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Not enough units?
Since our school only focused on studying for exams,
we don't fulfill the country's requirements for graduation.
That's the issue they brought up in the paper?
We don't qualify for graduation.
We can't take exams.
Ah, Teacher!
This is a mistake, right?
It isn't a mistake.
Since you were in your second year of high school, your curriculum focused too much on exams.
You don't have enough units of world history or P.E. for example.
How did this mistake happen?
It isn't a mistake.
Although they knew it was unfair, that curriculum was put together.
If I can't take exams, it's over.
Teacher, you know this.
My brother and sisters are waiting for me to get into university!
You can take exams.
You take the supplementary lessons.
Those classes you didn't take,
to make up for those after school English and math courses.
Starting now.
It's impossible.
It's already too late.
It's all over.
Damn it!
Calm down.
There's nothing to worry about.
Supplementary Lesson Plan
This is a supplementary lesson plan Sakurai-sensei has drawn up.
It's set up to care of all those needed lessons,
how about bringing it up in front of the next committee meeting?
So the future of our school will be back to its past status...
It's not necessary.
It's got this bad and still...
What's happening here
happens in high schools all over the country.
It's a known fact.
It's not just our own school.
Sure, but you're letting it happen...
The problem has gotten bigger
for a long time. High schoolers
throughout Japan have lost their way.
The committee does not wish this either.
After exams are over
and the missing supplementary lesson report is released,
I will put in a request that we be able to graduate.
You're going to...
Nothing will change. Same as usual.
Then, that's it.
What are we telling the students?
You tried to break the rules
but somehow you can get away with it? That's what we're telling them?
We should start the supplementary lessons at once.
The Chairman has started negotiations to protect this school.
Protecting and running away are different things!
What you're doing,
will wrap up the students in this injustice.
unless you have these supplementary lessons.
You are mistaken.
Of what?
The students agree with my opinion, right?
Right now, the students don't want to take the supplementary lessons.
The students did not pick you, they picked me.
What will we do?
Sakurai-sensei said we wouldn't graduate if we don't take the supplementary lessons.
You don't need those supplementary lessons.
I have proposed a solution.
After you take exams, I will submit a report.
Right now, you don't need to take those unnecessary courses.
Even if we don't have enough units, we can still take the exams?
So there's no problem even if we don't take those lessons?
There's no problem.
Just relax.
I will protect you.
To the next class...
Is there something you want to know?
Do you have your math and world history books?
Everyone, look at this.
The math book
has been used quite a bit.
But the world history one...
It's completely clean.
It's about the Sumerian people.
Actually, the Sumerian people
created a lot of different inventions.
For example, the calendar.
They came up with the idea of counting in sixties.
So now, time is
measured in 60 minutes and 60 seconds,
because people in 3500 BC
thought of it.
What are you talking about?
Why is one hour 60 minutes?
Isn't it interesting to think about that?
What kind of people were the Sumerians?
To know how to imagine that,
to fall in a time slip
from the Japan of 2008 to 3500 BC,
to feel that kind of excitement,
you haven't studied that
in this classroom.
This doesn't mean we're rejecting the world history class.
Of course, this isn't your fault.
It's the school's.
everyone, don't you know this?
We have been unfair.
Let me borrow this.
Protecting center field.
The ball flies at you.
It enters your glove after one hop.
the umpire doesn't see it and calls it out.
You win.
At that time, can you really cheer from your heart?
How about it everyone?
Taking exams like that,
even if you succeed in university,
can you really be happy in your heart?
Clench your fist tight and shout into the air?
Make a pose of success?
are you not worried about our future?
It's fine if we fail in university?
Not at all.
Of course,
you're probably worried we're going to decrease your time to study.
It'll be a burden probably but,
if we let this injustice go by now,
everyone will lose the pride they could have.
Now, your third year in high school,
will be a memory
you'll never want to think about again.
Can we decide for ourselves?
Wait a second, everyone should discuss some more...
Those who agree with Sakurai-sensei,
who want to take supplementary lessons,
please stand.
want to know what kind of people the Sumerians were.
It wouldn't be good if we didn't.
I also agree with Sakurai-sensei's opinion.
Is that all? Just 3 people.
Third year class one will not take supplementary lessons.
Why did you agree with him?
I get what Sakurai-sensei is saying but,
if we do supplementary lessons, we won't get into our first choice school.
I've been thinking about that...
Taiyo to Umi no Kyoushitsu: Homeroom on the Beachside Final Episode
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The problem of course credits has spread throughout the country
but the Ministry of Education has hinted that the burden on students
will be reduced soon after considering the upcoming exams...
Isn't that good?
Those troublesome supplementary lessons have been take care of.
Yeah, well there's a lot going on.
You and Hiroki have to go to the same university.
Hiroki has been studying hard recently.
Yeah, his grades are up.
He's working harder than me.
I've gotta work hard.
You've got to work hard.
Supplementary lessons...please think about this.
The Chairman won't approve this.
Once a student gets hurt, it'll be a big problem.
No, to keep them from getting hurt,
don't you need to be physically fit?
Well, that's true but...
It's not just physical strength.
For the mental fortitude and emotional strength you need for exams,
you need physical education, right?
Of course.
No way, no way.
If they have that kind of time, the students would want to study for exams.
No, I'll talk to the students.
Ah, by the way Teacher.
Pachelbel's Canon,
I love it.
Each note might be imperfect
but when everyone is gathered together, a marvelous harmony is made.
I want to show that sort of feeling to the students too.
I've been thinking for a bit.
The negotiations going on with the Ministry of Education... How about this?
If it doesn't work out, we could use the media
or resort to a lawsuit...
No good?
Before I came to this school, I had some thoughts.
What is it that I could do?
I'm just an ordinary teacher.
I don't have any special powers.
I'm just an ordinary Japanese teacher.
I didn't think I could change this country's education policy
or even this school.
I wanted to do whatever I could.
Whatever you could?
Hey, look.
Why is he running?
He's holding a supplementary class.
Sakurai-sensei is holding a supplementary P.E. class by himself.
No one is going to come!
I'm going home too!
He thinks we're going to follow him like that?
He doesn't understand reality.
Study study.
I respect that he's helping us out.
But, that's a different thing.
I get it.
I get what Sakurai-sensei is saying.
But, right now, to talk about supplementary lessons...
150 yen.
I'm kidding.
- Thanks. - Go for it.
Do you like Japanese?
Yeah, I like it.
I don't like math at all.
I chose a path of science out of self-interest.
Ah, look at this.
What is that?
This is the essay I wrote about Sumerians in my first year of high school.
Teacher, you said a lot of stuff back then.
But, the Sumerians also came up with the hand stamp.
They would draw a picture on hardened clay.
The lettering was small but,
they would hang them from their necks.
It was a symbol of the upper class.
I agree with what you said before.
The world history textbook is a time machine to me.
So, back then, that essay, I spent so many months writing it.
And I gave it to my world history teacher and was like "what do you think of it?"
And then he said this,
if you do stuff like this, you'll fail in university."
So then, I stopped riding the time machine.
And here I am now.
Once in awhile,
I look at this and think back.
What do I really have?
What did I really lose?
I think they should take the supplementary lessons.
I'm qualified to teach world history.
I'll help out.
I told Yamato this already but,
I'm not going to take university exams, I've decided to enter nursing school.
I've been thinking about it for awhile.
What I've always wanted to be wasn't a doctor, it was a nurse.
So, instead of going to school,
it would be better to get lots of experience.
Is that okay with you Yamato?
Hana told me about it, she knows how I feel.
But, Hana your grades were the best.
All that studying you've done up to now will be useless.
It won't be useless.
Because I've studied so many things, I know that I want to be a nurse.
I've changed my first choice school too.
I'm going to a school to learn how to be a school teacher.
Because that was Hachi's dream?
Well, there's that too.
But, I like kids.
I want to be a elementary school teacher.
But, you didn't decide that till just now...
- Akari as a teacher? - Not bad!
Surprisingly, it fits!
Ah, what a surprise.
Hana and Akari saying such things...
Shouldn't they just stop that?
All of a sudden deciding things like this...
There's a university in Hiroshima with a shipbuilding engineering department.
Over there you can learn how to build boats.
I'm thinking of making it my first choice school.
I think it would be best to follow in my father's footsteps.
That's a terrible joke.
I'm serious.
What about our promise to go to the same university?
I thought we were planning to always be together.
If you go to Hiroshima, we'll be apart.
We'll be apart for 4 years!
And besides, why are you saying this all of a sudden?
Why did you decide it all by yourself?
I don't get it.
You don't get it?
I don't get it.
Because of what happened to Hachi.
Hachi! Hachi!
You've already decided?
Okay okay.
You've decided. I have to support you.
You haven't started with the Sun Festival prep yet?
The Sun Festival?
Shouldn't we
make it a final memory for everyone?
Let's do it.
Hachi wanted a flashy Sun Festival.
A big bang!
Yeah! Let's make it big!
Ah, it's fine. Don't get up.
Close your math books.
A test?
No, supplementary lesson.
From now on, we're having world history class.
Why are we doing world history?
We decided by majority on what Sakurai-sensei said...
You guys just don't get it.
There rarely is a teacher like him.
You all
just happened to meet an amazing teacher.
Excuse me.
Shibakusa-sensei is holding a supplementary class for third year class one.
- Uh... - Yes?
I can run the home economics class.
So then...
Excuse me. Sorry.
The Chairman is calling you.
Please come with a letter of resignation.
Excuse me.
You called me?
I would like you to quit.
However, I'll introduce you to another good school.
This isn't a bad conversation.
Our school...no...
Our students have said they don't need you.
You all know this but,
lately Sakurai-sensei has been running through the campus everyday.
You all don't have any opinion about this?
Hey! Listen up!
Of course, we don't have to start on supplementary lessons.
But, if you guys start running,
it will change our school I think.
It will change how other students and teachers feel.
No matter what we do, nothing will change.
Each person's feeling starts to change...
Can I get into university?
Can I get into a good company?
If we follow what Sakurai-sensei says, we'll all fail in university.
Will you take responsibility?
I refuse.
Do the students believe in you?
I believe in the students.
The students don't believe in you.
I believe in the students.
I imagine things.
The necessary evils in this world.
Backroom deals and corruption,
corporal punishment,
armed intervention,
and a society emphasizing education.
People will always hold onto these doubts,
they can never let it go.
Try and imagine it.
The sooner you figure out those necessary evils
the sooner you should probably give up.
Today, the evil stops. People know about what's going on.
Is a necessary evil really necessary or not?
Which is it?
Is an academic background necessary?
Is it not necessary?
A foolish question.
Of course it would be better if that wasn't the case.
A person's value isn't determined by their academic background.
If that's the case...
No matter how much
I imagine that it goes away, it never will.
That's not true.
If that's the case,
why are parents making their kids go to university?
Why do
businesses use your university when they hire people?
Why did the students of third year class one not pick you?
And pick me?
They picked me.
They did not pick you, who sees a dream,
but me, who knows evil is necessary.
Am I wrong, Sakurai-sensei?
Why don't tell you this to the students?
- There's no meaning... - Yes there is.
Have you ever stood in front of the students,
told them everything you need from the heart,
and be completely honest with them?
They would just lose their way.
Isn't it okay if they lose their way?
Teachers are people.
Students are people.
There is no difference.
If teachers think about something, get a little bit lost,
won't they think about it as well?
A school is
a place where sometimes teachers and students get a little lost,
confide in each other and do something good, right?
Please believe in them.
Go ahead and look down on me.
You all go ahead and tell me what I have to do.
I'm not looking down on you.
I just...
can't forget what Sakurai-sensei said to us.
Sakurai-sensei told me something.
No matter what happens, there are some things you have to do.
Some things you have to protect.
That's what pride is.
To be able to hold your chest up high.
Nothing to do with money or position.
Not based on anyone's rules.
Not on superiors or teachers.
You have to ask yourself.
"Am I doing alright?"
"Am I right?"
"Can I be proud of who I am right now?"
want to be proud of myself.
Sakurai-sensei told me something too.
Their voices,
and their hearts, answer them.
Answer them with your heart.
Hachi probably would have thought the same thing.
I want to answer Sakurai-sensei's heart
with my own.
Sakurai-sensei said this right?
There are times when you have to run away.
This is...
something that you can do.
How about
we believe in ourselves a little bit more?
Sakurai-sensei said this.
Studying was a treasure hunt.
After 99% of useless work,
there's a treasure to be found.
In that P.E. or world history we didn't study,
a treasure would probably fall out.
how can I say this...
I think we take a relay baton from our teacher.
Some baton that makes us more proud.
Maybe a baton that makes us more independent.
We all...
take our teacher's baton and run I think.
More and more,
keep going forward.
Keep going further.
And then someday, we pass it back to our teacher.
While I'm going
more and more forward...
that baton we get from our teacher...
I never want to drop it.
Sakurai-sensei said this.
We aren't alone.
Even if we go our own ways, we are never alone.
Let's decide it again one more time?
take your seats.
We'll vote on the supplementary lessons.
I'll ask you one more time.
Do you still believe in the students?
I do.
More than people think,
they live their lives with a lot of spirit.
They're just 18.
But, they're people
who've experienced things in their 18 years.
Each of them is their own person.
I'm not handing in a letter of resignation.
You don't need to quit.
I'm the one who's going to resign.
I've already been told.
In regards to the course completion problem,
what I did.
The Board of Education considers the revelation to be a problem.
I'll say this though.
My resignation is
not because of the curriculum I put together.
It's not because my ideas have changed.
It's because I'm a necessary evil.
Sooner or later, there will be an answer.
When you see the students, ten years from now.
Excuse me.
Those kids said they wanted to take the supplementary courses.
They said they want to run with you Sakurai-sensei.
They spoke among themselves and decided by themselves.
Keep up guys!
Why are you just standing there?
You're late.
You kept us waiting too long!
Your string isn't tied.
Hey, hurry up!
I'm going on ahead.
What is it?
I had a dream.
A dream about next summer.
Next summer?
On the shore, everyone was there.
I was there.
Everyone was third year high schoolers.
Even though it's next summer?
So, doesn't that sound more fun?
In my dream,
me and Hiroki,
we're focused on getting into the same university.
Akari and Hachi are the same as ever.
There's fireworks and everyone is excited.
Everyone is smiling.
To be...
in that dream forever would be great.
Next year,
two years later,
even just the near future.
It would be good if that dream just kept on going.
I must look like an idiot.
I'm scared of everyone falling apart.
I guess it can't be helped it's sad.
Telling Hiroki to do his best.
Hana and Akari too,
I guess I have to tell them to work hard too.
It can't be helped, huh?
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Excuse me.
The bail preparations have been completed.
I'll go with you Chairman.
The other third year classes beside class one, that were confused at first,
gradually came around.
And with the last mock exam,
the top was the same,
but even the lowest students had their grades go up.
If things keep going like this, we'll can complete all the courses by graduation.
It's thanks to you, Sakurai-sensei.
No, not at all.
The students are the ones who solved the problem.
Since you came to this school,
they've been able to think and answer for themselves.
You taught them about
a bigger problem than the missing courses.
- Thank you. - Ah, sure.
Go back to the classroom and have homeroom.
It's your homeroom.
No, but...
Talk to them a little bit more.
I told them that Sakurai-sensei is returning today.
The homeroom teacher of third year class one is Sakurai-sensei.
Good morning!
How's your piano?
Going well.
You've got some bed head.
That's the hairstyle.
How are things going for the Sun Festival tomorrow?
All right.
Just kidding. I'm awake.
What are those things everyone?
We're going to throw them in the Sun Festival monument while it's burning.
A letter to ourselves 10 years in the future.
10 years later.
You'll be 28 huh?
What kind of adults will you be?
Don't really want to think about it.
Well, adults get worn out.
There are people like that.
They can't live without telling lies.
They just think about money.
No freedom.
They're always badmouthing people.
They enjoy other people's unhappiness.
They're worried about how they look to others.
Adults are boring.
Everyone thinks the same?
You probably will become that.
The mysterious thing about people
when you become an adult you forget your childlike things.
Those dreams you had a child, you'll forget them.
You'll recite the magic words.
Magic words?
Can't be helped.
Society is wrong.
Everyone knows that.
Those magic words.
From now on,
before you guys leave,
there are lots of walls in your way.
When you can't climb over those walls,
you'll suddenly want to use those magic words.
But, when you use those words,
you'll become those adults that you hate.
Then, what should we do?
What should we do when we can't climb that wall?
That wall really isn't a wall.
It's a mirror.
A mirror reflecting who you are.
Your biggest enemy is yourself.
The you without dreams.
The you who lies.
The you who loves money.
The you worried about how you look.
The you who stands on top of others.
The you who uses up people below yourself.
The you who prays for unhappiness for others.
The you who can't say I love you.
The you who can't say that's wrong.
The you who says it's impossible and gives up.
The you who doesn't believe in others.
The you who doesn't believe in themselves.
Inside yourself, that you exists.
Looking at the mirror,
the you that you would point and laugh at.
a request from me.
change how you think about yourself.
You grow up just as how you imagined you would.
No matter the times,
no matter where you are in the world,
I want you to truly look at yourself in the mirror.
And then I want you to ask yourself a question.
Are you like yourself?
Are you living?
Are you living right now?
I have a question for you all.
I want you to answer this over the next 10 years.
I'm curious to see how you guys will answer.
With no names,
no academic background or job,
no gender or nationality,
who are you?
noticed I had everyone in a certain place.
That's no good.
I heard about it from Sakurai-sensei.
The dream about next summer.
That's no good, having that dream.
If things stayed like that...
still haven't confessed to you Riku.
I still haven't told you I love you.
That time was fun.
Yeah, I feel like I want to go back when Hachi was around,
and I'm worried a bit about the future.
want to know what happens tomorrow.
Next summer.
How will I be? How will you be?
I want to know how all of us are.
You don't want to know?
I want to know.
Get it?
Yeah, I get it.
Oh, what a surprise, confessing like that!
- I didn't confess! - Oh, you did, just now!
What are you doing?
You really just think about your students.
Not at all.
Then what are you thinking?
About tomorrow's homeroom.
Isn't that about the students?
There's an explanation meeting next week...
Isn't that about the students?
Just kidding.
That's half of the reason I respect you.
What's the other half?
The other half...
is it jealousy...what do you call it...
you're not just all about students,
- You also think a bit about the people next to you... - Teacher!
What did I teach you last time? Why did you get it wrong on the mock exam?
The Sun Festival
Hey everyone, sorry! Thanks for waiting.
You came.
There's space here. Let's go.
Teacher, please.
Third year class one, Negishi Hiroki.
- Shirosaki Riku. - Yes.
Take over dad's shipbuilding factory and make the most ships in Japan! Negishi Hiroki
I want everyone to be happy. Make sure to love everyone! Shirosaki Riku
Higaki Moichi.
Kawabe Eiji.
Opened a surfing shop yet? I know you're not working in some company. Higaki Moichi
Love your family and work hard at your job. Kawabe Eiji
Kusunoki Yamato.
Sawamizu Hana.
To the 10 years later me, I believe in you. Become a nurse! Sawamizu Hana
Praying for your success as a great lawyer. Kusunoki Yamato
Yashima Akari.
Tsugihara Yukino.
My 28 year old self will become a fantastic teacher. Good luck! Yashima Akari
Takabayashi Yuna.
Live with all your might. Tsugihara Yukino
Misaki Masayuki.
Banno Keigo.
Funaki Mayu.
Fujisawa Risa.
- Tsubaki Akane. - Yes.
- Arae Nami. - Yes.
- Eshima Yoko. - Yes.
- Suwa Hitomi. - Yes.
- Kugenuma Moe. - Yes.
- Katase Mizuho. - Yes.
- Wada Akihiro. - Yes.
- Kamakura Ryota. - Yes.
- Maruyama Daisuke. - Yes.
- Koshigoe Kaito. - Yes.
- Hiratsuka Kouta. - Yes!
- Ishigami Yuuta. - Yes.
- Sarushima Gouji. - Yes.
- Chiba Saki! - Yes.
- Inamura Jun. - Yes.
Tabata Hachiro.
Hachi, thanks.
All right, let's go!
Negishi, did you cry there at the ceremony?
I did not!
You cried.
Is it cause of that?
You'll be all alone going to Hiroshima, right?
Me and her aren't together at all!
She'll be the saddest one when you leave!
Shut up!
Congratulations on graduating.
Thank you very much.
There's a graduation party starting now at Sea Lass.
How about we go together?
They have the fried noodles you love.
Please come.
I'd be happy to come.
You should be!
You'll have a great time!
Teacher, hurry up.
Sorry, go ahead without me.
We'll be waiting.
Are you living right now?
Yes! �