How to Make Valentines Day Cards : Gluing Hearts on Valentine's Day Cards

Uploaded by expertvillage on 14.04.2008

With our little pink hearts cut out and put on our big red heart we're ready to go on
to the next step which is gluing down the little pink hearts. Now I've arranged these
in a way where you can see they're kind of flanking around the card. So this is important
not to have everything just like boring in a straight line. Now you kind of want to accentuate
the edges of your larger card. And this is actually usually where I prefer having a little
bit of container glue. And here's usually what I'll do to adhere it. Oftentimes I like
it where the pink heart is folding down basically away, like so I don't have it where the flaps
are coming up and the glue can basically overrun. What I'll do is I'll put on a little bit of
glue, and what I'm going to do is kind of like use the glue dispenser a little bit to
smear it around here. Doesn't have to be a lot of glue. The main thing you're guarding
against is making sure that the edges are lying down, but at the same time that you
don't like saturate the little pink heart to such a degree that it like soaks through
and stains your card. So then gently place this, right on the red card. I really favor
using my thumb for this. You don't tend to have as jerky of mo-, movements with your
thumb. And then you can also, very gently, smooth it down, making sure you're keeping
the glue underneath the pink. You have to really watch out for the glue bleeding out
from underneath. That's the only thing people are going to notice afterwards. Now we're
going to repeat this exact same procedure and steps with the other four pink hearts.