How to make your al-amira/syria underscarf comfortable?

Uploaded by fadzbiz on 31.05.2012

How to make your syria/al-amira underscarf comfortable?
OK, today I would like to tell you how to choose
the most suitable and comfortable syria underscarf with an "awning".
Basically, there are two types of fabrics have been used to make this underscarf.
The first one was made from cotton and the second one was made from lycra fabric.
This lycra underscarf is more stretchy and not as thick as the cotton underscarf.
As we can see here, this underscarf(lycra) is very easy to turn and the fabric is not very thick.
This cotton underscarf is hard to turn it and it's not stretchable as the lycra underscarf because the fabric is thicker.
If your underscarf is very tight, you can cut this part about 1cm
and make sure you do not cut it more than that.
Then, wear your underscarf.
If the underscarf is still tight, repeat the previous step(cut about 0.5cm) until you feel comfortable
and satisfied with the result.
It's very easy to wear this underscarf and I'm sure that everyone knows how to wear it.
Make sure the "cutting part" is at the back of your neck.
Now. I'll show you the steps on how to wear this underscarf
This is me wearing the cotton syria underscarf
OK, that's all. Hope this helps and thank you :)