How many people believe in the Illuminati in South Africa?

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according to
a recent
World internet Project report, 34% of south africa's total populuation of 40 million - that's
around 17 million - use the internet. These are predominantly young black cell phone users.But
South Africa's older generation, while they may not be so connected, are no strangers
to ideas about the Illuminati. In 200, South Africa's health minister, believing
tht HIV AIDS was a conspiracy designed to destroy Africa tried to distribute a book
amongst officials.The book was Bill Cooper's conspiracy classic Beyond a Pale Horse.
So lf we go to Google Trends, Google's free web analytics programme, which shows us search
volumes - these aren't actual numbers - we'll examine those in a minute - we can see how
much interest in the Illuminati has increased in South Africa.
What we're looking at here in Google Trends is the increase in search volume for the keyword
search Illuminati for the whole world over the past 5 years and that's a considerable
increase. But we want to look at South Arica specifically so let's tell Google to do that.Wow
- what an increase. South African as we can see have been aware since before 2005 in sufficient
columes to show on this graph but we can see here that from 2009 numbers really increase.
And up here we can see the headlines - the headlines show that South African are really
into music, These are young South Africans who are working - some are not - but South
Africa really loves its music. We can see Jay Z and Beyonce - who have just had their
baby Blue Ivy - here on the list, along with Lady Gaga. But we can also see Mandela here
so South Africans are interested in politics, too. The graph seems to be dropping a bit
in 2013 - let's hope that's a temporary drop. Now to Google Adwords, which is a free web
analytics programme that will show us how many seaarches are being made every month
for any given keyword in any specified country. And Adwords tells us that a total of 111000
seaches per month are being made on desktop and laptop devices and 246 000 on mobile devices.
So that's a total of around 350 000 Illuminati searches and that's a lot.
SA is riddled with corruption.Nearly 80% of SAs believe that the senior levels of government
are corrupt and 70% believe it's just as bad in the private sector.So it's no wonder that
conspiracy websites are popular - Vigilant Citizen is visited by over 13000 South Africans
per month and golike productions is the 325th most popular website in SA. Unfortunately
racisma dn violence also fules conspiracy theory and the Uhuru theory, spread in 2007,
about blacks planning to murder whites on the death of Mandela, is an example of a right
wing conspiracy.
South Africa is mostly made up of Christians, black and white. But African religions are
still strong and both groups believe in evil spirits.
Taking these and the other facts into consideration, we estimate that 50% of all South Africans,
whether internet users or not, have heard about the Illuminat, and that 50% of these
will believe. So that's around 13 million believers in the Illuminati in South Africa.