World of Tanks. T32 Tank Overview

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Today the topic of our discussion is a tier 8 heavy tank in the American branch: the T32
We will talk about the tactical features of this vehicle, analyze its strengths and weaknesses, and compare it with its brothers in arms, the other tier 8 heavy tanks.
So, let's talk about the virtues of this combat vehicle. First, compared to its predecessor the T29, a tier 7 heavy tank, the T32 has a very compact size, which is beneficial to
the overall visibility factor of the tank, and this in turn, together with an excellent view range often allows the T32 player to locate the enemy firsthand and deal damage without being seen.
Second, as with the majority of American heavy tanks, the T32 has a very sturdy turret that can be very hard to penetrate not only by tier 8 tank guns, but even the ones on tiers 9 and 10.
Third, the rapid-fire gun with excellent elevation arc angles allows efficient implementation of the potential damage and poses a serious threat to the enemy on the battlefield when properly used.
Fourth is that the tank has good mobility, it can be used to support allied attacking forces: whether it's an IS-3 or an AMX 50 100 or you can even "push" a certain direction all by yourself.
But the tank has its disadvantages. One of the most significant ones is that it has the worst armor penetration and accuracy of any cannon (198 mm) on its tier, not
counting premium tier 8 tanks, which have a more gentle balance distribution and don't often fall into the "world of pain."
So it's better to combat at short and medium distances, carefully aiming at the enemy vehicles' weak points. Weak armor on the sides and rear can't guarantee protection
from low-level vehicles with low armor penetration on their guns. Artillery fire presents a particular threat.
Although good frontal body armor and the sturdy turret are capable of protecting the vehicle from the high-explosive shells of an SPG, we still advise you not to waste hit
points participating in senseless attacks, and to quickly think through all of your maneuvers.
After the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the T32 it's worth looking at the order of modules to research and the tanks upgrades.
Since most of the top-end modules, namely gun, engine, and radio, on the T32 are compatible with the previous tanks, the vehicles leveling is considerably simplified if
your hangar already has an "elite" T29 by the time you get the T32.
In this case, to get the T32 to top-end configuration, you only have to research the turret and suspension.
We recommend you research the latter using free experience, if possible, due to lack of load limit the original suspension does not allow you to install the already
researched top 105mm gun T5E1 and the armor penetration of 170 mm on the stock gun is not always enough when battling with higher-tier opponents and sometimes
your tier 8 brethren as well.
Therefore, before researching and buying the T32 we urge you to fully research and level the previous tank: the T29, which is also a very convenient combat vehicle.
So if you have researched the T32 using free experience or simply have not researched all of the T29s modules, you should first level the suspension, cannon and the
turret, and only then install the engine and radio.
Now on to the selection of equipment for the tank. We're already familiar with the American heavy tanks "stabilizer" that improves the accuracy in motion and the fire
rate improving "rammer" should definitely be installed on the T32.
Through their use, your weapon can fire more accurately on the move, and sometimes you can respond with two shots for one shot of the enemy.
So it can't hurt to know about the reload time of potential opponents to properly plan the attack.
You can install different modules into the third slot that will be helpful when properly used.
This can be "Ventilation", which has a small, barely noticeable impact on all the characteristics of the vehicle, or "Optics", which will improve the view range, or
"Enhanced Gun Laying Drive," which will facilitate aiming at enemies' weak spots.
The crew training is quite typical for the majority of heavy tanks. And the T32 is no exception.
The first skill to learn for all crew members, except the commander, is "Repair", which makes it easier to repair damaged modules.
This is a priority skill. Without it the tank with a broken track turns into a perfect target for watchful artillery, which won't miss a chance to turn your war machine into a pile of twisted metal.
The commander's first skill should be "Sixth Sense" and then "Repair" and then "Jack of all trades."
Second and third skills for the other crew members can selected at will: usually it will be "Clutch Braking" and "Off-Road Driving" for the driver, "Snap Shot" and
"Armorer" for the gunner and "Safe Stowage" and "Adrenaline Rush" for the loader.
You can select "Camouflage" as the third skill for all of the crew members without exception, this will reduce the tank's overall visibility rating.
The choice of consumables is quite standard: first aid kit, repair kit, and fire extinguishers. You can take Gasoline instead of the extinguishers, since the tank rarely catches fire.
Now, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the tank, using the appropriate modules and with the appropriate crew skills selected, we can proceed to the analysis of optimal combat tactics.
When playing with the T32, try to make the most of the surrounding landscape: sand dunes, rocks, and destroyed tank bodies are ideal firing positions for this vehicle.
While hiding the weak body and showing only the sturdy turret that is'nt easy to punch through you can consistently deal damage with maximum safety for yourself.
For example, in a typical city map such as "Himmelsdorf" excellent firing positions for your vehicle will be scattered along the "banana" - a small narrow street, located at
the base of the castle hill, there are piles of broken bricks and stones.
Successfully hiding the tanks body behind them, you can hold an important position for a long time despite the superior forces of the enemy, and then, after waiting for
the help of allies, switch to a decisive counterattack.
On a map with a lot of open spaces such as "Sand River," we strongly recommend you use different cover variations: sand dunes and hills will provide safe cover for the
body of the tank, and excellent elevation arc angles will allow you to comfortably deal the potential damage and control strategically important areas.
Do not underestimate meeting the enemy in close combat.
Most tanks have a higher profile and worse elevation arc angles, so they will have to shoot at the T32s sturdy turret aiming for the commander's hatch when in a clinch,
while you can shoot into the enemy's body and turret, depending on the enemy tank's armor specifications.
That is why, as you can see, the King Tiger can't consistently penetrate our armor.
Worse angles of arc elevation just do not allow it to lower the gun and shoot the body, which is poorly armored compared to the turret.
While we can easily aim at the big commander`s hatch and consistently deal damage.
And since we are speaking about combat tactics against the King Tiger, we should also consider tactics against other same tier tanks.
The VK4502 (A) the predecessor of the VK4502(P) Ausf. B, is very similar to the King Tiger, so the tactics for dealing with it are similar.
This German tank's armor can be easily penetrated head-on through the lower armored sides and rear.
If possible, try to initiate a clinch, then you will have an opportunity to penetrate the enemy's armor head-on through the upper front part (it has worse armor compared
to the same part of the King Tiger) or the commander's hatch.
Our most common enemy in random battles will be the Soviet heavy tank IS-3. The upper frontal part of the tank has good armor and is located at an acute angle, so
don't try to punch through it with your gun.
This also goes for the small round shaped turret. For guaranteed penetration of the opponent's armor we advise to aim for the small, but quite thin lower armor plate.
When clinching with the IS-3 it can be penetrated through a vulnerable armor plate over the canon mantle or the small commander's hatch. The IS-3 can be easily
damaged on the sides, drive wheels and from the rear.
To be victorious in duels with the American heavy T34 it's worth remembering that the one-shot damage of your tank is lower compared to the enemy, but you have a
higher fire rate, so the main goal is to consistently deal damage, even a single miss or hit without damage can be a fatal mistake.
The T34 can be easily damaged on the front, sides and rear, but don't try to shoot it in the turret. Like most of the American tanks it has heavy armor and can't be hurt
with your gun's penetration of 198mm.
The specific combat usage of the tank strongly depends on the overall level of combat itself.
When getting into high-level combat with heavy tanks of tiers 9 and even 10 you should conduct an elaborate and cautious game. Your actions should be coordinated
with those of your teammates.
While moving with the main attacking force, or a bit behind them, supporting them with fire and not taking damage, you will be a great help to the team. Don't go
wasting all of your hit points and leaving to the hangar at the beginning of the fight.
Once you get into a comfortable level of battle, when teams have tier 8 medium and heavy tanks on top, you can really feel all the versatility of this combat vehicle.
The T32 is perfect for attacking the main key positions on a variety of maps, whether it's the alley on "Prokhorovka", the mountain on "Cliff" or the valley in "Steppes."
Cohesively working together with allies, in a short period of time you can achieve strategic advantage in these areas, which then leads the team to victory.
In case there are no other attacking tanks on your team or you are planning to meet and repel the assault of the enemy, the T32 also feels good on defense, like when you
hold important positions like the village on the map "Westfield", the plateau on the map "Karelia" or the valley on the map "Fjords".
Based on the aforementioned , we must conclude that the T32 is a great all-purpose tank.
It can be used as an attack vehicle (along with the IS-3, the IS-6, the VK4502 (A), the AMX-50-100), as well as a defensive tank (like the King Tiger, the Löwe, and the T34).
The main problem lies in the fact that in both cases the T32 loses to "narrow specialists," compared with offensive assault tanks it is noticeably inferior in mobility, and
compared to defensive tanks the noticeable weakness of weapons becomes visible (due to an unfavorable combination of mediocre accuracy and armor penetration).
However, the tank has its own niche: maps with a big drop of relief (eg, "El Halluf", "Steppes" and, "Sandy River") as well as the tactics in a clinch. In this case, we can
significantly nullify the disadvantages the T32 and use its advantages to the fullest.
That is all for today. We sincerely hope that we helped you make a good choice and are waiting for the comments on the guide on the World of Tanks forum. Until we meet again! �