Rotorua woman killed in fire, five others with severe burns

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One woman has been killed in a fire
which has also left five others in hospital
with severe burns to their bodies.
This was due to a fire at their Rotorua home last night.
According to the NZ Fire Service,
one of the major problems here was no smoke alarm in the house.
Earlier this morning,
a fire broke out in one of the bedrooms of this Rotorua home.
Te Karere understands the family
had only been living in this home for two days,
leaving whanau members shown here
devastated by the loss of their loved one.
Although the family wouldn't comment on camera
one did say there are now five young boys in hospital
due to smoke inhalation.
No doubt an experience
which will be remembered by hero Wiremu for a very long time.
At this time the family have not yet been named
nor the source of the fire, until all investigations are
completed by the Police and Fire Service.
Hinerangi Goodman, Te Karere.
For more information on this incident
we cross live to our Rotorua Office
to speak with NZ Fire Service spokesman Piki Thomas.
We have lost another person to a fire.
Is there any word on the cause of the blaze?
We have identified the room where the blaze began.
Some are saying that the fire was possibly caused by smoking.
That's what we believe at this time.
We have just met with the family and discussed that scenario with them.
If the house had been equipped with a smoke alarm
would there have been any fatalities?
That's what we believe
and what we have promoted for a very long time now.
These small devices attached to you ceiling can save lives
as it detects the fire while it is still relatively small.
The alarm sounds
which is loud enough to wake people from their sleep
and alerts all in the house.
We believe smoke alarms save lives.
We are getting closer to Winter - the cold season -
what is your advice to people about heating this winter?
That's right, we need to start warning people
about safety around this time of year.
The weather is going from warm to cold so we need to be careful
when lighting fires and using heaters.
Smoke alarms should be installed in all homes.
If you do not have one, then phone us on 0800 NZ FIRE.
One of us will then come out to you and give you some advice.
At times the Fire Service is unable to quell these fires quickly.
What should families so that they are not too affected by a fire?
We all need to be careful about what we do.
This was not an uncommon fire for us.
We have similar fires that affect families each year.
We urge everyone to take extra care of one another
and take heed of the advice and warning messages
that come through radio and TV.
If we do not take heed, the cost could be a life.
Piki Thomas, of the NZ Fire Service, thank you for your time today.