ReQuest Crew, Nola Bounce, Sean Bankhead, Kiki Ealy and Lil Buck

Uploaded by DanceOn on 03.06.2011


KOURTNEY RICHARD: Welcome to DanceTube.
I'm your host, Kourtney Richard.
And as always, we show you the top dance videos on
YouTube each week.
And ooh, it is hot in New York, yes.
And you know if it's hot here, it's got to be hot down south.
So let's check in with Sean and Kiki in Atlanta, Georgia.
Sean and Kiki have really made their mark on the dance scene.
Congratulations, you guys.
All right, the next video I found are these three guys--
cute I might add--
dancing to some down south music.

I feel like the Dougie will never go out of style, mm-hmm.
All right, let's head over to New Orleans for the submission
of the week, baby.
Just looking at that made me out of breath, but good job.
All right, on to the next video.
Check out the ReQuest Crew from ABDC.
Did y'all know those were girls?
Yeah, I was fooled too.
But good job.
All right, now I know y'all have heard of Lil Buck.
Check out his latest video.
One word, phenomenal.
If I was driving by, I would have stopped just
to watch, just FYI.
All right you guys, let's end this show with a bang.
Check out the last video.
Hey, I say if you got it, work it.
And obviously, he was working with something
underneath that shirt.
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So holla back.
I'll see you guys next week.
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