Blooming Flourishes: Project Inspiration Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book

Uploaded by CTMHcorp on 23.01.2012

Hi y’all. I'm Lindsay from Close To My Heart.
Today I want to show you a stamping technique that is featured
in the Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book on this My Creations® Bookmark mini album.
I called the stamping technique “blooming flourishes” because it
looked like this flourish right here from the Best Things stamp set—
it looked like it was blooming all the way across
the front of this mini album. I'll show you the trick.
You just take your medium-sized flourish, ink it up in Desert Sand ink,
and stamp it right next to...your first flourish.
And you want to make sure that you link the two swirls next
to each other so that it looks like it's one fluid image.
Then you take your small one, ink it in the same Desert Sand ink,
and then you stamp it just right up here to complete the corner.
And it's just that easy. See how it...looks like one continuous image?
Then all I do is I would continue to
stamp it across this whole entire front cover.
Let's take a look at another example.
Can you spot the stamped image cluster on this card?
It's this faux piece of lace right here. And all I do is I take
two of the petals right here—you can choose
whichever ones you want at home—and I just wanted to make it
a straight edge so I masked off this curved portion right here,
and then I stamped it side by side making this faux piece of lace.
I turned the images horizontally so that they
kind of tuck in right next to each other.
And I love how it turned out. It looks so elegant, I think.
If you’d like to make projects similar to these two art pieces,
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