60 Second Photoshop Tutorial : Single Out a Color -HD-

Uploaded by RCGTutorials on 01.01.2013

Today in Photoshop we will be taking a look at how to single out a color in your photos to
add emphasis. Let's say that we want to take the focus away from the fact that
this businessman is performing an ollie off of his company headquarters and instead
highlight his stylish tie.
First zoom in on the areas that you want to single out.
Then make a selection around the areas you want to focus on.
You can use any selection method you like, but I'll be using the quick mask.
Hit Q and then grab a brush tool with a low hardness and simply paint over the
tie. Now this needs to be close but not perfect as you can touch it up later.
Once you're done hit Q again to see your selection. Now add a hue and
saturation adjustment layer.
This will add the adjustment as a layer mask.
Now drag the saturation slider to negative one hundred to turn the rest of
your photo black and white.
Feel free to click the layer mask and then paint black or white on your
image to touch up the mask.
Perfect! Now we've successfully distracted of the viewer from the vigilante acts
occurring to this property and instead re-directed their attention elsewhere.
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