Mega Mystery Band - Barcelona (2)

Uploaded by megamysteryband on 30.03.2011

We are now in the mall,
which is our place, our favourite place,
because we have created everywhere,
so MMB is very happy to be here,
the're many people waiting for us there
and they're going to give us
everything because MMB gives eveything to people.
So let us give you a little bit of what we have:
mobile phone, hair, hands, MMB ! So come with us guys !
Come on ! Hey ! come with us !
Hey, I know ...
And MMB is here !!! - MMB!
Listen, Let's heat up a little here. -Yes.
Let's go ! So let's go ! Come on !
Here's the moment !
Hi. - Hi.
Do you have the authorization ?
Authorization ?
Authorization, you have one ?
We don't understand why all these men were so nasty with us,
because we are MMB and they might know us.
So we are very disgusted with these stupid people that don't undestand what we do.
I hate them, it was horrible.
So now we are going to another place, and then there will be our fans.
I don't understand why, I can't ... they were so nasty with us.