Hitler's Useful Idols: Hanna Reitsch Otto Skorzeny

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DFS230 gliders flying to rescue Benito Mussolini, who was arrested in Campo Imperatore hotel in Gran Sasso mountain.
“Operation Eiche” was carried out by SS-Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny who was personally selected by Adolf Hitler for this misson.
Hitler suggested that Skorzeny's English speaking men will infiltrate behind Allied lines dressed and equipped as American soldiers,
in order to create mass confusion in The Allies side in support of the German attack. In addition to captured allied Jeeps,
the Germans used Panther tanks and other German vehicles repainted and modified to look like Allied vehicles.
Otto Skorzeny looking at B-24 bombers.
Hanna Reitsch was Hitler’s favourite pilot. This is her fifth flight with Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet, in which the undecarriage failed to fall away.
To save the plane, she decided to land on field near the runway, but the plane flipped over, catapulting Reitsch’s face into the instrument panel.
When she come to senses, she noticed a rubbery object in her lap and picked it up. It was her nose.
Heinkel 111 bomber releasing V1 flying bomb.
Fielseler Fi 156 Storch piloted by Hanna Reitsch, carying general Robert Ritter von Greim to appointment with Hitler in Berlin.
Hanna had long experience with low-altitude flying. She landed on an improvised airstrip in the Tiergarten near the Brandenburg Gate.
Greim was wounded in the leg when Red Army soldiers fired at the light aircraft during its approach.