Center for Hearing and Communication Helps Kids Like Charlie: Star Wars

Uploaded by CHChearing on 09.12.2011

Can you tell us about the movie with The Force?
Star Wars.
What is Star Wars about?
What else?
Well tell us about it.
And guess what?
Once Darth Vader cut off one of Luke's arms
with his lightsaber.
But guess how he was still a very good climber?
Four guesses.
[muffled laughter]
Because he was magical.
Because he could fly.
Because he was a bird.
Because he had sticky for arms.
The Force.
What is The Force?
It's's like...ah...invisible hand.
What is?
The Force.
Explain it to me.
It's like an invisible hand...
and the Force could come out of up here
from Luke's arm.
And what does it help Luke do?
Climb and push and pull away without touching them.
Do you have The Force?
I have to keep practicing.
And if I want to have lots of Force,
I need to practice more than ten thousand times.