In Brazil, a man dies for lack of medical care!

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A man came with clear symptoms of infarction in a public health unit in Belém.
For three hours, he fought to stay alive.
He had equipment that did not work, and an ambulance that never arrived...
The man died.
These are the last moments of life of Antonio de Souza, a guard for 40 years.
He woke complaining of shortness of breath, and on this Monday morning...
He was taken to 7h30min, by family, to the health unit on the outskirts of Belém.
At the entrance, a bad sign: the part of officials were outside.
It was a protest for improvement in the workplace.
The Association of Physicians of Pará had already pointed a series of problems in the health unit:
bad conditions of hygiene, lack of medicines and professional.
The union says that seven doctors should be working in the sector of urgency.
According to the family, Antonio suffered a heart attack and needed to be brought in quickly,
to a hospital that had Intensive Care Unit.
Officials of the health unit called for the mobile customer service,
so that the patient was taken.
The family claims that the ambulance took to arrive:
We arrived at 7h30min, and the ambulance arrived now, at 10h30min.
The union that represents the workers in the health area of Belém,
said that the defibrillator, the unit that makes the heart beat again, was broken.
The defibrillator is not working, is broken for three months.
The Municipal Health Department informed that the device works, and that was used in the patient:
In the case of today, I can tell you that we had the equipment,
having a doctor. Was done in a proper medical care.
the family, however, states that the equipment did not work:
Nothing worked, nothing was working.
According to the secretary, the only ambulance was requested to 9h30min...
because the doctor attempted to leave the patient able to be taken to the hospital.
That is a basic unit of stabilization care,
the patient should be seen and stabilized in the unit
to be transported the mobile unit service.
The relatives have another version: say that Antonio has come to be served,
but then was abandoned by the doctor!
He screamed "I want to breathe, I want to breathe!" and nobody, nobody, helped him!
Even as we were was reanimated my brother...
Desperate, the brother of Antonio tried CPR on him... It was too late.
My brother is here early... Died for lack of care...