Goodbye To Gravity - The Road To Summer Breeze 2012

Uploaded by GoodbyeToGravity on 27.08.2012

We had the chance of being selected
among the first 6 bands out of more than
2000 bands that applied for
Summer Breeze 2012 Open Air festival.
We returned safely.
There were more than 2000 people
that came to see us,
which was incredible.
we had never played for so many people and
especially since it was our first concert abroad
and the audience's reaction was brilliant.
I would play there again... NOW!
As you can see although we topped up the car
with a lot of stuff
we hardly used any of it.
Surprisingly for me they came to me
in order not to waste time
and said "let's go" and one hour before
they got the drum riser installed.
There were three guys:
one was installing the mikes,
one was arranging the cymbals,
and one was setting the drums according to my preferences
and I told him I wanted
a set of hi-hats on the right and one on the left
and he asked me (funny): would you like a 14, 13 or 15 set?
Jesus! I just need two sets of hi-hats!
I was speechless!
I am used to start by warming up the audience
at the beginning of the show
so I wanted to make them start a circle pit
but they were already doing it!
30 seconds after finishing the show
we came back on the stage to salute the audience
but in the meantime they were heading out for a beer
Nevertheless, as they saw us, they came back
to cheer us. Applauses... it was totally crazy!
We offered a bottle of Jack Daniel's
to the Iced Earth guys
Jon Schaffer, Troy Seele, we talked with Stu Block,
they were really nice and very happy with the present.
The festival was great, the bands were great
but what happened that day in the tent,
and I am not saying this because we played that day,
but it seemed to me more powerful
more passionate, with more attitude from all six bands
I remember seeing Amoeba, right before us - they are French if I am not wrong -,
my God! they were really kicking it hard although they looked like the Kelly Family.
There is a video in which the singer is banging his head against the stage.
... and they did'nt win!
I believe that good things are achieved
through steps of different sizes and this
was a really big step and it went really well!
All in all it was wonderful!
What can you expect more than to play a festival
where people come for this kind of music, no matter the sub-genres
and they react in consequence; no barriers... very free people
Summer Breeze was a very serious experience for us,
a very important step forward for Goodbye To Gravity
and we would like to thank
all those who voted for and supported us in this adventure !
Thanks to all the fans that came to see us,
thanks to the guys from
that were part of the jury and selected us
among the first 20!
Thanks to those who voted and sent us in the first 6!
Thanks to all who came there!
And last but not least,
thanks to Alex and Florin from Livehouse
and the guys from Jack Daniel's that supported us
and to Claudiu our badass driver,
that drove almost 40 hours without hesitation
Many thanks!