Inspired residents shape their own future

Uploaded by everydaydemocracy on 12.09.2012

A Generation Justice Production
Pajarito Mesa is unlike any other community
because we don't have basic resources.
So there’s pretty much a lack of basic resources on the Pajarito Mesa.
I often hear of the Mesa as living off the grid.
And, in reality, that’s what it is… There aren’t any dedicated roadways
There aren’t any type of utilities...
A lot of things that people take for granted, like having heat…
having water accessible…
We don't have septic tanks.
The children's school bus doesn't stop at their door.
You don’t have a safety net when it comes to the fire department...
... you know, a couple of blocks away
So those things that we take for granted aren’t available to them
And they’re not available because of the situation of living off the grid,
and basically living as an unrecognized community
In 2010, Pajarito Mesa residents came together
to use dialogue to action as a way to implement change.
We are not a marginalized community.
Maybe we don't have many resources, but we're a united community.
We are a community that understands
that we need to start doing things for ourselves.
They’re not waiting for Superman to come in and save them.
They now realize that they have the assets in their community
to really see the change that they desire.
That’s why we tried to get the Neighborhood Association established
and also the nonprofit.
The 501(c)3 to be able to access resources and help families in Pajarito.
So I think that that was a real, major undertaking.
They have already developed their own board.
They’ve had several meetings.
They see now that they can make a change;
and now they’re gonna go after those resources to make a change.
I've lived in this community for 19 years now,
and haven't seen any changes.
Now we have the community center,
and for me it's especially convenient for the children.
Now we also have a place for our meetings
and are planning activities for the children.
And with regards to the food we receive every month...
from the doctors and the food bank.
We now have a place to distribute the food
and a place to store what's left over.
The other thing we wanna brought your attention to, is the organic gardens.
This was a grant through the county.
The Neighborhood Association asked us to bring to Pajarito Mesa
a few organic gardens.
We still have a few more that are coming in…
But to be able to give the community fresh vegetables, and stuff...
... And these gardens are gonna be all year round
They believe in being self-sufficient and living off the land,
but using it to the good of the entire community.
So, that’s where it really becomes sustainable.
When folks gather around certain issues in their community,
They mobilize, and they plan,
And then ultimately,
they get the tools they need to be leaders in their own community.
We are a community indeed that are empowered,
a community that has worked to decide its own destiny.
You know we wanna decide which way our community goes.