Tutorial: Magix Video Deluxe 2013 - Matrix Effekt (Hologramm / Hologrammeffekt)

Uploaded by TheChosenOne2k12 on 14.09.2012

Welcome to my new tutorial.
Today I will show you how to create the Matrix effect with Magix Video Deluxe 2013.
I have prepared the Video and show you the final video.
How to do that, I'll show you now.
First, I create a new project.
Then we import our video.
I have cut it previously.
Now we remove the sound track. Therefore click the video, and disband the group.
Click on the audio track and remove it with "Del".
Next, we drag the video (by holding down the CTRL key), a track down.
We repeat until we have 4 tracks.
Now we change the view to "Zoom 1 frame".
The video track 2 we move 2 frames to the right.
The one on track 3, 4 frames, and 6 frames with the last one.
So that in each case a shift of 2 frames.
Now we mark the 3 lower traces, and lower the opacity.
This You make with the "tab" (you can see it when the courser changes).
The top I put on about 2/3
The bottom two I set each a little lower.
Now I changed to "100% zoom" and cut beginning and end of the Video.
The preview video is now probably a little jerky.
Therefore, I will render the preview.
Magix reports that no areas could be found for it.
That's the workaround now, as I marked the area up here.
Now I can render the preview by clicking "range".
That takes a little. So I'll fast-forward.
Now I'll show you the finished video, with the matrix effect.
You can try it with your videos.
I recommend a shift of about 2-3 frames.
That was it with this tutorial.
Come back soon, then You see new tutorials from me.
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