Eni inaugura il cantiere del nuovo Green DC - Eni inaugurates the site of the new Green Data Center

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Good morning everyone. I am Gianluigi Castelli
and I am ENI's IT Director.
It is with great pleasure I welcome you here to the inauguration of this work site.
I would particularly like to thank Mr Paolo Scaroni, ENI's CEO,
the Honourable Stefano Saglia, Undersecretary for Economic Development,
and Councillor Marcello Raimondi
of the Department for the Environment, Energy and Networks of the Lombardy Region,
thank you for having taken part.
The short video you have just seen has shown us
what we are doing here in Ferrera Erbognone.
The numbers even more than the images tell us
that the design of each component we have designed for this plant
has been designed with logic of excellence sustainability and energy efficiency.
We have explored completely new territory
in free air circulation cooling,
in continuity of electricity supply,
with devices whose specifications we gave to the manufacturers
and that did not exist before,
in the electricity supply and in the reliability of the entire plant.
There is no equal to this plant anywhere in the world.
The important thing is that this Data Centre is only the first step
of a far reaching process of renewal of ENI's IT.
As soon as it is completed, the machines it will house
will be latest generation machines.
We will not simply transfer the machines we already have
in the other Data Centres,
it will be a completely new infrastructure
and ENI's new applications will run
on this completely new infrastructure
and they will be made available through the cloud computing method.
We will reach then a very high level of effectiveness,
not only efficiency,
in the provision of services to the company's lines of business.
The necessary projects are already running
and will be completed in time for this Data Centre
to become the operative heart of ENI's IT in 2013.
Very few other company's in the world are doing
what we are doing, and those who are are
generally giants of world Information Technology,
in particular, ahead of everyone, Google.
Today in this interconnected world,
where the availability of processing power is easily accessible
and purchasable in the form of services,
we decided to take a different path.
We decided to make a substantial investment
in the realisation of this plant, a plant of excellence,
where the ability of our people
will be able to continue to grow and develop,
facing day by day ever more complex problems.
It is therefore a courageous programme
of deep transformation
demonstrating ENI's passion for total innovation
not merely those parts of innovation
that support the company's core business.
I believe there are few other
places where the ideas founding this project
would have found equally fertile terrain
in which to develop and enter the realisation stage.
Therefore I want to thank Mr Salvatore Sardo
Corporate Chief Operations Officer
and Mr Scaroni, for having believed in this project from the start
and making the financial resources available for its realisation.
Thank you again.
Over to Mr Scaroni.
Thank you.
I too am pleased to be here, to inaugurate this project,
a project that is very important for ENI.
Important from an operative perspective: we will gather here 35,000 processors and
servers we have scattered around Italy and the world,
in the creation of a single Data Centre
which will be as big as 1/8 of Google,
it might not seem like much but it is
because Google is the largest Data Centre,
even though there are many, it is the largest collector of data in the world.
ENI's has invested 120 million euros
and work will be completed by he end of next year.
Perhaps you have some questions.
Why have we decided to bring everything together
in a single Data Centre,
why did we decide to build it here in San Nazzaro,
these are 2 questions I would like to answer briefly.
We decided to make a single Data Centre
because we have many units,
every unit must be in excess,
in order to cope with fails or activity spikes.
Putting everything together we can reduce this comprehensive quantity,
so have increased productive capacity,
and have less in excess:
less machines in excess, less energy used,
less people, less spaces,
and we can be more efficient and effective.
When we decided:
"let's put everything together in a single Data Centre"
following our usual spirit we said:
"we want to do the best, the best in the world
because we want to be excellent
in everything we do,
even when we are not talking about oil fields,
refineries, or gas pipes...
when we talk about IT we set ourselves the target
of being world champions in what we do.
This is why we conceived of a centre,
a Data Centre that is a world champion
of fundamental parameters of the industry,
including energy use:
you may not know this,
but Data Centres are monsters
that use enormous quantities of energy.
In fact the second biggest consumer of energy in the world
is IT, and Google, coming back again to this example,
every day uses as much energy as a city of 7 million people,
an incredible amount of energy.
This is why we said:
"we want to be more efficient
in terms of energy usage
and therefore environmental impact"
our project is cutting edge for 3 reasons,
firstly all the energy will go to the machines,
we will use practically none for cooling the building,
we have constructed a cooling system for the building
based on the principle of the chimney, with which,
it is a number that every time I see it I can hardly
believe it and I have to ask Castelli if it is correct,
we will recycle
8 million cubic metres of air per hour here in San Nazzaro,
8 million cubic metres of air recycled every hour
to guarantee the cooling of the building
without needing air conditioning.
So as I was saying the first reason is this,
it will allow us to reach an internationally unparalleled level of energy usage;
we will beat the world champion in this sector which is currently Google,
using 6% less energy to run the machines
and rooms where we operate.
The second reason why we are building the world champion
and why we are doing it here, perhaps some of you know,
but here there are 3 power stations, 3 stations producing electricity, with gas,
therefore with an efficient environment friendly system
because gas is the fossil fuel that
releases the least CO2, as you know,
furthermore it is here,
making energy transport, which causes a lot of dispersion,
in this case is avoided, as we have
electricity production in the same place as where we use it
to run our Data Centre.
The third important thing
is especially important for another element
we are very careful about, which is security,
we live in an era in which security is threatened by many things.
Building a Data Centre inside a refinery
which is guarded 365 days a year, day and night,
so at the centre of an industrial enterprise,
guarantees us a unique level of surveillance.
To conclude,
we decided to make this large investment here
going a little against the flow of what generally goes on in this sector.
These Data Centres tend to be installed
in newly developed counties, leaving Italy and Europe
in the search of labour,
in this case IT labour, that does not
cost much,
in countries like Sri Lanka, India or even China.
We decided to build here,
because we are convinced that these
structures are a point of excellence
and a place of training for our young people
and we operate in that larger picture
that our company wants every time it works in a country,
so imagine in Italy,
with a rapport in which what we take we give.
So since here in San Nazzaro,
we have had this refinery for many years
and we are well pleased to be here,
we want to create a place where
young IT people can "dirty their hands"
and show us what they can do
using the most modern structures and systems in the world.
It is part of our sustainability
that we practise worldwide,
so we can be no less in our country we are so grateful
to for hosting us and giving us the support we need
when we travel the world
Thank you.
Inauguration of the Green Data Centre work site 3rd October 2011