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PRESENTER: OK, so we are about out of time.
We're on our last trend here.
And I was actually going to make a joke about everybody
looking down and playing with their phones on
Facebook, but nobody is.
So go you.

So I want to talk a little bit about mobile again because
it's really important.
And it's really taking off and everyone knows this.
So let's talk about Facebook for a second.
More than half of Facebook users are mobile users.
And of those mobile users, they're twice as likely to use
Facebook every day than the people that are
just desktop users.
Now this shouldn't really be that surprising because we've
always got these little pocket social media devices with us
everywhere we go.
And when we have a free second, rather than talking to
the person next to us, we're going to switch over and check
and see if our bff has posted something on Facebook.
It's the way we've become, right?

That's it.
That's what we're going to do is we're going to do.
Free time, check Twitter, check Facebook.
Now we asked earlier has someone in your organization
been appointed to lead the charge for mobile?
Google calls these people mobile champions.
It's somebody that, it doesn't have to be a dedicated person
to mobile, mobile, mobile, but is somebody
carrying the torch?
And this is good.
I like that it's higher than the people
that have mobile websites.
So that's interesting.
That probably means you're working on it.
But what I want to say here is that I am sure this number is
higher for leading the social charge because social has been
a bigger issue.
But what I want to see happen is let's get
these people together.
Let's get them talking.
Get your mobile leader and your social leader
communicating, coming up with strategies to figure out how
we're going to best make use of mobile social media.
So let's go back to Facebook here for a second because
there's been a lot of talk about Facebook.
And that's what everyone thinks of when they think of
social media.
But when we think of mobile Facebook, it's not very great.
It's pretty bad actually.
There were a lot of discussions before they
rebuilt their iOS app.
It was really slow and it didn't work very well.
So they rebuilt it and it was a little bit faster.
But it still didn't do everything that you
wanted it to do.
It was timeline, you could post some things, you could
send somebody a message.
Quick little story here.
One of our designers, Connie, she actually saw on Facebook
that Ke$ha had a new song out.
I'm a huge Ke$ha fan and she knew this.
And she wanted to--
and I'm not joking--
--and I'm not ashamed of it either, but--

she wanted to share that with me.
She was looking for the share button, but it's not available
on their mobile app.
That's one of the biggest features of Facebook.
It's all about sharing and yet it doesn't
have the share button.
And she could have texted me.
She could have called me.
But that's too much extra work.
I wanted that share button.
I had to wait whole day and I didn't find out until the next
day when I got to work.

OK, I'm not trying to flame Facebook
here because I'm bitter.

But this gap, this problem, this issue that they've had
has opened the door for some other players to come on the
scene and make an impact.
So Instagram, if anyone is not familiar with Instagram, this
is the most popular mobile app right now.
It's the most popular social media networking app.
You can take pictures with it, that's pretty much it.
You could take a picture, you can put a cool filter on and
make it look like it's 1973, or a really old photo.
You can put some blur on it and a cool border.
And then you share it with your friends and they can like
it, and they can comment on it.
That's it.

It's great for users and consumers,
and stuff like that.
But there are some really cool brands that have come on the
scene lately and using it in interesting ways.
I was going to show Audi as the example, but Audi, they
have a cool sexy product and that's too easy.
But Sharpie has a really, really great and strong
Instagram presence.
And it's a felt tip pen.
It's nothing groundbreaking, or cool, or sexy.
It's a stupid pen.
But they make these little drawings and they're fun.
People interact with them or they even take pictures of
their products and make it look really cool.
And it's that visual component that draws in people's
attention and gets them talking about it.
So the next time I need a marker I'm thinking, oh man,
Sharpie posted that really cool photo.
So it's that awareness and that affinity to that brand
because you're constantly carrying Sharpie around in
your pocket everywhere you go.
So there are some other players.
I want to talk about one, Tout.
We refer to it as Twitter for video.
So you can post these quick little videos, 15 seconds is
the limit, and you can share them with all of your friends.
Now there are some other video social media players too,
Viddy, Socialcam.
But we want to talk about Tout for a second.
It's a great tool and it's a lot of fun for sharing
If I have a question that I want to answer for somebody,
or a really cool demo that I can show that I want more than
a picture, Tout is a really cool case study.
Now we went to a trade show with one of our clients in Las
Vegas recently.
And we actually used Tout to share things that were going
on at the trade show with everybody back at home.
So this was a Cleveland based company, but they're national,
and a lot of people weren't able to go to this trade show.
So we were actually able to take videos of these car
races, or interviews with important people, or answer
questions from Twitter with video which is shareable and
engaging to people.
But what was really cool then is Tout doesn't have a huge
user base, it's maybe 5 million people, but we took
these videos and we shared them to Twitter and Facebook.
And then from there they could be shared again with the share
button, provided it exists on your Facebook page.
But it's not just a platform, but it's also a tool.
I'm not by any means saying that everybody here has to go
out join Tout.
There are literally hundreds of mobile social networks.
I want to get everybody thinking about does
this work for me?
So don't be a fat man, little coat, and try to make it and
make it work because it's not going to work.
But if you find something that really make sense or can
really add some value to people, and it's out there for
everyone, I know it is because people want that information.
So however you can get it to them, whatever tools you can
use, let's try and exploit that and make it
work and make it fun.
So that's mobile social media.

Just explore, don't spend months, but look into it.
There are so many different platforms.
We can talk about some others afterwards or online.
So that's.
What we have have.
10 trends this morning.
At this time I'm going to invite the other presenters
back up on to stage and I'm going to
open this up to questions.