Medium NINA PETRE - 'Lazarus Show', 6 mai 2009 part4/4

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So, on the basis of presumptions -'I believe, maybe, it is possible'-
you ask to be paid for your services.
No. I don't work on the basis of a voice analysis,
but on the basis of photographs.
But if you talked to spirits and knew about spirits, I suppose that
you should know much more about a living person.
You suppose too much, you have your preconceived ideas.
My wife tells you how she works:
using a person's photo, not his voice.
People don't ask me to guess how many children they have,
if they are married or not.
People ask me to search for the cause of their troubles,
to help them find the missing persons, the dear ones.
You don't know about human psychology.
I've proposed at the start a civilized dialogue.
I don't offend you at all.
Please let me speak.
I don't offend you at all.
If you address to a presenter 'you are excited', he will certainly disapprove you.
Let me speak, you are trying to show things how they are not.
You know that in the Penal Code there is the art. 215, called 'fraud'
which deals with this matters.
Where is the fraud here?
Do you know that exists?
What is the relevance? You don't know my activity.
To promise something that is not possible...
What does she promise?
You are comical.
Shall I take it as an offence or a compliment?
Take it as a notice.
You want to entertain the public.
Alexandru, come here to disclose your identity.
Web-site: 'The fee can be paid by instalments'. I subscribe for it.
'And gratuitous energy channeling through the photo'
From 'Radio 21'
I am.
You don't look like having a reducing cure, it looks you're even fater.
She said I am comical.
I do not know who is the comical one.
There are some things that I should state, ethically speaking.
Mrs. guessed about my anti-fat treatment.
I am 36 kilos thinner than one year ago, I must remark.
But, lady, I am not married, don't wish me bad things!
But you will get married.
You look rather tall...
I say what he guessed or not,
and everybody will draw their conclusions.
I am not married, remember this, and I don't have children,
and neither I pay alimony.
But you have a girlfriend!
We all have friends.
You have a girlfriend as your soulmate?!
You will marry her.
Tell me with the dog, it amazed me.
Bring on the dog to speak to him.
I had a dalmatian, lady, who died, the poor one.
Do you think he was angry on me when he died?
You know why? Now and then, I ate his food.
It is not the reason he died.
Thank you Razvan for your carrying out.
His name is not Alexandru?
No, no. Razvan Popescu from 'Radio 21'.
Then why did you say his name is Alexandru?
To confuse and mislead me...
If his real name is Razvan, then you comitted a fraud.
Alas! To prison, to prison...
Mr. lawyer, scold him!
Bring on the handcuffs!
Ana Maria and Octaviana, come here.
Do you think I have any future with Ana Maria?
She is too young, she has to read more books.
Respected lady, if you are irritated by them, could you read them?
They want to know when they will marry, like all the girls.
You think so? Say, Ana Maria!
No, tell me what will be my future after 5 years.
Do not let the information mix up!
Yes, very good.
My dear, the future has many variants...
The future depends on the moments of the present...
I don't have the opportunity to speak.
Why do I align you, don't you have any presence of mind?
The information amalgamate if they stand too near.
Put them 3 meters away.
On the other side of Mr. Lazarus.
It's ok now?
I stand as a shield between them.
I stand as a partition here.
Now, lady, the information will never cross!
I tell you that you will soon get married and you have a dear girlfriend,
and the child come will soon.
To make things clear, yes?
All right, I understand.
The registrar of marriages doesn't count in destiny.
If there is a loving cohabitation, it can stand for a marriage.
Razvan, in other words, you keep on living in concubinage! Do not marry!
Mrs. Nina, what can you tell us about Ana Maria?
Ana Maria doesn't know to ask questions.
This is not karma...
She hasn't read anything, she is a beginner here in the TV-studio,
she has no experience.
How old is she?
She is not even 24.
Shall I tell you how old I am?
I haven't turned 18 yet.
You look very mature for your 18 years of age.
You look like 24.
Now, Mrs. Nina, aren't you wrong?
It has no relevance, this is not the object of my wife's work.
You are minimizing it.
Karma: the girl is very ambitious,
but she is not prepared yet for the future she desires.
She asked me: 'What will be my future over 5 years?'
My dear, the future depends on the present, on what you are doing now.
If now you endeavour, study, attend a college on your own choice,
and if that faculty meets your predestined profession,
then you will have success.
Leaving the destiny aside, being as ambitious as you are, and intelligent
and very active - because, at your age, you work...
Other girls are 28 years old and still depend on their parents -
You are a hard-working child.
You will certainly have a good future, because you rely on your own strenghts,
you believe in yourself and that helps you very much.
After 5 years you will have graduated the university.
Day classes or week-end classes?
A faculty which allows one to study and work.
It will probably be a private college.
Are you satisfied?
Taking into consideration that I am very ambitious,
I will probably attain...
What can you say about Octaviana? We must finish.
Mr. Razvan, you are standing so close to Miss!
Do you think I've given her my ambition? You also told I am ambitious.
You have a large biofield and you cover her.
Aren't you ambitious?
Mrs. Merisoreanu, am I ambitious?
You are very ambitious.
And the girls chase him...
What can you say about Octaviana?
She is different.
Do you still ironize me? It makes me such pleasure,
my adrenaline is growing and I give you replies.
Will you let me speak? Don't you like any word that I say?
I think it's a blunder.
Let's have a civilized broadcast
May each person speak.
There has remained only one minute for Octaviana.
You are different, you are more romantic.
You are also ambitious, know very well what you want.
Be aware that your sentimental nature
didn't hinder you from following the true way of life!
You are emotional.
Be careful with your study, when you have many examinations...
I have finished my exams.
You will have more. You will continue studying.
Take care that the emotions didn't pull you back.
May she crib in exams?
No, it would be like cooking her own goose.
Dear friends, thanks a lot to all those involved in this project.
Including the 'comical' ones...