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Uploaded by plumberparts on 06.06.2011

Hello and welcome to this plumberparts.co.uk video. This is in a series of videos all about how to
install a basin from start to finish. So far you've got the basin actually
hung on the wall. Now we're gonna have a look at the services underneath and how to connect them up, and
get the basin working basically. Right, so under our sink, as I said earlier on, we've got our 2 hot and cold
water pipes, our waste pipe, the waste coming out of the bottom of the sink and our
2 hot and cold flows to the taps. What
we're gonna do in this video is
connect these 2 pipes here to these 2 pipes there.
and we're also going to put 2 isolation valves in because it;s best
practice. If there's ever a problem with the tap there's 2
isolation valves for the home owner or anyone like that to switch it off
and then call a plumber out if they've got any problems. Before we do anything to these

we've got to go and isolate them. If you don't
know where to do that or if they're in the loft or anything like that, go downstairs and turn
the main isolator off. Generally you'll find it under the kitchen sink. Then run all your hot and cold taps
until they all stop running and only
then, when they've stopped running, you know that all the pipes are empty.
At that point you can cut into the pipe here and cut these off.
They're going to make a little bit of a hissing noise because water is going to go down
that's trapped in this pipe

down to the taps below that I've opened up. So let's give them a little wee twist, a little wee twist, twist. Twisting..
There we go.
Keep twisting round. There you go.

Keep on going. You'll get the same thing. You'll see it's
just cutting

a small score in there right now.
That's sucking as well. Just let it suck before you take it fully off.
So it's stopped hissing. There you go.
Now the next thing we do is we clean these 2 ends up with some emery cloth because soldered pipe
loves to be clean.
Give them a nice clean. Get them really
so there's no paint on there at all. It takes a little while
but persevere as it really does pay off this does.

Once they're nice and clean coat each one in flux
ready for soldering. So, we've got our 2 elbow fittings here. One on here like that
and now what you want to do
is solder 2 small stubs on
Get your copper pipe
cut a small stub of about an inch and a half
maybe 2 inches, flux around the end and put it on there like that. Now we're ready to do our first
2 solders. I'm experienced at doing this obviously so it's easier for me. But if you're not happy
get yourself a heat mat
wet it, make sure you've got a little tub of water nearby or something like that so
if you do find any catches alight you've got something to quickly put it out.
Also when you do any
soldering always make sure you do it at least half an hour before you intend to
leave the premises
or leave your house, or something like that
Just so you know for sure that there's no
smoldering or anything like that that could eventually turn into a fire. Another tip about soldering
you don't need to have a burning flame
like that.
Just a nice light flame
for 15mm pipe is good enough. It's easier to control as well and you'll feel a lot more relaxed doing it yourself
Reel off yourself a nice long bit of solder and just pop it under your fitting like so
and just warm the fitting up nice and even. It will take time but it's well worth doing like this.
Soldering is all about being patient.
There you go.

So that's the first one done. Move onto the second. As I say look how easy and relaxed it is.
We haven't got a huge burning flame or anything like that. It's just really quiet
Don't have to go mental, just do it nice and slowly. Then you're in control
of the situation while you're doing this. Runs in beautifully there. Now just wait
a few seconds
Often I'll get my flux brush again and just paint around here to

clean the fitting up a bit. After that you give it a
wipe with a damp cloth
and that will really clean the fitting up. If you leave any flux on the fitting it does tend to go green and it will look
horrible in about a month's time.
So, best to get all the flux off now while you can, while it's a bit warm.
Once those 2 stubs of pipe have dried nicely, get our 2 check valves and pop them on.
Make a note of the arrow direction and which way the water flow's going to be
push on each valve,
and tighten them up. If you want to know how to tighten up compression fittings visit one of
our other videos as we've done one on that. As soon as you've installed them correctly
it's best just to turn them off now.
so that the slot is across the line of the pipe
like that.
What I'm going to do now is just finish off all the soldering, get the pipe put back together and get the actual tap connected up.

Now all being well you've tightened up both nuts, all your solder joints are fine. They've cooled down and you've cleaned them off.

You can hopefully now turn the water back on and test them but don't run too much into the
tap basin yet as we haven't got the waste on. That's what we're going to be doing in the next video.
See you then! Bye bye!
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