Research Business Daily Report - June 25, 2012

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Welcome to your Research Business DAILY Report.
The BBC reported that Coca-Cola Co. Chairman & Chief Executive Muhtar Kent spoke about
5 mega-trends shaping tomorrow's customers, in Turkey last week.
Kent properly placed credit for these with last year's Consumer Goods Forum, where a
report was issued on the "Future Value Chain."
Business tends not to think long-term out of financial necessity but these trends can't
be ignored for long.
Begin with businesses needing to collaborate better on supply chain and logistics concerns
as city habitation grows by 2050 from 50% to 70% of the world's population.
2) Global birth rates have been declining for 20 years, and by 2047 people over 60 will
outnumber those under 15. That will mean more focused targeting and greater home delivery.
3) In 2030, over 90% of the world's middle class will live in emerging markets. New resource
stresses and cost pressures on commodities will result.
4) Connecting with digital consumers will force retailers to adopt more advanced real-time
insights.....but the correct ones that manage conversations appropriately and make best
use of consumer data.
5) Bursting demand for natural resources will cause companies to adapt their businesses
to eco-friendly options.
I think we have finally exhausted the proper adjective to describe how much data researchers
and their clients have at their beckon call.
Describing volumes as oceans, galaxies, whatever doesn't cut it any more.
Take a look at the graphic I found, created by
"Data Never Sleeps" lists how much data is generated every minute through the most common
activities of Internet users.
We're talking 204.2 million email messages every 60 seconds, 2 million search queries
on Google, 685,000 shared pieces of content on Facebook, and billions of chunks of other
data from the mobile Web, Twitter, FourSquare, Flickr, etc.
We created a link below this video in today's RBDR description box for you. Copy it and
download this chart.
It will make a neat poster in your office.
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