CSUSB Palm Desert Campus

Uploaded by CSUSBAdmissions on 21.02.2011

Hello again, I'm Avi Rodriguez the admissions counselor at the
CSUSB Palm Desert Campus.
We are located off Cook Street in the beautiful city of Palm Desert,
about 70 miles east of the San Bernardino Campus.
Our campus is very unique because it was built entirely on private funds.
This past September, PDC celebrated its 25th year anniversary.
PDC is open to Upper division and graduate students
from the Coachella Valley and Joshua Tree areas.
There are about 1,000 students currently enrolled here
and 80% work full-time, which means that
our courses are conveniently offered in the evenings.
Our most popular majors are Liberal Studies, Psychology
Nursing and Accounting. Check out our website for a complete list of majors at pdc.csusb.edu.
as a PDC student, not only do you have access to the amenities
available at this campus like the Bookstore, Student Health center
the Rancho Mirage Student Center and PDC Scholarships, but you
also have access to all the amenities available at the main campus.
We look forward to assisting you in completing your educational goals.