Interview with Nastya, Darer.Female captain @ StarLadder Season 3 (with ENG subtitles)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on 23.10.2012

Hello everybody!
This is the last day of StarLadder.
We're conducting an interview with a girl who plays Dota 2.
Her name is Nastya.
She's a captain of female Darer team.
Hello Nastya!
Why haven't you participated in Dota female tournament?
The female Dota develops very slowly and we didn't manage
To find a sponsor as we made our team 20 days before StarLadder.
What about Darer?
It has its own nuances.
Ok. Tell me about your start playing Dota2?
It's rather rare thing to find a girl who plays this game.
It was like someone wanted to challenge me
Saying that this game is not for girls and we won't understand it.
So I decided to prove that this statement was wrong.
Do you like it or it's just a challenge for you?
I like it very much.
I like playing this game and thinking of strategies. It's like chess, but 5 vs 5.
How long are you playing Dota per day?
It depends on the team.
I can't say exactly.
I can play 1 game and can play no games at all.
It depends on my private life as well.
I must devote it lots of time too.
Talking about the private life, is it possible to
Fit Dota into it?
Do you have any conflicts because of that?
I think that adult people mustn't have any conflicts because of Dota.
Everybody should do what he wants to, but at the same time
The relationship must be at the 1st place.
Haven't you lost your femininity while playing Dota?
There's such an association that Dota it rather a male game
Women are more emotional and they express
their emotions in their own way.
Have you noticed to be less feminine playing Dota?
Every profession needs abstracting.
That's why I play Dota aggressively but in everyday life
I will always be a woman and will never forget about kitchen.
I think lots of your viewers have applauded you
as they do like such jokes.
Tell me about you team.
How did you make it?
Which plans and objectives do you have?
It's immodestly to tell that we can do a lot
compared to other female teams but
I can see only 2 rival teams at the moment.
They are Ladies and
Dmitry LighTofHeaveN Kupriyanov.
But still we're #1. You'll see that on the tournaments.
Will you participate there?
Do you know the closest ones?
Yes, we'll participate in one serious tournament...
By the end of the year?
It will be very soon with the great prize.
Do you have any players to communicate with from the male Dota 2 team?
Do you have any examples to follow?
You mustn't answer if you don't want to but it's better
For you to answer.
In any case it will always be Artstyle.
Can you say something, maybe greetings or thanks?
Greetings to all the girls who support us and
whom I support with
thanks Darer which will work with my female lineup.
Thank you for the interview and good luck!