012

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The dreaded QuickTime Gamma!
This is essentially the colour brightness of your images.
Now QuickTime is notorious for colour shifting when moving from one application to the next.
What you see in the beginning is not necessarily what you get in the end.
So Smoke comes with one option, which we hope, will sort it all out for you.
This makes Smoke aware of extra colour information that may or may not be in your video.
Prior to importing via the MediaHub, go to the Format Specific Tab and switch the pop-up to image.
There is the headroom button.
So when is it on and when is it off?
We tried to figure this part out for you and here’s the deal.
If you are bringing files into Smoke that have been created with a full YUV colour range, turn the headroom on.
You can see the difference in the selected image straight away.
If your media has been created using the legal YUV colour range, than turn headroom off.
Different applications might let you choose a specific colour range but we can’t tell which one to choose.
So Smoke can work with both and hopefully your QuickTime videos will look like they should.
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